The Job Description has changed; The Job Qualifications have changed - Don’t get left behind!         Encourage your guida...
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The 21 st Century Sailor - A "New Breed"


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The 21st Century Navy is in search of a new breed of Sailor - will you make the cut...

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The 21 st Century Sailor - A "New Breed"

  1. 1. The Job Description has changed; The Job Qualifications have changed - Don’t get left behind! Encourage your guidance counselor to have the Navy speak at your school! Obtaining and Optimizing Human, Consider earning a degree in these fields: Intellectual, and Technological 1. Business Intelligence Capital – The New Workforce! 2. Organizational Leadership/Management 3. Human Performance Parents/Advisors, 4. Human Resource (concentration in international In a few months high school graduates will enter management/globalization) their freshman year of college and 2012 Senior’s 5. STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) will begin their final year of secondary education. Majors As these young people begin their transition from adolescence to adulthood, it is important that they are advised on the current precedence that Knowledge Worker/Todays Employee companies have regarding the procurement and Degree optimization of workforce capital (Human, Intellectual, and Technological). It is behooving of Certificates young adults to truly understand the demands of Certification/Licensure the labor market and the specific portfolio that Continuing Education Units organizations are presently seeking. Internship/Documented Related-Work Experience When young people depart high school, very Soft Skills (Judgement, Intelligence, relationships, insight) rarely do they have a clear understanding of what Understanding the Global Market and the Knowledge Workers Role is needed to successfully enter the country’s labor Listing of Awards/Recognition for force; the same is said regarding their paradigm of previous assignments Quantifying References a competitive portfolio. I’ve taken the time to give two perspectives here. The first is a graph signifying today’s knowledge To Stay Competitive, Todays Sailor must possess a worker/preferred employee. The second is a graph portfolio that includes: signifying the various facets that make-up a sailor’s Associate/Bachelors/Masters growth trajectory. Continuing Education Units If you take a few moments to contrast the two, you’ll see that today’s Sailor is “groomed” or Leadership/Management Experience “developed” in a manner that is in keeping with private sector human resource demands. High Peer-Ranking on Annual Job Appraisals Geographical Diversity in Duty Assignments Simply put, today’s Sailors are being prepared to serve as highly qualified knowledge workers of the Secondary/Collateral Job Postions information age. Arduous Assignments(Duty that supports HR Policy, Retention, Development of Human Today’s Navy is seeking a much different applicant Capital, and Mission Essential Operations) than that of previous decades. As the upcoming Sustained Superior Performance school year approaches, we encourage parents and Achievements/Awards/Community Service advisors to contact us to learn more about the U.S. Navy and the significant advantages of a career. Demonstrated Technical Savvy Respectfully, Joint-Service Assignments Phillip Durio, Chief Petty Officer, USN