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Thao Luan

  1. 1. Method of studying English efficiently for students Group 1 Members: Đoàn Mạnh Hùng Trương Đức Sơn Dương Mẫn Đức Tân Phạm Đức Anh
  2. 2. Listening: <ul><li>Listen to radio frequently. Listen many times if you could; the first time, try to listen to general content; at the second time and after that, you heard the intonation, pronoun and guess the new words. Listening as much as possible will helps you learn the way to connect words and get the sentence intonation. Nowadays, cable television and digital technology are really common, so there are many English languages channels that you can practice listening; HBO is the best example for this idea. As a result, it is not difficult to practice listening to English. </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>In your free time, you should listen to English music, not only listening to relax but also trying pay attention to the words, the way that the singer pronounces, and the meaning of the song. You should record your pronounce as well; this is an exciting approach. </li></ul>
  4. 4. 2.Speaking: There is an intimately connection between listening and speaking. A person who listens to English questions but do not understand, cannot answer those questions. Thus, new words are so necessary, and in my opinion, grammar is not too important. Certainly, speaking in good grammar, which helps listeners understand speaker's ideas better, also expresses speaker's English level. However, speaking has its own grammar. As Vietnamese languages, speaking grammar is various and flexible. We can say only one word, but listeners understand ours ideas well, not all the sentence. Therefore, in overall, speaking consists of two requirements: new words and speaking reaction.
  5. 5. New words include good pronouncing and the usage of words in right situation. Speaking reaction contains answering speed and suitable way to answer. Quick answer is not actually right answer! Nevertheless, undoubtedly, do not say anything, you will never have right answers. Consequently, we should not be shy when we have some opportunities to communicate in English. Nonetheless, we should also observe mistakes to edit them; avoid speaking wrongly many times, they will be familiar and we hardly correct them. Thus, from right now, try to talk with your friends, your teachers and foreigners in English as much as possible.
  6. 6. 3. Reading: Read much English books, newspapers, magazines, etc; perceive writer's usage of words, paronomasia, and literature style. Read the materials about all fields; find out the recognizable terminology in our workaday life. Reading is very useful for writing, so you should spend a half hour per day to read something in English.
  7. 7. 4. Writing: Write diary in English is an interesting and efficient method. To be good in writing, there is only one approach that is writing and editing so much. You should at least three times; the first time, write a draft; the second time, complete the writing; and finally, correct the mistakes. Grammar is really important in writing. To have a lissome literature style, we must be master of grammar and use them expertly. New words are necessary, too, but do not make spelling mistakes. In addition, to have high quality writing, writers have to cover good view and organization. Good view is in order to describe lively, and good organization helps express condensed every thing you want to write.
  8. 8. In writing, we have a rule which is called 1-2-3. Rule 1-2-3 is a great rule. If you have not found out three ideas to develop the essay you should not write immediately. And because of 3 > 1, so you should write the most exciting idea finally.
  9. 9. 5. Vocabulary and grammar: Being fluent in all four skills, you cannot skip vocabulary and grammar. You want to study grammar well, you have to learn the rules, do much exercises, and use them frequently in writing and speaking, as well as with new words. The following method is quite old but very useful. You should usually carry a small notebook. When you meet some things that are interesting and/or difficult to say in English, you should note down, and then find out more about them.