The State of the Web Search
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The State of the Web Search






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  • - Dead in investment sense. The transition will be gradual of course.- Brad Feld -> Why he invested in SEOmoz?
  • Similar effect due to:- Google Instant- Automatically returning results for the more common query
  • - 60% of smartphone usage and 80% of tablet usage happens at home -> couch, desk, and bed- Mobile revolution is about bringing IT and Internet to all 7G people, not 0.5G of - rich enough, - smart enough, and - motivated enough users of PCs.- Making IT more phone-like
  • - stop developing for desktop!- develop for mobile!- make desktop version later!- that's how Facebook does it since January this year
  • - 15 years ago only librarians concerned themselves about keywords!- 1/3 of human races is now searching for the right keywords!- 100G$ industry- Word from Googler on a panel: "We hit a gold mine! We won't do anything radical to search!"
  • - No real progres in web search for the past 15 years!- The underlying technology is from 1970's!
  • - there's no real difference for the user- only difference is for Google – a working business model- Norbert Fuhr: “the greatest improvements in information retrieval will come from better understanding of the user”- Mobile changes everything!- Search is disruption ready! Go disrupt it!
  • - An open problem: How to capture user's topic of interest?- Search engines suck at exploratory search: - user is unfamiliar with the domain, - unsure about the ways to achieve his goals, - unsure about his goals in the first place
  • - Google earns most of its 20+ billion from commercial queries!
  • - semantic search is slowly getting out of trough of disillusionment and is slowly entering slope of enlightenment.
  • - extensive personalization and query reformulation arebreaking the mental concept about search engines
  • - "Users explicitly hate personalization but implicitly like its gains (improvement in relevancy)"- "They don't offer switch-off button for personalization. Users would turn personalization off!"- They (Yandex) don't know how to do explicit personalization!
  • - Google was saved by the bell!- "Using social information is way more difficult than it looks!"
  • - Exploratory Search is where most of the Google's money comes from
  • - This hasn't changed since 1995

The State of the Web Search The State of the Web Search Presentation Transcript

  • The State of the Web Search @dusano Kiberpipa, 2012-11-07
  • mag. Dušan Omerčević, UDI RI VP of Engineering
  • Outline• SEO is dead! Long live portal (again!)• Desktop is dead! Long live mobile!• Search is dead! Long live ___? – Search is disruption ready – Some fresh ideas from SIGIR 2012
  • SEO is dead!Long live portal (again!)
  • Query Autocompletion• Andrei Broder: "Due to query auto-completion we went from 2-3 keywords to 2-3 letters!"Source:
  • Source:
  • Inbound/SEO Content Marketing
  • Desktop is dead! Long live mobile!
  • Mobile is about Mobile Technology, not Mobile People!Phone Computer• Ease of use • Universal• Instant availability• Low price +
  • Source:
  • Search is dead! Long live ____?
  • Search is Disruption-Ready
  • Weak Points of Search• Product reviews / Exploratory search (i.e. not knowing the right keywords)• Personalized Search• Social• Mobile
  • Product Reviews/ Exploratory Search
  • Googles Biggest Nemesis
  • What about Knowledge Graph?
  • Personalized Search
  • Social
  • MobileSource:
  • Alternative Exploratory Search Interface
  • Source: Brent Hecht et al. Explanatory Semantic Relatedness and ExplicitSpatialization for Exploratory Search
  • Semantic Search
  • Take-home message• The new name of the game is Inbound/Content marketing!• Stop developing for desktop today!• Go disrupt the search! Mobile changes everything!
  • Hvala! @dusano dusan.omercevic@zemanta.com