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mHealth Spot Presentation
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mHealth Spot Presentation



Published in Business , Technology
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  • One-sentence “wow!” explaining exactly, tactically what you do. There should be no question about what business you are in and who your customer is after this sixty-second description.
  • Explain the pain you solve or opportunity you exploit
  • What makes you special? Why will you win? What are your unfair advantages? Why is the field tilted in your direction? It can be technology, relationships, founders. “We’re smart, hardworking, and really believe”doesn’t cut it. Everybody says that. Hightly unlikely that it’s patents too.
  • This is the place to do a demo. Ten minutes is long enough. Try not to get sucked into a long demo so you can’t finish your presentation.
  • How will you introduce your product or service? How will you achieve critical mass? Sorry but “we’ll go viral” isn’t a strategy. Neither is “word-of-mouth.”Tactics, tactics, tactics--not wishful thinking
  • Assume that the audience knows as much, and maybe more, about the segment as you do. If you say “we have no competition,” it usually means that you’re either (a) clueless or (b) addressing a market that doesn’t exist.The reason why you want to show what you can’t do is to build your crediblity. If you’ll admit how your competition is better than you, people are more likely to believe you when you discuss how you’re better than your competition.
  • How will you make money? Don’t show multiple revenue streams and don’t try to make the point that you’re inventing a new way to make money. Take your best shot and run with it. The most important thing to explain is the assumptions in your business model and how they determined the financial projections in the previous slide.
  • No one can forecast that far ahead, but people want to see your vision for how the company evolves. Be conservative—put up numbers that you are 90% confident that you can meet. But don’t say that you’re being conservative because you’re not—you’re pulling numbers out of the air and you have no idea what will happen.
  • 3-4 key people. Highlights only. Use the logos of recognizable past employers. Do not list your accountant, law firm, and other vendors. You’re paying them. They’re not “investing” in you. If you’re going to list advisors, ensure that they are really well-known for the market you’re going after.
  • Where are you now? What are the next 2-3 big milestones?
  • Where are you now? What are the next 2-3 big milestones?
  • Where are you now? What are the next 2-3 big milestones?
  • Where are you now? What are the next 2-3 big milestones?


  • 1. MHEALTH SPOT Dušan Belić Nebojšina 41, Beograd E-mail: Tel: 064/134-55-26
  • 2. OVERVIEW • mHealth Spot is a global online news source covering the fast-growing mHealth industry. It offers both free and premium access with users who pay getting access to database and periodically released reports. • mHealth presumes using mobile technology to deliver healthcare services to the rapidly aging population, achieving cost savings and efficiencies along the way.
  • 3. OPPORTUNITY • Fast-growing industry • Aging population • Mobile as a solution • Big companies like Samsung and Qualcomm investing in the space • Mobile health apps & solutions market to be worth $20.7 billion by 2018 • mHealth monitoring offers $36 billion global healthcare costsavings opportunity by 2018
  • 4. UNFAIR ADVANTAGES • Knowledgeable and hard-working team • Low costs of operation • Use of proven technologies • Fast time-to-market • Clear, time-saving benefits for paid members
  • 5. DEMO • Demo time.
  • 6. SALES AND MARKETING • Social media • Email marketing • Affiliate / referral marketing • Content strategy (SEO) • Media sponsorships
  • 7. COMPETITION We can, it can’t It can, we can’t Industry database, free Industry connections reports for paid users (we need time for that) Industry database Industry connections Industry database, free reports for paid users /
  • 8. BUSINESS MODEL • Paid subscriptions • • • • (Pricing) Advertising customer) (Value of each (Customer acquisition cost) • Job ad market
  • 9. FORECAST (BASED ON AVERAGE SELLING PRICE OF $120) Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 # of Customers 1.000 2.000 3.500 5.000 7.000 # of Employees 2-3 5 6 7 8 Sales $120.000 $240.000 $420.000 $600.000 $840.000 Expenses $60.000 $100.000 $125.000 $150.000 $175.000 Profits (EBITDA) $60.000 $140.000 $295.000 $450.000 $665.000
  • 10. TEAM • Dusan Belic, editor • Nikola Pejcic, tech wiz • One or two editors to be added later in the year.
  • 11. STATUS AND MILESTONES • Alpha launch by the end of February • Launching in April with 500+ news articles and 50+ companies in the database • First report to be released in September. By the end of the year, subscribers will have 3 reports to download. • Expected to break even and start making money within a year
  • 12. HOW WE WORK • Guaranteed input - at least 200 items added to the site per month! • 3 reports published by the end of the year, at least 5 reports for every consecutive year. • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly “investor calls” where we detail the progress and discuss the work ahead.
  • 13. CONCLUSION • mHealth = growing market! • Goal: Reach 1,000 paid members within a year • Make mHealth Spot a $200,000/year business within a year • We need $60,000 for 1 year of operation for equipment, software and salaries. • We’re willing to offer 30% of the company / website ownership in return.
  • 14. THANK YOU Thank you for your time!