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Nrs fargo newsletter october 2011
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Nrs fargo newsletter october 2011



Contact Navy Recruiting Station Fargo for your career needs!

Contact Navy Recruiting Station Fargo for your career needs!



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    Nrs fargo newsletter october 2011 Nrs fargo newsletter october 2011 Document Transcript

    • A Communiity Partner – and a member off the Glloball Force ffor Good..™ A Commun ty Partner – and a member o the G oba Force or Good ™ OCTOBER 2011 OCTOBER 2011 This Issue USMAP Apprenticeship Program P.1 Counseling & Advising Corner P.2 Sailors Receive Points for College P.3 Award Recognition P.4 Navy Relocates AEGIS Capable Ships P.5 Scholarship Resources P.6 American Legion/VFW Programs P.7 National High School Coaches Association Partnership with Navy P.8 ACT Calendar/Featured Navy Job P.9 Priority Positions: USMAP Serving 50,000 Active Apprenticeships  Nuclear Power Program After 35 years of providing sea-service military members with journey-level  Navy Reserves (Part-Time incertifications that document their skills through the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), the Fargo)United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) reached the milestone of50,000 current active participants on March 18.  NROTC Scholarship Applicants USMAP enables documentation of a Sailor’s formalized and structured training. It  Practicing Medical Doctors,combines on-the-job-training (OJT) and related technical instruction. All the individuals is Dentists, and Nursesrequired to do is regularly document the hours worked in the various skill areas either in ahard-copy log or electronically through the Web and have it verified by their supervisor. In  Prior Service Personneladdition, the service member submits a report every six months and a final report once  Chaplains (Master’s intheir required OJT hours are complete. Theological Each apprenticeship requires anywhere between 2,000 and 10,000 hours of on-the-job Studies/equivalent)work and training. Working a typical 40-hour week, many individuals can complete an  Special Warfare (SEALs,apprenticeship within a year. There are 123 trades available, ranging from aircraft SWCC, Rescue Swimmers,mechanic to x-ray equipment tester. Explosive Ordnance Disposal, & Navy Diver) More than 96% of Navy enlisted rates are eligible for these trades.  Advanced ElectronicsFACT: Over a 20-year career, the U.S. Navy will fund each active member (Submarine)a total of $90,000 in tuition assistance.
    • View these videos to learn more! Counseling & Advising Corner“Keeping Educators, Parents, and Students informed.”
    • dsd Sailors Receive Advancement Points for College Degrees The Navy’s efforts to attract, recruit, and To learn about NROTC, CLICK HERE. retain the best and brightest men and women ranks high among its strategic initiatives, and key among those is education. Sailors with college degrees from accredited institutions were eligible, beginning in August 2008, to submit their The Recruiter-In-Charge academic transcripts to the Navy College Home Town: Mamou, LA Office for an increase in advancement Navy Occupation: Aviation points. Ordnanceman Years of Service: 13 In November 2007, The Chief of Naval Current Paygrade: E-7/Chief Petty Officer Personnel released guidance, which stated Education: AAS Business, Certificate in enlisted Sailors preparing for advancement Industrial Hygiene Management, U.S. Dept of Transportation Navy Risk- to pay grades E-4 through E-6 will now be Management Assistant, U.S. Dept of awarded two points for an accredited Labor Counselor Apprenticeship (pursuing), Franklin Covey 4-Disciplines associate’s degree and four points for an of Execution Consultant, 7-Habits accredited baccalaureate degree or higher. Signature Series, BS in Organizational Leadership (Pursuing) Sailors preparing for advancement to Chief Previous Assignments: USS Enterprise Petty Officer are also eligible to receive CVN-65, USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72, advancement points based on the same Navy Recruiting District Houston, Navy Recruiting District Minneapolis point structure as E-4 through E-6 pay grades, while Sailors preparing for E-7 Positions: Drug/Alcohol Prevention Advisor, Personal Financial Specialist, through E-9 selection boards will be given Material/Maintenance Manager, Naval favorable consideration for their academic Navy Recruit Training Command, Safety Technician, Quality Assurance Inspector, 4-Disciplines of Execution degrees based on current selection board CLICK HERE! Consultant, Human Resource (HR) guidelines. Manager The Navy values higher education and Interests/Hobbies: Higher Education/Life-long Learning, Business recognizes that a strong educational Management/Organizational foundation enhances a Sailor’s technical Leadership Literature, Community/Civic service, Key-note skills, leadership traits, critical thinking skills, Speaking/Knowledge work, and and their ability to adapt and overcome the Hunting/Fishing. ever-present challenges associated with LEARN ABOUT THE GI BILL! working in the dynamic maritime environment. WHAT IS SERVICEMEMBERS OPPORTUNITIES COLLEGES? CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT.
    • Fastest-Growing Occupations!Corporate Award Recognition Research Industry1. Training Magazine 2011 - #7 of 125 Training Organizations in the U.S. Licensure/Certification!2. Association of Diversity Councils - #8 among nation’s Top 25 Diversity Councils.3. Diversity Inc Magazine - One of top federal agencies for excellence inleadership commitment, human capital, communications, and supplier diversity.4. American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) – Recognized Navy’s Research Colleges, DegreeProfessional Apprenticeship Career Track Program, Voluntary EducationalProgram, and Navy’s Credentialing Opportunities On-line (COOL) Program. Return-on-Investment (ROI),5. Work Force Management Magazine – Recognized Navy’s excellence in 6 0f 9 probable employers, etc!categories (Competitive advantage, financial impact, global outlook, innovation,managing change, partnership, ethical practice, service, & union.)6. U.S. Distance Learning Association – Recognized Navy’s e-Learning program forexcellence in the area of web-based training & education. Find the RightJust a few of the awards received on our quest to becoming a “Top 50” (in College/University!comparison to S&P 500 Corporations) Organization! NAVY RECRUITER…Magazine of the U.S. Navy Recruiter! http://www.navyfitness.org/ ATTENTIION PARENTS!! Click ATTENT ON PARENTS here to view the NACAC “Guiding the Way to Higher Education” Power PointU.S. NAVY RECRUIT TRAINING GUIDE Click on Below Icon!
    • Navy to Station Aegis Ships Education Credentials (FY 2010 Active Duty Navy Totals) Source: http://www.dantes.doded.mil/DANTES_Homepage.htmlat Rota, Spain for Ballistic 30000Missile Defense 20000 OfficersThe U.S. Navy recently announced its plans tohomeport ballistic-missile defense warships in 10000 EnlistedRota, Spain as part of a ballistic missile defense Totals(BMD) initiative. These ships are equipped with 0the highly advanced AEGIS system, designed bythe defense contractor Lockheed Martin. The Navy plans to have these ships in place by2015, which will provide Europe with deterrencefrom nuclear missile threats. The U.S. is diligently working with allies to betterposition forces and defensive capabilities.Assigning these ships to Rota, Spain will providededicated and reliable assets to our NATOpartners. Beyond missile defense, these ships willperform a variety of other important missionswithin the Atlantic and Mediterranean regions.Want to be a Navy SEAL? CLICK HERE
    • College Board Scholarship Search: http://apps.collegeboard.com/cbsearch_ss/welcome.jspCOLLEGE data: http://www.collegedata.com/ Attttenttiion Parrentts!! Synthetic A en on Pa en s Cannabinoids are popularCollege Scholarships: http://www.college-scholarships.com/ amongst H.S. and College Students. Click the icon to learnE-Student Loan.com: http://www.estudentloan.com/ more.Fast Web: http://www.fastweb.com/FinAid: http://www.finaid.org/scholarships/Federal Student Financial Aid: http://studentaid.ed.gov/PORTALSWebApp/students/english/index.jspScholarship America: http://scholarshipamerica.org/ ATTENTIION PARENTS!! CLICK ATTENT ON PARENTS HERE for resources onScholarship Experts: http://www.scholarshipexperts.com/ combating drug use amongst teens.Scholarship Gateway: http://www.blackexcel.org/link4.htmScholarships.com: http://www.scholarships.com/VA Education Assistance: http://www.gibill.va.gov COUNSELORS!! Visit the STEM link below. COUNSELORS
    • AMERICAN LEGION VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARSORATORICAL CONTEST – A (VFW) SCHOLARSHIPCHANCE TO WIN AN OPPORUNITIES – NOVEMBER 1,$18,000.00 SCHOLARSHIP 2011 SUBMITTAL DEADLINE The American Legion Oratorical Contest exists to APPROACHES!develop deeper knowledge and appreciation for theU.S. Constitution among high school students. The 70- THE VOICE OF DEMOCRACY - the VFW established the Voiceyear-old program presents participants with an of Democracy program (VOD) in 1947 to provide studentsacademic speaking challenge that teaches important grades 9-12 the opportunity to express themselves in regardsleadership qualities, the history of our nation’s laws, to democratic ideas and principles. What do you need tothe ability to think and speak clearly, and an enter? Simply record your original 3-5 minute (+ or – 5understanding of the duties, responsibilities, rights seconds max.) essay on a standard CD. Label the recordingand privileges of American citizenship. and submit along with the neatly typed essay and entry form. For more information, CLICK HERE or contact your local VFW Young orators earn some of the most generous Post or Guidance Counselor.college scholarships available to high school students.Over $138,000 in scholarships can be awarded each THE PATRIOT’S PEN - Annually, roughly 112,000, studentsyear. The overall national contest winner gets an from grades 6-8, enter to win one of several savings bonds$18,000 scholarship. Second place takes home totaling $1.2 million, as well as an all-expense-paid trip to$16,000, and third gets $14,000. Each department Washington, D.C. for the National first place winner.(state) winner who is certified into and participates inthe national contest’s first round receives a $1,500 Students draft a 300-400 word essay, expressing their viewsscholarship. Those who advance past the first round based on an — always patriotic — annual theme chosen byreceive an additional $1,500 scholarship. The the VFW Commander-in-Chief. To learn more, CLICK HERE.American Legion’s National Organization awards thescholarships, which can be used at any college oruniversity in the United States. Speaking subjects must be on some aspect of the U.S.Constitution, with some emphasis on the duties andobligations of citizens to our government. Speechesare eight to 10 minutes long; three- to five-minutespeeches on an assigned topic also are part of thecontest. To learn more CLICK HERE or visit The AmericanLegion WEBSITE.
    • Test Date Registration Deadline (Late Fee Required) September 10, 2011 August 12, 2011 August 13 – 26, 2011 October 22, 2011 September 16, 2011 September 17 – 30, 2011 December 10, 2011 November 4, 2011 November 5 – 18, 2011 February 11, 2012 January 13, 2012 January 14 – 20, 2012 April 14, 2012 March 9, 2012 March 10 – 23, 2012 June 9, 2012 May 4, 2012 May 5 – 18, 2012 Featured Navy Job! Click to view the American Council on Education recommended college credit for this Navy job!Aviiiattiion Boattswaiiin’’’s MatteAv a tio n Boats wa n s Mate Av a on Boa swa n s Ma eABs operate, maintain, and repair aircraft catapults, arresting gear, and barricades. They operate and maintain fuel- and lube-oiltransfer systems. ABs direct aircraft on the flight deck and in hangar bays before launch and after recovery. They use tow tractors toposition planes and operate support equipment used to start aircraft. (Click on the underlined text or the below icon to learn more about associated credentials that the Navy will fund!) Associated Degree Partnership’s Associated Civilian Certifications Associated DOL Apprenticeship Programs Featured Navy Partner School! Click on the below banner. Navy Recruiting Station 1102 43rd Street Southwest Fargo, ND 58103 701-277-1096 ph 701-277-1198 fax Thiis publliicattiion does nott rreffllectt tthe offffiiciiall viiews off tthe Deparrttmentt off Deffense.. Th s pub ca on does no e ec he o c a v ews o he Depa men o De ense CLIICK ME for Navy Social CL CK ME Contact a Recruiter! Media directory! Phillip.durio@navy.mil CLIICK ME for SMART Phone CL CK ME Jesse.voelk@navy.mil Backgrounds! Jeffrey.shirley@navy.mil