The distribution of yiwu jewelry market


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The distribution of yiwu jewelry market

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The distribution of yiwu jewelry market

  1. 1. A Guide For Buying Jewelry In Yiwu Market Yiwu is famous for its huge wholesale center, not only for supplying daily consumer goods to domestic market, but also for international buyers. Foreigners asways find it is really easy to order goods here, because all the suppliers get together in one market. And the price is competitive, that’s why there are more than 10,000 foreign business residents in Yiwu, and thousands more for temporary business trip everyday. Yiwu has become one of the top three jewelry supplies bases of China. One leading business line in Yiwu is jewelry making and wholesaling. After 20 years of development, Now Yiwu has more than 3,800 companies doing jewelry business, with more than 150,000 workers. The annual output has reached up to 120 billions of RMB. Yiwu jewelry takes up 70% of China’s domestic market, and more than 50 billions is exported to all over the world. There are alloy jewelry, copper jewelry, silver jewelry crystal jewelry, acrylic jewelry, seashell jewelry, cloth jewelry, plastic jewelry, opal jewelry, agate jewelry, goethit jewelry and many other for wholesale in Yiwu jewelry wholesale market. Here you almost can find every thing you need with cheap fashion jewelry. Yiwu necklaces, Yiwu earrings, Yiwu rings, Yiwu bags, Yiwu brooches, Yiw barrettes, Yiwu anklets, Yiwu cloth buttons, Yiwu necktie clips, Yiwu belts buckles are really welcomed by the international market for good quality, large selection and competitive prices. Where is Yiwu? In Yiwu, there are mainly 4 place for you to get jewelry:
  2. 2. 1. Yiwu International Commodity Market: The first stop for buyer to search jewelry. There are more than 2,800 shops which wholesale jewelry in this market. You can buy their stock or place an order with them. Most of them are small shops, and small business is always carried out in a quick and direct way. Foreign buyers name some business agent for collecting and exporting their goods before they come to Yiwu. Then they go to the market accompanied by local language interpreters. They talk and bargain with the shop owners about the order, one shop after another. They can buy several cartons of this jewelry from here, and buy a few of that from others. When they finish buying all the items, they can go back to their country and let the agent finish the rest work . It takes some time for all the shops with orders to prepare items, then they send goods to a named warehouse according to the agent’s arrangement. The logistics company will come and pick up the goods and ship them to the buyers. It is really convenient. Thousands business agents in Yiwu can do this for you.
  3. 3. Inside the Yiwu jewelry market 2. Yiwu Wealth Mansion: a tall building near the Yiwu International Commodity Market. The shops are actually agents of large factories, some of which are from Fujian or Guangdong provinces. They are good at receiving big orders.
  4. 4. The outlook of Yiwu Wealth Mansion
  5. 5. 3. The Jinfuyuan Jewelry Square (Means Golden Lucky Resource Square), a place stands opposite to the Yiwu International Commodity Market. It is an ambitious market that wants to do big order and high grade jewelry. Outlook of Yiwu Jinfuyuan Jewelry Square
  6. 6. 4. Yiwu Jewelry Street: Besides the Yiwu International Commodity Market, where our company sets in. There are lots of jewelry accessories supplies, and a few jewelry wholesale shops with jewelry that made from some special materials, a place to make big order also. If there is some place for one to buy everything for fashion jewelry, from the material to finished products, it is Yiwu. And if you do not have time to come here, also you can make order with us-online jewelry wholesaler for mixed orders. (visit to check out)