Fashion jewelry added shine and glitter for you


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At one time it was known as paste jewelry because it was stuck to the costumes of actresses, and added shine and glitter to them. Later on fashion jewelry used for costumes came to be known as costume jewelry.

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Fashion jewelry added shine and glitter for you

  1. 1. Fashion jewelry added shine and glitter for your life Fashion jewelry is jewelry thought to be both affordable and trendy among women. At one time it was known as paste jewelry because it was stuck to the costumes of actresses, and added shine and glitter to them. Later on fashion jewelry used for costumes came to be known as costume jewelry. Women clearly predominate in this world. For women such jewelry has become an indispensable aid in their wardrobe and of the essential fashion accessories. The glittering appeal of this type of jewelry undoubtedly lies in its abilty to accentuate and add some flash to a woman’s wardrobe. For the well-dressed woman fashion jewelry is not just a mere add-on. It comes to embellish her clothes, her look and her very personality. The glittering fade of this jewelry lends itself perfectly to a contemporary glamorous look, appearing confidently modern while nodding towards the distant past with a smile. Today, a more appropriate definition of fashion jewelry is jewelry that is in vogue – that is a jewelry that is in fashion. You’ll see actresses wear jewelry on television. They’re the hot rocks every woman wants to sport. Sometimes timeless pieces of vintage jewelry may also become fashionable, but then such jewelry is available with only a few people. Unlike gold or platinum jewelry, fashion jewelry can be bought by all people. It is much more affordable as compared to gold or platinum jewelry or jewelry studded with semiprecious stones. You don’t need the rich stuff to get sparkle. Dirt cheap bright stones can spice your rings, chains, chokers and bracelets. You can see them advertised on places like Jewelry Television. The materials that are used for making fashion jewelry range from wood to synthetic materials. Carved or engraved wood jewelry is especially popular among teenagers. Rhinestone is another favorite–and its not just for cowboys. Rhinestone is used in rings,
  2. 2. bracelets and chains by many happy women. Another material that is commonly used is Lucite; it is synthetically produced. Besides this, synthetically produced gemstones are also used to make jewelry sets. Acrylic and ceramic though not that common are also used for designing. Almost all the settings are done on a base metal. Brass comes first. But there’s also copper and silver. They are cheaper as compared to other metals. They are also easy to work on. Many have found a liking for green or even pink gold, which is produced by adding other metals to gold to produce a slight hue. Gold plated jewelry and gold filled jewelry also form an important part of fashion jewelry offerings. Fashion jewelry is considered a discrete category of fashion accessory, and as such it displays many of the characteristics of a self-contained industry. Costume jewelry manufacturers are located throughout the world, with a particular concentration in parts of China and India, where entire city-wide and region-wide economies are dominated by the trade of these goods. There has been considerable controversy in the United States and elsewhere about the lack of regulations in the manufacture of such jewelry–these range from human rights issues surrounding the treatment of labor, to the use of manufacturing processes in which small, but potentially harmful, amounts of toxic metals are added during production. In the United States a scandal broke when it was discovered during testing that cheap costume jewelry from China contained unsafe levels of the metal . The wider issues surrounding imports, exports, trade laws, and globalization, also apply to the costume jewelry trade. Like all the world of fashion, the world of fashion jewelry is always held captive to trends. As with all trends, those in this field tend to follow a cyclical pattern. The trend of today will not last; its turn to be replaced will come. But what falls out of fashion may one day spontaneously remerge, gifted with some retro appeal. But some classic jewelry never fades from fashion. Jewelry from such precious stones such as diamonds and pearls, or gold and platinum are certain to remain perennially popular with women for the foreseeable future. However, fashion jewelry is its own distinct type-its glittering surface and vibrant colors do so much to give a woman innumerable fashion options. There are many reasons behind women loving to wear fashion jewelry, firstly it is not much expensive as compared to the original ones, and secondly one gets the huge variety to match them with various outfits. Moreover, they also add a variety and fashion to your outfit. Adoring themselves with fashion earrings and bracelets helps a woman express confidence in her feminine allure and mystery. When you look at the world of fashion jewelry you will be astounded by the seemingly infinite array of sizes, shapes. colors and designs. Earrings run the gamut from huge pendulous hoops to tiny ear studs that you have to be real close to even detect. Just the same as earrings, bracelets are a dazzling swirl of shape, sizes designs and textures. The bottom line in CZ jewelry wholesale is that there will never be a shortage of variety and beauty available for a woman to choose from.