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Final Quetionairre


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Questionaiire on celebrity endorsement

Questionaiire on celebrity endorsement

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  • 1. QUESTIONNAIRE<br />Dear Sir/Madam,I am the student of BBS International-2nd Semester at Lovely Professional University, Punjab doing a project “To measure the effect of celebrity endorsement on purchase behavior of consumers”. This is only for research purpose and the information will be kept confidential. Please co-operate to fill this questionnaire and thank you for your valuable time.<br />1. Do you watch advertisements?<br /><ul><li>Yes no</li></ul>2. Do you think that celebrity is required in an advertisement?<br /><ul><li>Yes no</li></ul>3. Is your favorite celebrity is male or female?<br /> Male<br /> Female<br />4. Who is your favorite celebrity?<br /> ………………………………………….<br />5. Do you keep using a brand only because of the endorsing celebrity?<br /><ul><li>Yes </li></ul> No<br />6. What makes you notice a brand? <br /> a. Quality b. Adverts c. Endorsing celebrity d. Price e. Other<br />7. Would you didn’t buy a brand if your favorite celebrity is not endorsing it?<br /> a. Strongly agree<br /> b. Agree<br /> c. neutral<br /> d. Disagree<br /> e. Strongly Disagree<br />Mark the following as (1= Strongly agree,2= Agree, 3=neutral, 4= Disagree 5= strongly disagree)<br />8Celebrity endorsement increases your probability to go and purchase a product or service. 123459Celebrity endorsement decreases the risk related to the product or service.10Celebrity endorsement is essential for product or service success in the market place11Celebrity endorsement increases the trustworthiness of the product or service. 12Celebrity endorsement increases the brand recall for a product or a service.13Celebrity endorsement is essential for product or service promotion in this competitive market place.14Celebrity endorsement alters the buying behavior of a person in a positive way. 15Celebrity endorsement increases the credibility of the product or service. 16Individuals mostly relate themselves with the celebrity rather than the product or service.17Celebrity endorsement attracts individual’s attention towards the product or service advertised. <br />18.In your opinion does celebrity endorsement solely increases the brand recall?<br /><ul><li>Yes
  • 2. No</li></ul>19. Do you think that celebrity endorsement solely increases the sales for a product?<br /><ul><li>Yes
  • 3. No</li></ul>20. How likely would you purchase the products of the brand after seeing the celebrity in the advertisement? Please rate them (1= Very unlikely, 5= Very likely)<br /><ul><li> Mobile phone
  • 4. Amir Khan in Samsung ……
  • 5. Shahrukh khan in Nokia ……
  • 6. Katrina kaif in Spice ……
  • 7. Kajol in Tata Indicom ……</li></ul> Cold drinks<br /> Ranbir kapoor in Pepsi ……..<br /> Deepika padukone in Pepsi ………<br /> Katrina kaif in mazaa …….<br /> Shahrukh khan in Sprite ……<br /> Mallika sherawat in 7UP …….<br />PERSONAL DETAILS-<br />Name: _________________________<br />Sex: (a) Male (b) Female<br />Age:<br />Phone no: Email ID:…………………………… <br />