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Mobile Website and Digital Marketing for Becker Professional Education
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Mobile Website and Digital Marketing for Becker Professional Education


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An overview of Becker’s digital marketing efforts including mobile sites, paid and organic search, banner campaigns, social media, and most recently behavioral and retargeting. …

An overview of Becker’s digital marketing efforts including mobile sites, paid and organic search, banner campaigns, social media, and most recently behavioral and retargeting.

For more than 50 years, Becker Professional Education has been a global leader in exam review and continuing education for accounting, finance and project management professionals. With the shift towards mobile, learn how Becker worked with Duo Consulting to develop a mobile strategy including website integration, content strategy and key performance. Join Yasmeen Schuller and Jaime Smith to learn how they were able to integrate a mobile strategy into the existing platform, along with a review of other digital marketing efforts.

Published in: Technology, Design

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  • 1. Becker Professional Education
    Mobile Website, Digital Marketing
  • 2. Surfing Mobile
    Who is Becker?
    Why we made mobile a priority
    Mobile Project
    After launch - results
    Mobile considerations & next steps
    Digital Marketing – Social, Paid, Behavioral Marketing
  • 3. Becker Professional Education
    Becker is a global leader in exam preparation and continuing professional education, guiding nearly half a million individuals in the fields of Accounting, Finance, and Project Management.
    Becker’s CPA Exam Review.
  • 4. Why mobile became a priority
    The number visitors accessing the CPA website via mobile devices nearly quadrupled from 2009 to 2010.
    CPA candidates began enrolling using their mobile devices.
    Becker began selling mobile apps for the Flashcards product.
  • 5. Website needed to be accessible on mobile devices to:
    Improve user experience for those using mobile devices
    Improve page views average per user
    Decrease bounce rates (those on mobile devices leaving after 1 click)
    Increase web-based sales using mobile devices
    Website support of mobile devices reflective of company’s commitment to mobile
  • 6. Mobile Design
    • Simple navigation-focused design.
    • 7. Larger buttons to ensure accuracy navigating.
    • 8. Courses & Products, Schedules are the highest priority based on mobile analytics.
    • 9. Design & best practices = Simplify
    • 10. Simplify creative design
    • 11. Simplify content
  • Mobile Website Development
    Existing CMS in place with thousands of pieces of content = huge value
    Don’t waste it!
    Utilize existing CMS to manage content in a familiar environment
    Quickly create mobile content pages based on existing pages
    Create mobile specific content fields that override base content if populated
  • 12. Launch
    • Simple
    • 13. Files live in a separate directory structure for flexibility, but are published from the same CMS files for easy management
    • 14. Global redirects from main site to mobile site for mobile devices based on incoming user agent
  • Challenges with Google Analytics
    Google Analytics now recommends using server side page tracking code for mobile sites versus the standard Javascriptsnippet.
    eCommerce tracking:
    Server side page tracking code + JavaScript snippet
  • 15. Metadata and Search Considerations
    Website indexed
    Full Site
    Search results
  • 16. Results: Comparing April, 2010 to April, 2011
    April, 2010
    April, 2011
    Up 50%
    Up 10%
    Down 7%
    Mobile revenue increased by 376%
  • 17. Mobile Considerations and Next Steps
    jQuery vs. Flash
    Current website incorporates Flash elements on homepage and informational guides throughout the website.
    Flash doesn’t work on iPhone, iPad
    New redesign replaces most of the Flash with jQuery interactive elements throughout the site.
    Mobileadvertisingand paid search test to begin this summer.
    Integrate test of QR codes with tracking to determine usage/user acceptance.
    Each new page that rolls out needs a mobile version.
  • 18. Digital Marketing
    Initiatives and Results
  • 19. Social Media
    Facebook Events
  • 20. Questions?