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Business Principal of Bop Design Jeremy Durant discusses how businesses can utilize LinkedIn and content marketing to uncover new sales opportunities.

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  • Content Marketing is where social media advertising and marketing falls inSocial Media marketing is essentially unpaid content exposure and sales prospecting – things such as content curation (the posting of 3rd party content that complements your brand), InMail, Group discussions, etc.Social media advertising is what we will be talking about today. We are getting to a point where we need to pay for content. Just 2 weeks ago, Facebook has admitted organic reach of their posts on the social network have dropped off.We're getting to a pointwhere because more people are sharing more things, the best way to get your stuff seen if you're a business is to pay for it. LinkedIn is trending this way also.
  • Content Marketing starts with the Blog – this is where your original content should come fromIt’s all about repurposing this blog and content and maximizing the exposure of this content on as many channels as possibleThe following is an infographic illustrating this ideaThis strategy not only helps with on-page and off-page SEO, this content can be used for LinkedIn advertising that can help with lead generation
  • Here is an illustration of the idea of repurposing content – 3 blog entries combined to create one offerThis content offer can be a conversion tool on your website BUT you might as well maximize this content on as many web channels as possibleThis is where LinkedIn sponsored updates come into play
  • LinkedIn advertising – you always want to pay for content exposure not pure advertising of your companyYou can post blog entries and not pay for it that’s only going to be exposed to people in your networkIf you have a compelling content offer, you need to pay for it.A compelling stat for B2B marketers is that LinkedIn has the highest visitor-to-lead ratio of 2.74% - 3 times higher than Facebook or Twitter.This goes without saying but if you truly want a sponsored update to be a lead generaiton tool, the landing page must include a form to access the offer
  • The beauty of LinkedIn is their targeting tool (targeting by Title, Region, Industry, even Gender and Age)With content offers, having a small audience of LinkedIn members is not necessarily a bad thingTypically the smaller the audience, the higher the click through rate of .6 to .7 with a smaller audience (average is .2 to .3 CTR)The more “niche” your offer is, the the more effective so think of industry offers, more technical offers targeting a specific functional area, etc.
  • The web has provided us with a wealth of analytics so that we can never say as marketers “I know 50% of my marketing is working, I just wish which 50%”LinkedIn even provides more data, specifically job function areaKeep in mind the type of people who will be on LinkedIn. In smaller companies, almost everyone has a business development role. Meanwhile in larger firms, LinkedIn is used more for professional development and job searching. If we target business owners at companies under 50 employees, we sometimes see click through rates over 1% while when we target marketing directors at firms with 200+ employees, the click through rate is around .3.
  • Now the ultimate metric for success of a lead generation campaign is website conversion and lead qualityA major indicator of conversion though is going to be web activity. As you can see LinkedIn visitors provide the Bop Design with the highest quality visitors
  • #1 #2– Editorial calendar so you can package blog entries together to create compelling content offers#3- Creating good content is the hardest part, you might as well expose this content to as many people who fit your ideal client profile as possible#4- Track results on Google Analytics by looking at conversion rate, pages per visit and also see what offers provide the highest click through rate on LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Lead Generation

    1. 1. LinkedIn Lead Generation How B2B Companies can utilize LinkedIn to uncover new sales opportunities. December 18, 2013 @BopDesignSD
    2. 2. Bop Design: Agency Background • • • • • 5 years Old 9 employees Primarily B2B Services Firms Small to Medium Size Companies Focus on Business Development
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    6. 6. Content Marketing: LinkedIn Sponsored Updates • • • • Pay for Content Exposure No Pure Advertising Need to Pay for It! Highest Visitor-to-Lead Ratio (2.74%) @BopDesignSD
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    10. 10. Summary Rule #1: Content Marketing Requires a Plan Rule #2: Package Good Content to Make Great Content Rule #3: Advertise Content on LinkedIn Rule #4: Track Results on Google Analytics @BopDesignSD
    11. 11. Top Content Marketers… are B2B! Source: Kapost, @BopDesignSD
    12. 12. Thank You! For more information, download our guide on Social Media Advertising. Contact: Jeremy Durant 619.330.0730 x 801 @BopDesignSD