Dusjagr on BioHacking lapaso-short June 2014


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This overview of my personal adventure from bridging materials science/engineering to biology and ending up being a biohacker.
* Definition of hacking, biohacking, DIY, maker & fablab movement.
* Examples of hackteria practices, radical transdisciplinarity, DIY lab-instruments, workshopology, field-trips
* How can this relate and potentially contribute to LAPASO
* What is onnovation? Open innovation and co-creation models (by GaudiLabs)

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Dusjagr on BioHacking lapaso-short June 2014

  1. 1.     BioHacking Overview of Different Ways to Share & Create Knowledge Dr. Marc R. Dusseiller aka dusjagr & Urs Gaudenz  www.dusseiller.ch/labs http://www.gaudi.ch/GaudiLabs/
  2. 2.     DIY Biology | Generic Laboratory Infrastructure * Website * Knowledge Sharing * Instructions * Workshopology * Citizen Science * DIY Lab Instruments * Open Source Hardware * Global network Artists, Designers, Hackers, Researchers, Makers, Teachers, Geeks and YOU Radical Transdisciplinarity
  3. 3. Acknowledements Yashas Shetty, Srishti, Center for Everything, Bangalore Andy Gracie, hostprods, Gijon Urs Gaudenz, Sachiko Hirosue, Špela Petrič, Brain Degger, Mac Cowell, Rüdiger Trojok, Denisa Kera, Bengt  Sjolen, Øyvind Mellbye, Andrew Gryf Paterson et al  Nur Akbar Arrofattulah, Agus Tri Budiarto (lifepatch.org), Togar Muhammad Hidayat, Irfan Dwidya Prijambada  (UGM), HONF (House of Natural Fiber), Yogyakarta Stefan Doepner, Bostjan Leškovsek, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana Markus Haselbach,  Effi Tanner, Christoph Stähli, Tobias Hoffmann and all Mechatroniker MediaLab Prado, Jaaga, Ljudmila, FHNW, EPFL, ETHZ Marcus Textor, Janos Vörös, ETH Zürich Funding by: Migros Kulturprozent, BAK, Pro Helvetia, Stadt Zürich, Autodesk, Atelier Nord
  4. 4.     First Transdisciplinary Experiences bridging  Material Science and Biology... ending up in India and beyond... ... becoming a Biohacker!
  5. 5.     First Transdisciplinary Experiences bridging  Material Science and Biology... ending up in India and beyond... ... becoming a Biohacker!
  6. 6.     The NanoBioInterface Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, ETHZ Janos Vörös, Marcus Textor, Viola Vogel, Nic Spencer
  7. 7.     The NanoBioInterface Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, ETHZ Janos Vörös, Marcus Textor, Viola Vogel, Nic Spencer
  8. 8.     3D Cell MechanoBiology and Microscopy Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, ETHZ Janos Vörös, Marcus Textor, Viola Vogel, Nic Spencer
  9. 9.     NanoTech Cleanroom – 2001 ­ 2005
  10. 10.     The NanoBioInterface Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology, ETHZ Janos Vörös, Marcus Textor, Viola Vogel, Nic Spencer
  11. 11.     How to make Cheese...
  12. 12.     Technology outreach for Children
  13. 13.    
  14. 14.    
  15. 15. Mikrosysteme – FS11 ­ Lecture 1 15 Šmall is Beautiful “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It take a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction.” E. F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful: A Study of Economics As If People Mattered (1973) German economist, Buddhist & environmentalist (1911 - 1977)German economist, Buddhist & environmentalist (1911 - 1977) http://www.schumacher.org.uk/about_EFS.php
  16. 16.     LabCourses for MedTech Students
  17. 17.     wetPONG – HomeMade Microfluidics
  18. 18.     wetPONG – ChipFab
  19. 19. 19 wetPONG – DIY Lasercutter for µFluidics Collaboration with Urs Gaudenz, GaudiLabs and FHNW, HLS
  20. 20.    
  21. 21.     Hackerspaces crossing  Digital­ and Biotechnology
  22. 22.     Hacking
  23. 23.     Hack Originally: „A quick job that produces what is needed, but not well.“ 1950s:  Amateur radio enthusiasts defined the term hacking  as creatively tinkering  to improve performance. Hacker's jargon: "A clever solution to a problem." „An appropriate application of ingenuity.“
  24. 24.     Hacker Software ● Passwords, programming, networks,  information, security Hardware ● DIY, radio, satellites, 3D­printers, open  Manufacturing Wetware ● DNA sequencing and modifikation, synthetic  life forms, genetic code/data, security Social Engineering ● Context displacement, political activism,  media art, public oppinion making
  25. 25.     Hacker "Hacker ist jemand, der versucht, einen Weg zu finden, wie man mit einer  Kaffeemaschine Toast zubereiten kann" ­­­­­­­ „A hacker is someone who tries to find a way to use a coffeemachine to make toast“ Wau Holland, ccc „A hacker is someone, who has joy in the circumvention of limitations..“  Robert Bickford
  26. 26.     Hackerspaces
  27. 27.     cccb / c­base ­ Berlin
  28. 28.     Maker/Hackerspaces, Open FabLabs
  29. 29.     Media on Making / Hacking
  30. 30.     Other labs... DIY bio general – 2009
  31. 31.     Media on Making / Hacking and DIYbio
  32. 32.     Other labs... BioCurious, Bay Area – 2012
  33. 33.     OpenPCR
  34. 34.     Jugaad PCR Thermocycler Cheap PCR thermocycler from hacked hairdryer // in progress... Bengt Sjolen (SE), Mac Cowell (US), Sachiko Hirosue (JP/CH)
  35. 35.     Jugaad
  36. 36.     Media on Making / Hacking
  37. 37.     Hackteria Open Source Biological Art and what can we offer to LAPASO?
  38. 38.     Background: Interactivos?'09
  39. 39.     ArtScience Bangalore | IGEM IGEM 2009 // 2010 // 2011 // Biomod 2011 Yashas Shetty (IN), Mukund Thatai (IN) and Srishi Students
  40. 40.     DIY microscopy Repositioning of the lens turns a  cheap webcam into a microscope
  41. 41.    
  42. 42.     DIY microscopy Build a stable stage for fine focuing, example from ArtSci BLR
  43. 43.     Haemocytometer – PS3 Eye Hacks Collaboration with lifepatch and UGM, Yogyakarta
  44. 44.     Media on Making / Hacking Timbuktu Chronicles  "A view of Africa and Africans with a focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, practical remedies and other self  sustaining activities.".....Emeka Okafor
  45. 45.     Hacked Optical Mouse Collaboration with Urs Gaudenz SGMK, Budi Prakiosa HONF
  46. 46.     How to start a NanoLab in a gallery NanoŠmano, NanoPunk and the Hacking of Future, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  47. 47. 47 wetPONG – DIY Lasercutter for µFluidics Collaboration with Urs Gaudenz, GaudiLabs and FHNW, HLS
  48. 48.     How to start a NanoLab in a former gay bar NanoŠmano ­ Šmall Matter, Mestni trg 15, Ljubljana, Slovenia / Presented by: Kapelica Gallery
  49. 49.     Erik Reimhult, BOKU Biointerfaces, Biosensors and Nanoparticle self­assembly. Professor for NanoBiotechnology at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
  50. 50.     Shake it, Baby! @ KopenLab 2014 Part of EuroScience Open Forum, ESOF 2014 and the City of Science Festival, Kopenhagen Collaboration with BiologiGaragen et al.
  51. 51.     How to start a NanoLab in a garden Stefan Doepner, Marc Dusseiller, Boštjan Leskovšek, Romie Litrell, Bengt Sjölén, Paula Pin
  52. 52.     Make some shelves and ready to start Stefan Doepner, Marc Dusseiller, Boštjan Leskovšek, Romie Litrell, Bengt Sjölén, Paula Pin
  53. 53.     Hacked harddrive centrifuge Centrifugation, separation of chloroplasts in sugar gradient Bengt Sjolen (SE)
  54. 54.     HackteriaLab 2014 ­ Yogyakarta HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta, Indonesia, April 2014 Lifepatch, Hackteria and friends
  55. 55.     HackteriaLab 2014 ­ Yogyakarta HackteriaLab 2014 – Yogyakarta, Indonesia, April 2014 Lifepatch, Hackteria and friends
  56. 56.     Waterhackathon @ Tech4Dev 2014, EPFL 2014 Tech4Dev International Conference, EPFL & UNESCO: What is Essential? Sachiko Hirosue (JP/CH), Gabriella Levine (US) et al,  Prototype inspired by Fredros Okumu (TZ), Ifakara Health Institute, Tanzania
  57. 57.     Sooooo.... what CAN we offer to LAPASO?
  58. 58.     Let's try to figure it out together Workshops, Hackathons, Temporary Labs, Global Community Radical Transdisciplinarity ­> Introduce Hacking and the DIY method as a tool for creative approaches „A quick job that produces what is needed, but not well.“ ­> Enable field expiriences for young researchers ­> Can we short­cut the interdisciplinary learning path? ­> Research into educational methods of transdisciplinary collaboration? ­> Moderate and accellerate cross­disciplinary projects and discussions? ­> 
  59. 59. Slide 59 Wirtschaftsingenieur Innovation Urs Gaudenz Urs Gaudenz – Engineer in Open Innovation  Master of science in micro technology, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)  Worked 8 years for Swiss high tech companies (sensor/motor technology)  Postgraduate studies international business and innovation management  4 years as a consultant in innovation management  Lecturer for product innovation and open innovation, University Applied Science and Arts, Lucern  Running a small open research lab, GaudiLabs  Active in projects of open harware, citizen science, ArtSci and science communication
  60. 60. Slide 60 Wirtschaftsingenieur Innovation Urs Gaudenz Low Cost Do-It-Your-Self (DIY) Projects Bio Printer / Micro Laser Cutter Optical Laser Tweezer Micro Volume SpectrometerGaudiLabs Digital Microscope
  61. 61. Slide 61 Wirtschaftsingenieur Innovation Urs Gaudenz Innovation - Successfully implement something new [1] + + =Ideation Invention Diffusion Innovation Opportunities to open innovation process in all aspects.
  62. 62. Slide 62 Wirtschaftsingenieur Innovation Urs Gaudenz Importance of the Divergent Phase in Innovation Convergent Phase Idea Screening Busines Case Developpement Test&Validation Launch Idea-To-Launch Stage-Gate™ Divergent Phase Create Choice Make Choice Open Science Approach Hand’s On Rapid Prototyping Interdisciplinary Workshops Field Experiences time ideas
  63. 63. Slide 63 Wirtschaftsingenieur Innovation Urs Gaudenz Methodes for Interdisciplinary Collaborations Hand’s On Rapid Prototyping Interdisciplinary Hackatons Field Experiences Nail Studio Micro Fluidics, process time 5 minutes, accuracy 200 um Hackaton at 2014 Technologies for Development International Conference, EPFL / UNESCO Collecting soil samples in the rainforest in Coorg, India [5] Water quality measurement in Lake Geneva
  64. 64.