It Takes 2 to Make a Thing Go Right: A Content Strategist and Designer Talk Mobile

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When it comes to building mobile products it takes a tight collaboration between content and design. Mobile users are task driven, want localized information, and have multiple elements around them …

When it comes to building mobile products it takes a tight collaboration between content and design. Mobile users are task driven, want localized information, and have multiple elements around them competing for their attention. Design can't meet the users needs by merely creating a lovely interface, and content strategy can't tailor content independent of the device constraints.

Together, Content Strategists and Designers can optimize the user experience for mobile to ensure the products are useful and usable. Through case studies, we will share our method for co-owning the product creation and putting siloed design to bed.

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  • 1. June 7, 2011It Takes 2 To Make a Thing Go RightJessica L’EsperanceExperience Director@jesslessErin ScimeAssociate Content Strategy Director@erinscimehugeinc.cominfo@hugeinc.com45 Main St. #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201+1 718 625 4843
  • 2. Digital design can get pretty crazy.•  Many parties involved.•  Varying skillsets.•  Limited time and money.•  Technology constraints. 2.
  • 3. Digital design can get pretty crazy.•  Many parties involved.•  Varying skillsets.•  Limited time and money.•  Technology constraints.And mobile only makes it harder. 3.
  • 4. Tight constraints call for tightcollaboration.1. The two of us2. Case study 4.
  • 5. Part 1:The two of us.
  • 6. You and I. Jessica L’Esperance Erin Scime: •  Obsessed with vegetables •  Karaoke with soul •  Visited 36 countries •  Eats anything [natural] •  Teach mobile design at •  Former life in art museums Miami Ad school •  Trained as a Librarian •  Trained as a Librarian
  • 7. About HUGE.We help companies builddigitally-driven businesses.Our stats.$12.3 billion per year150 million people per month
  • 8. HUGE Work.•  We are in DUMBO, Brooklyn.•  Our Notable Mobile work: HBO, Adult Swim, Reuters, NYCGO, Target, Nutrisystem, Newsweek•  We work within User Experience Group (50ppl/350ppl).
  • 9. Part 2:Case Study.
  • 10. Our hospitality client.•  Five star hotel chain known for its impeccable service.•  Consistently reviewed and honored in Travel & Leisure.•  Over 90 hotels & resorts worldwide.•  Mix of leisure and business travelers.•  Corporate office partners with local owners to manage the hotels and for use of brand.•  Website managed by corporate office. 12.
  • 11. The assignment.Large-scale redesign of web property & mobile experience.Our strategy:1.  Increase SEO2.  Update visual style3.  Optimize booking flow4.  Build a new architecture5.  Personalize the experience 13.
  • 12. Good mobile design considersboth sides. User Business Goals Goals •  Targets •  Why go mobile •  Use cases •  Core value proposition •  Understands the context •  Investment 14.
  • 13. As designers, we care about twoparts of the same product. Experience Design: Content Strategy: •  User goals & tasks •  Content experience •  Features & functionality •  Business case & ROI •  Navigation & flow •  Content production & distribution 15.
  • 14. Imperatives for website.1.  Create a sense of place2.  Show me, Sell me Informed the site’s3.  Every place has its own story to tell feature planning, content planning,4.  Get me right, wow me if you can and design5.  Meet guests where they are 16.
  • 15. Content Strategy shifted for mobile. Web Content Strategy Mobile Content Strategy • Major clean up of entire holdings • Subset of holdings • Long-term analysis & planning • Freedom in creativity with subset • Content is managed • Content is pushed • Tell multiple stories with content • Tell a single, focused story • Significant editorial restructuring • Refined editorial structuring 17.
  • 16. For design, we focused on mobile-specific needs.•  Understand the primary use cases & support them.•  Reduce load time by cutting videos & photos from core exp.•  Make it easy to read on a small screen.•  Expose navigation, as opposed to teaser content.•  Make form inputs as painless as possible.•  Elevate local and immediate needs. 18.
  • 17. For this client, booking was core. Web consumption model: Mobile focus: •  Find and book a property •  Get directions 19.
  • 18. Mobile scope: what made the cut.1.  Homepage2.  Property page3.  Booking flow pages4.  Photo galleries5.  Menus6.  A LOT of phone numbers 20.
  • 19. How we divided and conquered.Experience Design: Content Strategy:•  Optimize booking flow •  Prioritize content that will•  Establish a flexible navigation encourage booking for properties to accommodate •  Language must be more needs instructional instead of•  Make photos findable, but not marketing dominant•  Link to full site for heavy lifting 21.
  • 20. We narrowed down offerings.
  • 21. Reprioritized experience.
  • 22. Supported core tasks. Mobile-only features got phased out. 1.  Book tonight 2.  Find nearest hotel.
  • 23. Worked closely with developers.1.  Relationship needs to be tight.2.  We didn’t design every page, but instead a few key pages.3.  Content model allowed us to skip documentation and instead rely on communication. 25.
  • 24. Conclusion:4 Insights.
  • 25. Insight 1:Mobile is not an add-on.
  • 26. Businesses are thinking impulsively. “We have $50k to burn. This iPad thing seems cool - Let’s try something with that!” “…and we’ll launch it in 3 weeks!” 28.
  • 27. Content is your product. There shouldbe a payoff for investing in it.•  Clear value proposition•  Differentiation from competition•  Resources to create and manage it•  Long-term plan= Return on investment 29.
  • 28. Mobile content is just one part of thelarger ecosystem. Print / Broadcast Core Site Micro-site / Campaign site ContentNewsletters Brand  X   inventory Web iPhone app Marketing Mobile Touch Site Email blasts Mobile Blackberry app Social Digital Media platforms Android app E-readers Twitter Roku WAP iTunes Game counsels Facebook YouTube In-store digital Apple / Google TV 30.
  • 29. Think about how mobile canaugment entire business model. Various content properties revenue Mobile app or site revenue 31.
  • 30. Insight 2:Your core offering should drive your mobile initiatives.
  • 31. Primary purpose with minimal fluff. Check flight status & Access sale slinger in Book a hotel on the check in store road 33.
  • 32. A broader payoff. Check flight status & Access sale slinger in Book a hotel on the check in store road Less airport staff & Increased chance of in- Increased chance of shorter check-in lines store purchase impulse / convenience purchase 34.
  • 33. Insight 3:Mobile is less about visual design and more about context & use case.
  • 34. People use mobile everywhere.•  84% at home•  80% during misc. downtime throughout the day•  76% waiting in lines of waiting for appointments•  69% while shopping•  64% at work•  62% while watching TV (alt. study claims 84%)•  47% during commute in to work Cpmpete Smart phone report.
  • 35. Cut to the chase.1.  Make it easy for people running on a network2.  Use very few images3.  Prioritize content4.  Use numbered menus for navigation5.  Vertical scroll is your best friend 38.
  • 36. It needs to be a product people love. 39.
  • 37. Insight 4: Mobile moves fast.Collaboration is essential.
  • 38. Our process; tweaked for mobile.Media & Entertainment Marke,ng  Pla8orms   E-­‐Commerce   Educa,on  &  Non-­‐Profit  A&E Television Networks Cisco Barnes & Noble Alvin Ailey Dance FoundationAdvance Publications Electrolux British Airways American UniversityFox Broadcasting Company Ericsson Dish Network Amnesty InternationalMacmillan J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. IKEA The City of New YorkMTV Networks Johnson & Johnson JetBlue Airways Columbia Journalism SchoolNBC Universal L’Oreal Group Mattel Girl Scouts of AmericaThe New York Times Co. MasterCard Nestle Water Nat’l 9/11 Memorial & MuseumScholastic Nintendo Nutrisystem National Association of RealtorsThomson Reuters Nokia Sigma-Aldrich New York PhilharmonicTime Warner PepsiCo Target The One FoundationWalt Disney Company Samsung Under Armour The Red CrossWarner Music Group TransAmerica The Vitamin Shoppe West Point Military Academy
  • 39. The mobile team.•  Extend upfront website team to mobile track•  Lean and mean•  Resource hybrid talents to maximize efficiency•  Staff team for the length of the mobile projectFor this project:•  Experience Lead•  Product Designer•  Content Strategist•  Developer•  Project Manager 42.
  • 40. Be flexible in your working relationshipTogether!•  Shared deliverables, instead of waterfall•  Sat next to each other•  Daily check-ins with broader team•  Streamlined client relationship•  Flexibility when direction changed or new ideas emerged•  Saw entire project through 43.
  • 41. hugeinc.cominfo@hugeinc.com45 Main St. #220 Brooklyn, NY 11201+1 718 625 4843