Loan Officer Marketing Lesson 2


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Marketing 101 for mortgage loan officers. This lesson helps the real estate professional utilize their website to generate new client leads. The topics include search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

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  • It is useful for loan officer and other people around the world who working in Bank or MFI, thank you for your sharing and hard working.
    Best Regards,
    Vichet, Cambodian
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Loan Officer Marketing Lesson 2

  1. 1. Marketing 101: Planning & Implementation How Cobalt loan officers can implement inexpensive and efficient marketing tactics to generate new customers.
  2. 2. Company Introduction Bop Design is a full-service marketing communications agency that understands the challenges of a small business. We provide the following services: • Advice on allocating your marketing dollars, focusing on highquality initiatives that maximize ROI and increase visibility • Strategic, consistent design that connects with your clients, communicates your unique value proposition, and builds brand loyalty • Professional, effective marketing communications that fit within your budget • Services include branding, logo design, web design, SEO, and SEM Planning & Implementation
  3. 3. Lead Generation- Loan Officer • Limited Budget – Usually between 2% and 10% of revenue – When starting out, should be closer to 10% – $10,000 for $100,000 annual revenue • How do you allocate limited funds? – Efficiency – Effectiveness • Tactics suggested – Website/Web Marketing – Professional Networking – Social Media Planning & Implementation
  4. 4. Loan Officer’s Website • Client’s First Impression – Credibility piece – Lead Generator – Foundation • User Interface Design – Not only “look and feel” – Most information in least amount of clicks • Resource Center – Give 25% away for free – Blog and News Section – Prospects and Clients keep coming back! Planning & Implementation
  5. 5. Web Search- “Home Loan” SEMPaid Results SEOOrganic Results Planning & Implementation
  6. 6. SEM- Search Engine Marketing • PPC: Pay-per-click ads • CPM: Cost per impression • Google AdWords • Design Ads Based on Keywords Planning & Implementation
  7. 7. SEO- Search Engine Optimization • 90% of web searchers click on organic results • Search engine spiders crawl your website looking for keywords and other information relevant to the search • Focus is on the content on your website • Content/keyword rich • External links • Metadata • Web Search algorithm determines placement Planning & Implementation
  8. 8. Search Engines- Most Popular Planning & Implementation
  9. 9. Analytics- Monitor Web Results •Install Google Analytics on your website •Helps track• Number of Web visitors • Geographic region • Pages viewed • Time on site • Domain name (company) • Keywords typed • Organic or Paid Search • Overall effectiveness Planning & Implementation
  10. 10. Web- Why More Effective and Efficient? •“Click and mortar” vs. “Brick and mortar” costs •Traditional advertising vs. Web Marketing •Track-able •Highly targeted •Lead Quality over Quantity •Much less money to get involved Planning & Implementation
  11. 11. Next Week- Growing Your Business • Social Media – Facebook – LinkedIn – Zillow • Direct Mail • Email Marketing • Any questions? Planning & Implementation
  12. 12. Thank You! Contact: Jeremy Durant 760.470.1275