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Read about the global force for good - the U.S. Navy!

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Magazine of the U.S. Navy!

  1. 1. August M A G A Z I N E O F T H E U . S . N A V YMAY MAY MAYMAY MAY MAY U.S. Navy, Namibian Forces Neutralizing Threats
  2. 2. [On the Front Cover ] Namibian Defense Force (NDF) Sergeant Eugene M. Salionga, explosive ordnance technician student, attaches a non-electric blasting cap to the detonation priming loop April 28 as U.S. Navy Chief Explosive Ordnance Technician Chief Petty Officer Justin Berlien, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit 11 (EODMU-11), Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, looks on. Photo by MC2(EXW) Todd Frantom August 2011 [Number 1133] When Everything 18 U.S. Navy, Namibian 22 Navy Creates Way to 26 Goes Wrong Forces Share Explosive Save Shorelines With the exception of, perhaps, his immediate family, PS2(SW/AW) Enrique Ramirez Safety Skill Facing an eroding shoreline, loss of naval structures, and wildlife sanctuaries seemingly had no one, or nowhere to turn for U.S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal near Naval Support Facility, Indian Head, help during the serious illness of his 3-year-old technicians recently travelled to Arandis, Md., Navy leaders are leading the way daughter, Arianna; however, he would soon Namibia to support the Namibian Defense with implementing corrective action in find out that his Navy family had his back. Force and Namibian Explosive Control developing a shoreline management plan. Unit police officers efforts to handle and Photo courtesy of Memphis’ St. Jude Children’s dispose of unexploded ordnance helping Photo by MC2(EXW) Todd Frantom Hospital Photography Department to safeguard the local population. Photo by U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Dawn Price D E P A R T M E N T S A r o und the F le e t 6 S ome thing to T hink A b o u t 34 F o cu s on S e r v ice 36 T his J u s t I n 38 6 34 36 38 40Gettysburg Reenactment 12 Duty in D.C. In Washington, D.C., towering monuments, memorials and museums all document the history of a nation; but, hidden amongst these well-known tourist attractions are some hidden gems – and some really cool stuff in the nation’s capital. Photos by MC3 Shannon Burns w w w . n a v y . m i l [Ne x t Month] We will never forget. Ten years later, All Hands takes a look back at the tragic events of Sept. 11, 2001 and recognizes the nation’s strength since then. 1
  3. 3. Members of the Navy Ceremonial Guard passguests during a Salute reception honoring NavySafe Harbor, and Wounded Warrior Regimentenrollees and their families. The reception, heldon the docks of the Gaylord National Resort andConvention Center, National Harbor, Md., April10, kicked off the 2011 Sea-Air-Space Exposition,hosted by Navy League of the United States.Photo by MC2(EXW) Todd Frantom
  4. 4. Speaking with Sailors Force Master Chief Petty Officer (SS) John J. Snyder, Naval Education and Training Command Instructors Enabling the Number 1133 | August 2011 Global Force for Good Secretar y of the Nav y The Honorable Ray Mabus Shipmates, Chief of Naval Operations O Adm. Gary Roughead ur Navy and Marine Corps Team have Nav y Chief of Infor mation incredible ships, aircraft, and other Rear Adm. Dennis Moynihan weapons as tools to succeed in their mis- sion. But, without the men and women who serve this nation in the greatest maritime force in the world you might as well take DEFENSE MEDIA ACTIVIT Y our fleet, moor it to a pier, hangar the air- Chief of Production Dennis Casaday craft, and defuel our tanks. Chief of Publishing The people who develop that incredible force are Lt. Cmdr. Ohene Gyapong the thousands of Naval Education and Training Com- Nav y Liaison Element mand (NETC) instructors at more than 230 training Cmdr. Joe Carpenter commands, detachments and associated units around Lt. John Fage the world. These talented instructors take the civil- ians who volunteer to serve our nation and instill in EDITORIAL them the skills and abilities required to succeed. E d i t o r/ L C P O From the South China Sea, to the sands and moun- baccalaureate levels in Instructional Methodology, and MCC(SW/AW) AnTuan D. Guerry tains of Afghanistan, and from the ice of Antarctica Educational Leadership. LPO to the rivers of Africa, South America and Asia, the Each year NETC selects the, “best of the best,” as MC1(SW/AW) Andrew Meyers demand for our maritime forces is high, and we are our Instructors of the Year are honored at a major Photo Editor MC2(EXW) Todd Frantom responding with more agility and flexibility than ever event held at the Navy Memorial. Lt. David Tebbe, Staf f before. We are able to succeed because our Sailors re- from the Navy and Marine Corps Intelligence Training MC3(SW) Mikelle D. Smith ceive the best training in the world. There is no doubt Center (NMITC), Dam Neck, Va., was selected as the MC3 Shannon Burns that the men and women of the Naval Education and 2010 Officer Instructor of the Year, and summed up MC3(SW) David Danals Training Command enable the Navy to be a Global his job this way: Force for Good. “It is truly a privilege to walk into the classroom L AYOUT AND DE SIGN Those who volunteer to return to the schoolhouse every day and teach the future of naval intelligence. I Timothy Mazurek from the fleet, to become instructors, are taking a have the opportunity to influence the lives and careers Illustration natural step in their individual progression as leaders. of these young men and women who will go on to Robb Gensic Instructors develop the next generation of Sailors and defend our great nation. It is a sacred duty.” the impact of their commitment to excellence is felt far Instructor duty is important to supporting the fleet, All Hands (USPS 372-970; ISSN 0002-5577) Number into the future as graduates deploy around the world. and potentially career-enhancing for an individual; 1131 is published monthly by the Defense Media While developing others, instructors are also gain- therefore a very rigid screening process is in place for Activity, Production Department, 6700 Taylor Avenue, Ft. Meade, MD 20755. Periodicals postage paid at ing valuable skills for their own career. As a specialist Sailors interested in becoming instructors. Washington, D.C. and at additional mailing offices. in a specific area, instructors are immersed in the Start with a review of your service record with your Subscriptions: For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, knowledge, skills and abilities of their career field. command career counselor and discussions with your Washington, D.C. 20402 or call 202/512-1800. Subscription prices $45 (domestic)/$54 (foreign); The benefits are largely reflected in the promotion detailer. Among other criteria, prospective candidates $7.50 (single copy domestic)/$9 (single copy rates for Sailors on instructor duty. In 2010, almost must meet evaluation standards and physical fitness foreign). Postmaster: Send address changes to All Hands, Defense Media Activity - Anacostia 300 first class petty officers within the NETC domain requirements, and be willing to obligate service for 36 Production Department, 2713 Mitscher Rd., S.W., Anacostia Annex, D.C. 20373-5819 Editorial were selected to become chief petty officers. When in- months. Finally, candidates must have their command- Offices: Send submissions and correspondence structors earn their Master Training Specialist (MTS) ing officer’s recommendation. to Defense Media Activity – Anacostia Production Department, ATTN: Editor, 2713 Mitscher Rd., qualification, they are preparing themselves for the The U.S. Navy has many challenging and inspiring S.W., Anacostia Annex, D.C. 20373-5819 Tel: DSN rigors of a military classroom and earning potential jobs that are crucial to the continued support and de- 288-4171 or 202/433-4171 Fax: DSN 288-4747 or 202/433-4747 E-Mail: college credit. The Navy’s MTS program has been fense of our nation. Each and every one of those roles Message: Authorization: The Secretary of the Navy has determined this publication is necessary in evaluated by the American Council on Education for begins with the quality training Sailors receive. Are the transaction of business required by law of recommended academic credit at the associate and you up to the challenge? the Department of the Navy. Funds for printing this publication have been approved by the Navy Publications and Printing Committee. 4 A L L H A N D S | A u g u s t 2 0 1 1
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Around the Fleet Mandatory administrative sepa- ration will continue for Sailors who have failed three PFAs within the most recent four-year period. While the instruction allows for waivers for those with three PFA failures, indi- viduals may still face separation and may be prevented from transferring, reenlisting or extending in-service. The instruction also stresses that passing the physical fitness assess- ment is a requirement for continued Navy service and failure to meet these requirements can result in ad- ministrative separation processing. The Physical Readiness Program Operating Guide is now in place,Photo by MCSN Peter D. Melkus accompanied by an updated version of the Navy Nutrition Guide and Fitness Enhancement Program (FEP) guidance that will reside online at the Navy Physical Readiness web page. The new guide incorporates policy guidance from OPNAVINST Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd Class Jerome Acquahjameson, from Ghana, West Africa, encourages Aviation 6110.1H and NAVADMINs 293/06, Ordnanceman Airman Jossie O. Marquez Ruiz, from Ponce, Puerto Rico, to do a few more push-ups during a 277/08, 073/09, 247/09 and 131/10. physical readiness test in the hangar bay of USS Enterprise (CVN 65). “A Sailor can achieve long-term health and fitness by making regular Revised Instruction Announces physical activity and a solid nutri- tion plan a lifestyle priority. That Changes to Physical Readiness Program commitment is consistent with Navy Core Values and helps ensure Sailors remain competitive,” said Bill Moore, I n order to improve the overall health of Sailors and enhance the administration and execution of the Physical Readiness Program, Navy recently announced the Physical Readiness Program director. “Every Sailor competes to stay and fitness is one component of this process. For a full explanation of the changes, read NAVADMIN 203/11 at revision of OPNAVINST 6110.1J in NAVADMIN 203/11. The revised instruction will strengthen program compliance, im- ADMINS/NAV2011/NAV11203.txt prove physical fitness assessment (PFA) documentation and encourage For more news from Navy Personnel Command, visit Sailors to maintain the level of physical fitness required to support mis- local/npc. sion readiness. This is the first major revision to the physical readiness program since 2005. Story courtesy of Navy Personnel Command “We reduced the instruction to just what leadership needs to know Public Affairs Office, Millington, Tenn. and the rest is contained in the Physical Readiness Program Operat- ing Guide, which will be a how-to manual,” said Bill Moore, Physical Readiness Program director. “It will provide information, procedural Restructuring of Enlisted Advancement guidance, and supplementary information.” Exams Begins September 2012 Several changes are reflected in the new instruction, including the requirement to complete the medical screening process prior to partici- The Navy recently announced the restructuring of advancement pating in the PFA as well as a reduction of the number of PRT scoring exams to give greater focus on technical rating knowledge, in NAVAD- categories to five, ranging from “outstanding” to “failure.” MIN 197/11. The rules have also changed regarding medical waivers. Sailors The restructured examinations decrease the number of questions granted two medical waivers in a 12-month period will be referred to a from 200 to 175, and increase the emphasis on rating-specific technical medical treatment facility for a medical evaluation board. questions. The first advancement examination cycle implementing the In addition, failing the body composition assessment (BCA) is now new change is Cycle 216 in September 2012. Advancement candidates considered an overall PFA failure and Sailors can no longer request a who will take the September enlisted examinations include active duty, “bad day” exception for the BCA and are limited to one PRT retest for a full time support, active guard and reserve, and canvass recruiters. given PFA cycle. 6 A L L H A N D S | A u g u s t 2 0 1 1
  7. 7. Shipmates “The primary reason for the exam structure change is to improveexam validity. We define exam validity as the adequacy with which thetest questions successfully represent the content to be measured,” saidCaptain Katharine Reed, commanding officer of the Naval Education andTraining Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC). More job-specific technical questions improve exam validity and theNavy’s ability to rank-order Sailors by rating. “If you know the technical aspects of your rating better than yourshipmates, you’ll like the change in exam structure,” said Reed. Photo by MC2 Kevin S. O’Brien The restructured exams will consist of 25 Professional MilitaryKnowledge (PMK) and 150 job-specific technical questions for each paygrade. The biggest change will be seen by E-6 advancement candidatestaking the chief petty officer (CPO) exam. Currently, the 200-questionCPO exam contains 100 job-specific and 100 PMK questions. E-4 examswill have the same number of job-specific questions, and 25 rather than50 PMK questions. The exam changes will have no impact on the current Final Multiple Capt. Frank Hughlett, commanding officer of Maritime Civil Affairs and SecurityScore (FMS). The FMS is a “Whole Person Concept” approach which Training (MCAST) Command, awards the Bronze Star medal to Lt. j.g. Ronconsiders exam score along with other factors to ensure the right Sailors Kolpak during an awards ceremony at Dam Neck Annex in Virginia Beach, Va.are advanced. Other factors considered for E4/5/6 are performance Forward-Deployed Sailormark average (how well one performs in their job and as a Sailor), ser-vice in pay grade (experience in the job), awards (accomplishments in Receives Bronze Starthe job and as a Sailor), education points and self-improvement througheducation (accredited college degrees)), and pass/not advanced points(credit for doing well on previous exam cycles, but not enough quotasavailable). For those who are CPO-board eligible, the FMS is computed Story by MC2(EXW) Matt Danielsusing performance mark average and rating exam score only. Enlisted exams are produced at NETPDTC’s Navy AdvancementCenter (NAC) in Pensacola, Fla. Fleet Subject Matter Experts (FSME)for each enlisted rating gather at exam development conferences to A(MCAST)Medal Affairs aand Security Trainingboard Maritime Civil Bronze Star Command Sailor was awarded the during recent ceremony onreview the job scope and associated tasks at each pay grade. The FSMEs Naval Air Station Oceana, Dam Neck Annex, Va.also review their rating exam bank to ensure questions are up-to-date,accurate and meet the statistical requirements to accurately rank-order Lt. j.g. Ron Kolpak earned the award for his service while de-the most qualified advancement candidates. New exam questions are ployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as a humanitar-researched, developed and added at each exam development conference. ian assistance civil affairs officer from October 2008 to September Study material will remain available to all Sailors preparing for 2009. He was assigned to Afghan Regional Security Integrationupcoming exams. Exam bibliographies will reflect the new exam con- Command-West as part of Combined Joint Task Force Phoenix lo-struction, and will be available for exam preparation six months prior to cated in Kabul, Afghanistan.administration dates on the Navy Advancement Center’s Web portal on “I worked hard to contribute to the war effort and make good useNKO at of the time spent away from my family,” said Kolpak. “The daysvancementcenter/home/navyadvancementcenter. were long, and downtime rare. We worked in some of the toughest conditions I could imagine, but that’s civil affairs. If you are going to Story by Tom Updike, Naval Education and Training Command Public Affairs be truly successful and really contribute to the operation you have to get away from your desk.” Kolpak’s service in Afghanistan led to more than 250 tons ofNavy Revises Career Paths to humanitarian assistance relief supplies being distributed to moreEmphasize Service at Sea than 500,000 Afghans in 12 conflict-ravaged districts. An integral component of the United States’ counter-insurgency operations, The Navy released a recent message announcing revisions to the sea/ civic assistance programs bring local national security forces, localshore flow for enlisted career paths. and international non-governmental organizations, and U.S. ele- NAVADMIN 201/11 provides the Fleet with the updated sea shore ments together to build lasting stability.flow for every rating. Thirty-six ratings will see an increase in sea time, “It really is a great honor to be recognized like this,” said Kolpak,and 18 will now be classified as sea intensive. Sailors in these ratings can who was accompanied by his wife Darlena and three children, Kai,expect to spend more than half their careers at sea. Karlie, and Kaden at the ceremony. “Awards aren’t why we serve, but “Our nation knows the importance and effectiveness of our forward- it is nice to have your accomplishments recognized.”deployed Navy, whether delivering aid to those in need, or hunting Kolpak now serves as a maritime civil affairs planner for Pacificterrorists. The skills and capabilities of our Sailors are in great demand Partnership 2011. continued on page 9 Daniels is assigned to Maritime Civil Affairs andw w w . n a v y . m i l Security Training Command Public Affairs.
  8. 8. Around the Fleet continued from page 7 as an integral part of our national alyne Pfannenstiel; Commanding of our hard work and efforts. One security and maritime strategy,” General, II Marine Expeditionary of the best ways to implement safe explained Rear Adm. Cynthia Force, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John practices is by using operational Covell, director, Total Force M. Paxton presented the awards risk management [ORM] because requirements Division (OPNAV during the event. it’s definitely going to help you fig- N12). “As a result, the Navy has “Safety and keeping our Sailors ure out how dangerous the activity increased the number of sea duty and Marines safe is one of the that you’re engaging in is. You billets and decreased the number most important things we do, it’s have to outweigh the benefits of of shore duty billets since 2008.” one of the things that makes us the activity with the risks involved” To meet the new sea/shore the most formidable fighting force Established in 2002 by former requirements, Navy Person- there’s ever been,” said Mabus. SECNAV Gordon R. England, nel Command may adjust some “It’s important to recognize those the Safety Excellence Awards are Sailors’ projected rotation dates that do such an excellent job designed to promote safe practices (PRD) based on the length of tour because they are models for the throughout DON and personally remaining. As a general rule, PRDs rest of the fleet and the rest of the recognize those commands that of March 2012 or earlier will not be Marine Corps. It’s important to have integrated an awareness of adjusted, unless requested by the say bravo zulu, job well done.” safety in everyday operations, re- Sailor or if their commanding offi- Recipients were awarded with a ducing loss in man-hours, material cer submits a request based on unit citation, plaque and the SECNAV’s damage, among other factors that readiness or deployment needs. safety flag, which they are entitled may decrease Navy assets.Photo by MC 1 Eli J. Medellin To maintain proper career pro- to fly for a year. gression, no sea tour lengths will “The Navy and Marine Corps Story by MC3 Shannon Burns, involuntarily exceed 60 months mission is to protect this country,” Defense Media Activity-Ft. Meade for Sailors with less than 20 years said Mabus. “Fundamental to that of service (YOS) and 48 months job is protecting the welfare of the for Sailors with more than 20 YOS. men and women who serve. These Study Explores Photo by MC2 Kevin S. O’Brien The Pacific Partnership Band performs for children at the Farol Primary School in Timor-Leste during Sailors are advised to contact their safety practices provide the foun- Aircraft Operations Pacific Partnership 2011. community manager or detailer dation for a healthy service.” Aboard Carriers for information on the availabil- The awards were accepted by ity of incentives such as sea duty representatives from the com- The Office of Naval Research incentive pay for volunteering to mands, including command announced a recent self-sponsored serve additional time at sea. leadership, safety officers and effort to examine how aircraft To read the complete list of safety petty officers who held the carrier flight deck crews will enlisted rating career paths, visit title or collateral duty during the manage manned and unmanned the Navy Personnel Command period cited. air vehicles (UAVs), has ended in a website at USS Dwight D. Eisenhower successful live demonstration. (CVN 69) received the Large Deck The Deck operations Course of Story courtesy of Chief of Combatant Safety Excellence Action Planner (DCAP) demon- Naval Personnel Public award for having no ‘Class A or B’ stration was performed at the Hu- Affairs, Millington, Tenn. mishaps, a score of one hundred mans and Automation Laboratory percent on its own Conventional at the Massachusetts Institute of Ordinance Safety Review dur- Technology (MIT). SECNAV Presents 2010 ing an op-tempo that included DCAP is a software tool Safety Excellence Awards a build-up and expenditure of designed to aid in planning on eighteen thousand pounds of or- aircraft carrier flight decks—a Nineteen commands and dinance during training exercises congested and often times chaotic installations recently received and almost twenty-three thousand environment that not only in- the 2010 Department of the Navy pounds in support of Operation cludes a variety of aircraft but also (DON) Safety Excellence Award Enduring Freedom. ground equipment and personnel. for their safety programs at the “What helped us earn a safety The science and technology ef-Photo by MC 1 Chad Runge Photo by MC3 Billy Ho U.S. Navy Memorial. award this year was the fact that fort will provide flight deck person- Secretary of the Navy (SEC- we did two back to back deploy- nel with automated planning tools, NAV), the Honorable Ray Mabus; ments with minimal mishaps,” enhanced information displays, Commander, Navy Installations said Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class and new user interface approaches Command, Vice Adm. Michael (SW) Paul Laferty from USS that make it much easier to interact ABH3 Mike Nicholas directs an F/A-18E Super Above— Vitale, Assistant Secretary of the Dwight D. Eisenhower. “It’s feels with autonomous systems in chal- High school students participate in a tire-rolling race during the 2011 U.S. Naval Hornet of the Strike Fighter Squadron 14 Boatswain’s Mate 3rd Class Mercedes Navy for Energy, Installations and outstanding to be recognized by lenging naval environments. Academy Summer Seminar Sea Trials. Summer Seminar ends with an abbreviated to a catapult aboard USS John C. Stennis Logan, from Newark, N. J., studies for Environment, the Honorable Jack- the Secretary of the Navy for all version of the U.S. Naval Academy plebes’ Sea Trials, where students participate in (CVN 74) during a composite training unit her enlisted surface warfare specialist continued on page 11 seven hours of physical training and team building exercises. exercise off the coast of Southern California. (ESWS) qualification in the pilothouse 9 aboard USS Cowpens (CG 63).
  9. 9. Around the Fleet continued from page 9 According to ONR program ing to information from MIT’s Hu- grated task force], Lakehurst and officer Marc Steinberg, the goal is mans and Automation Laboratory. industry crews.” to increase efficiency and safety in Additionally, it enables the Each Nimitz-class aircraft the deck environment, and reduce decision maker to interact with carrier has a JBD for each of its the need for special procedures the included planning algorithm. four catapults. The size, cooling and restrictions as increasing This planning system is done on- configuration and angle to the numbers of unmanned air systems demand, allowing crews to choose catapult vary slightly between the are integrated into the fleet. when to initiate a change in four, so the test team had to repeat “We are trying to understand schedule and giving them a choice various tests – military and limit- how we can most effectively do fu- of different options. ed afterburner power takeoffs – for ture deck operations with manned the various JBD configurations. Photo by MC1 Kevin S. O’Brien and unmanned aircraft as we Story courtesy of Office of “We’ve learned a lot and our increase the numbers and level of Naval Research Corporate technical capabilities have expand- autonomy and intelligence of the Communications, Washington, D.C. ed immensely since the original unmanned systems,” he said. JBD testing for the F/A-18 about The demonstration, conducted ten years ago,” said Kathy Don- June 23 by researchers at Mas- F-35C Completes First Jet nelly, senior executive for aircraft sachusetts Institute of Technology Blast Deflector Testing launch, recovery and support (MIT), attempted to show how a equipment engineering at Lake- person can manage, in this case The F-35 integrated test force, hurst. “We’re able to bring in a lot 10 aircraft, where the operator along with the aircraft launch and more rigor to the F-35C testing so encountered failures, ranging from recovery engineering team at Joint the fleet will be well prepared for the simple to the complex. The Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB its introduction.” scenarios included catapult failures MDL), completed the first jet blast With greater technical capa- during launch operations and deflector (JBD) test on the F-35C bilities today, the single aircraft aircraft fuel and hydraulic leaks. Joint Strike Fighter, July 8. JBD testing will be repeated with More complex scenarios staged one The test was completed at JB an F/A-18 to collect the same data. aircraft fuel leak with a request for MDL using the F-35C test aircraft This will allow for comparison additional aircraft while there were designated ‘CF-2.’ between the two aircraft and the conflicting priorities on the deck. The testing collected data on the development of a combined cool- Engineers used small, remote- effects of F-35C engine exhaust on ing model for the entire fleet. controlled ground vehicles to fleet-representative 4- and 6-panel The test team also collaborated simulate aircraft on a scaled model JBD units and the flight deck in with Naval Sea Systems Command Photo by MC 1 Jennifer A. Villalovos of a carrier deck. Other parts of front of the JBDs. Temperatures, during the testing to measure the the lab represented a mission area pressures, sound levels and veloci- effects of heat on the flight deck. and a marshal stack area that the ties were tested to collect environ- Future carrier suitability test- vehicles moved through in the mental data and validate a JBD ing is scheduled for later this sum- course of their simulated missions. cooling panel configuration model. mer, including JBD testing with The planning device also dis- “From an aircraft perspec- two aircraft, catapult launches plays priorities, schedule informa- tive, the testing went without a and arrestments in preparation for Photo by MC1 Jayme Pastoric tion, and details on aircraft fuel hitch,” said Tom Briggs, air vehicle initial ship trials in 2013. level and mechanical status as well engineering lead. “We adjusted to The F-35C is the carrier vari- as catapult and landing strip usage. weather delays to complete forty ant of the Joint Strike Fighter, This data aids personnel in the test points on schedule, all because unique from the F-35B and F-35A decision-making process, accord- of the teamwork between the [inte- with its larger wing surfaces and reinforced landing gear for the Top left— Divers dive onto a 22-ton engine demanding carrier environment. Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) the Honorable Ray block off the coast of Barbados. To be considered for the “Around the Fleet” section, forward The F-35C is undergoing test and Mabus observes an array of solar panels while Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit your high resolution images with full credit and cutline evaluation at NAS Patuxent River receiving a tour of the Boldak Expeditionary Energy (MDSU) 2 is participating in Navy information, including full name, rank and duty station to: prior to delivery to the fleet. Patrol Base in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Diver-Southern Partnership Station, a multinational partnership Directions on how to properly submit photos can be found at Middle left— Story courtesy of Naval Air Systems engagement designed to increase Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON) Command, F-35 Integrated Test Force interoperability and partner nation Rick West meets with U.S. Marine Lance Cpl. Mail your submissions to: Public Affairs, Patuxent River, Md. capacity through diving operations. Robert Sparks III during his visit to National Photo by MC2 Jonathen E. Davis Navy Visual News Service Naval Medical Center Bethesda, Md. 1200 Navy Pentagon, Rm. 4B514 Washington, DC 20350-1200 Lt. Patricia Salazar, from San Francisco, examines Click on the Navy’s home page,, for a patient at the Escuela Humberto Mendez fresh images of your shipmates in action. Juarez medical site during a Continuing Promise 2011 medical community service event. 11
  10. 10. Stor y by MC3 Shannon Burns P h o t o s b y M C 2 ( E X W ) To d d Fr a n t o m a n d M C 3 S h a n n o n B u r n s Duty in National arb or D.C! Map ©Google 2011 H12
  11. 11. The White House Bens Chili Bowl ’O Sailors who receive orders to the nation’s capital have access to an n a trip to Washington assortment of activities with the potential for new experiences; from Not far from D.C., in Maryland are universities like the University of politics on Capitol Hill to curiosity shops and stands at Eastern Market. Maryland University College, one of many that cater to the military com- D.C., one can see The fast-paced, yet at-ease, life in Washington D.C. contributes to its beauty. munity offering online courses to help manage time. “There is such a diverse mixture of cultures that, whatever venue you’re Split into four quadrants, Northeast (NE), Northwest (NW), South- towering monuments, looking for, you can definitely find in this city,” said Lt. Elijah Black, who east (SE) and Southwest (SW), the authenticity of each quadrant ensures has been stationed at the United States Naval Observatory in D.C. for Sailors will experience a variety of leisure activities.memorials and museums more than two years. “Whatever you want to pursue, whether it be hearing live music, hearing live poetry, [or] going to a jazz spot, [Washington D.C.] The NW quadrant has many restaurants, salons, and boutiques. One such restaurant is Ben’s Chili Bowl (BCB) located on historical U Street.all documenting the provides all avenues.” In addition to the abundance of leisure activities open to service mem- Since 1958, BCB has been a fixture in the community and has withstood the test of time. Ben’s has become so well known that customers comehistory of a nation. Hidden bers, the opportunity to advance on the professional level is also available. There are many prestigious collegiate institutions located in the district from near and far for their food, including President Barack Obama and comedian Bill Cosby.amongst these well-known including American University and Howard University. “Washington, D.C., is rich in opportunities for Sailors to take advan- “They have really great food at Ben’s Chili Bowl,” said Hospital Corps- man 2nd Class Mario Reese, a medical lab technician at the Washingtontourist attractions is a tage of continuing their education either through a distance learning program or any of the many local colleges and universities,” said Dr. Mary Navy Yard Branch Health Clinic. “It reminds me of those places you see on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network Channel; it alwayscity filled with diversity Redd-Clary, director of Voluntary Education at the Center for Personal and Professional Development. “Sailors can obtain information on rating- stays packed.” In another well-known area of D.C. called Georgetown, home of the related degrees offered by various academic institutions and apply for “Hoyas” of Georgetown University, is a little place called Georgetown Cup-thriving with a mixture of Georgetown Photo by Robb Gensic tuition assistance through WebTA on the Navy College Program website.” cakes, which has its own show on TLC, called DC Cupcakes. Georgetown Education counseling services are available at National Naval Medical Cupcakes has more than 20 types of cupcakes including special order andcultures that give the city Cupcake Map ©Google 2011 Center’s Navy College Office for Sailors assigned to D.C., Maryland and seasonal cupcakes. On a normal day, lines stretch halfway down the block, as Northern Virginia, and also through the Virtual Education Center at patrons have waited as long as 30 minutes for a taste of the popular cupcakes.a heartbeat of its own., she said. “The cupcakes [at Georgetown Cupcakes] looked really good, and they tasted the same,” said Information Systems Technician Seaman William
  12. 12. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Eastern Market Smithsonian Museum Mount Vernon The Awakening The Tidal Basin For sports lovers, Nationals Park, home of the Washington Nationals baseball team can be found in Cherry Blossoms National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. The cemetery is spread across more than 200 acres and more thanFranchy, currently assigned to the Ceremonial Honor Guard in Wash- the SE quadrant of the city. 300,000 people have been laid to rest there. One ofington, D.C. “They are located on the Georgetown shopping strip in a “The sporting events are great here,” said Black. “I [recently] went “Of all the monuments, my favorite is the Lincoln Memorial,” the most visited sites at Arlington is the, “Tomb of The Unknowns.”great location.” to my first Nationals game. I came away thinking that the Phillies said Black. “It’s a large statue of a man, but the Lincoln itself stands Many other attractions are within the confines of the D.C.-met- Originally built in 1892, an old Victorian-style house was fan base was well represented here. The fans were probably about for so much. The size of the statue definitely represents the stature ropolitan area. Located in Southern Maryland in Fort Washingtonconverted in 1980 into, what is now known as, “the Mansion on O 70-percent Phillies fans. It’s just a big melting pot here.” of the man.” is the National Harbor. The harbor, which was officially opened inStreet.” The mansion is a bed and breakfast, rock-and-roll museum, Also in SE is Eastern Market, D.C.’s oldest continually operated, One of the most visited memorials at the National Mall is the 2008, is home to numerous shops and restaurants; among them isand private club. The famous civil rights figure Rosa Parks once fresh-food markets. Booths featuring everything from fresh fruits World War II Memorial. It pays tribute to the more than 16 million Ketchup, owned by Ashton Kutcher and Wilmer Valderrama, whichcalled the mansion home. The mansion, which offers tours of its and vegetables to art, clothing and jewelry can be found among the people who served in the military during the war. Fifty-six stone offers a menu featuring American “comfort foods” such as hot dogsmore than 100 rooms and 32 secret doors, has also hosted famous merchants in the market. pillars represent all the states and territories belonging to the United and hamburgers that are presented in a unique, upscale manner.musicians as guests. “The produce at Eastern Market is so fresh that I get most of my States. It also has a field of stars on the Freedom Wall, which features Also at the harbor is sculptor J. Seward Johnson Jr.’s famous “I’ve run into Cat Stevens, [groundhog] Punxsutawney Phil, Em- fruits and vegetables there,” said Polly Carran, a Navy spouse in the 4,000 gold stars commemorating more than 400,000 Americans creation, “The Awakening,” which is a 70-foot statue of a giant em-mylou Harris, and [American Alternative rock band] Wilco,” said Lt. D.C. area. “There are so many interesting vendors there … you’ll who lost their lives during the war. bedded in the earth, struggling to free himself from the ground. TheCmdr. Joe Goldsberry, a resident at the mansion. “I live behind a spice always find something original at a great bargain.” “[Another of] my favorite memorials is the World War II because statue had been on display since 1980 at Hains Point in Washington,rack [a hidden door]. It’s hard to imagine if you haven’t been there.” Not far from the market is the Navy’s oldest shore installation, the I have family members who fought in that war,” said Black. “Being D.C., but was moved to the harbor in February 2008. The NE quadrant is home to Union Station. The station first opened Washington Navy Yard. The yard, opened in 1799, is part of Naval at that memorial looking through a Sailor’s eyes and having friends For Sailors who don’t have a car or prefer not to battle the 1907 as a train station and has remained a known fixture ever since. District Washington (NDW) and is known as the “Quarterdeck of who have given the ultimate sacrifice, it definitely makes you grasp traffic, getting around the D.C.-area is as easy as jumping on theUnion Station began to deteriorate over time, so Congress enacted the the Navy.” The yard has been designated as a national historical land- the fact that these people died for their country.” Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, better known asUnion Station Redevelopment Act of 1981 preserving it as a national mark by the National Park Service; on it, resides the Navy Museum. More than 19 Smithsonian museums align the National Mall; the “Metro” train lines. The Metro has five lines: red, green, blue,treasure. The official groundbreaking took place in 1986. The restora- “Being at the Navy Yard is pretty cool because you can see the among them is the National Museum of American History, which yellow and orange, which run throughout the four quadrants andtion took two years and the station was officially reopened in 1988. history in the buildings,” said Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class (SW/ displays three centuries of the nation’s history. nearby regions. For $9 riders can get a one-day, unlimited ride pass. Inside Union Station are more than 100 shops including clothing FMF) Carlos Benavides, a lab technician at the Washington Navy “There are some great historical artifacts such as Old Glory and Morale, Welfare and Recreation also offers liberty activities at dis-and specialty stores, restaurants and ice cream shops. Yard clinic. “You don’t realize until you get here how old the base the statue of [George] Washington, some of which you would only counted prices. Available activities include whitewater rafting, trips “Union Station is the most modern train station I’ve ever been is. All the stuff you see in books is here, and you can see it with your read about in history books,” Benavides said of the American His- to amusement parks, horseback riding, professional sporting events,to,” said Yeoman 3rd Class (SW) Edgar Ruffin, a Baltimore native own eyes. Seeing it brings it to life and gives it a deeper meaning.” tory Museum. weekend trips to New York City, and more. For more information go Map ©Google 2011currently assigned to Defense Media Activity-Ft. Meade. “With the Between the NW and SW quadrants lies National Mall. Along Just across the Potomac River from monuments such as the online and search for your nearest military installation guide.diverse number of shops and restaurants there, it’s less like a train the mall Sailors can go for a run, play a game of soccer, or visit one Vietnam Veteran Memorial, the Korean War Veterans Memorial,station and more like a mall with a train running through it.” of the many museums, monuments and memorials. and the Lincoln Memorial located on the National Mall is Arlington Burns and Frantom are assigned to Defense Media Activity
  13. 13. By MC1(AW) LaTunya Howard, Navy Personnel Command Public Affairs Office When Everything Goes Wrong “ When I needed guidance most, my Navy leadership knew exactly where to direct me. I was fairly new to my command in Japan and six months after reporting, our world got turned around.”18