Capturing Community: How to Build, Manage and Market Your Online Community

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Capturing Community: How to Build, Manage and Market Your Online Community …

Capturing Community: How to Build, Manage and Market Your Online Community

Based on a new book by Duo Consulting CEO Michael Silverman

Since the dawn of the web, tribal clusters have formed organically online. They evolved into today’s online communities—interest-based groups that empower marketers with a central place to reach their audiences.

Online communities break through the media clutter and engage your target market on a personal level. Marketers, managers, and entrepreneurs can use them to drive user-generated content and create long-term value online. When aligned with your organization, online communities create a venue for audience interaction that becomes a tangible business asset.

In Capturing Community, Duo Consulting CEO Michael Silverman gives you the tools and techniques required to create powerful online communities. Drawing from his years of experience and the wisdom of leading social media marketers, this presentation covers:

- How your organization can benefit from creating or participating in online communities.
- Best practices—sourced from today’s most successful community managers—for developing a sticky, engaging online community.
- Stories about different communities—some of which include thousands of loyal members—and how they achieved success.
- What it takes to effectively manage the community, from technology to promotional channels.

Hear from more than a dozen community management and marketing professionals, including David Meerman Scott (WebInkNow), Meghan Peters (Mashable) and Mike Samson (Crowdspring).

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  • 1. Capturing CommunityHow to build, manage and market Marketing/ Sales C A PTUR I NG CO M Myour community online NIT Y How to U Build, M C A P TU anage a By Mich nd Mark ael Silve et Your Founder rman Online C ommun RIN G C &CEO Duo Consulti ng ity O MM Online c ommun your targ ities bre ak throu U NIT Y et mark gh the m entrepre et on a edia clu neurs c persona tter and an use l level. M engage create lo them to arketers ng-term drive us , manag online c value on er-gene ers, and ommun line. Wh rated co become ities cre en align ntent an s a tang ate a ve ed with d ible bus nue for your org iness as audienc anizatio set. e intera n, ction th at In Captu ri gives yo ng Community, u D online c the tools and te uo Consulting ommun CEO Mic wisdom ities. Dra chniques requ hael Sil of leadin wing fro ire ve g social m his ye d to create pow rman BY MIC ars of e e media m arketers xperienc rful , Micha ea in onlin el show nd the e comm s you: unities. E L SIL HA online c ommun ity. success . V E RM A N the com m promoti unity, from tec onal cha hnology nnels. toby Michael SilvermanCEO Duo
  • 2.
  • 3. Blog
  • 4. Social NetworkFacebook continues to fallflat in encouraging business-to-business communicationand professional growth.
  • 5. CommunityCommunities connect around acommon interestParticipants offer opinions,insights, and passionsBridging social capital is“making friends with astranger.”
  • 6. Social vs. CommunityMore community vs. individual-focusLess “noise” in the communityAnd more opportunities to meet others in your field
  • 7. AssociationsPeople united around a common purposeA place to continue the conversation, promote in-person events, build helpful content for members.Opportunities for entrepreneurs
  • 8. Community TypesLocationActivity-basedDemographicGoal-orientedBrand-sponsored
  • 9. Demographics
  • 10. Goal Oriented
  • 11. Amex Open Forum
  • 12. PurposeAccurately reflect your identityBe inspirational - engage youraudienceProvide a venue for influencersBuild relationships
  • 13. Built In Chicago is a resource for ‘digital professionalsworking to build great web and mobile businesses.Our mission is to connect, educate and promote thegrowing digital community in Chicago.
  • 14. BrandDefine a purpose for your communityReflect that purpose throughyour brandUnderstand your audienceGo narrow - Stay focusedStand for something
  • 15. Authenticity Nobody wants to interact with a personality-less corporate drone - they join for real, personal interaction Demonstrate the value for members who take part in the conversation Introduce topics and incentives that engage the community
  • 16. Community Platform
  • 17. Tech Support User-Communites that provide tech support can be of tremendous benefit to companies
  • 18. Symantec Connect
  • 19. Start Me Up Seed your community with members and content Seeding revolves around people, like everything else that makes a community successful
  • 20. Viewpoints
  • 21. Get People Talking Conversations are central to an online community Goal is to facilitate member communication Easy to share
  • 22. Incentivize Interaction First you understand your member’s motivations Then provide incentives and create barriers to entry
  • 23. Publications Trade rags have traditionally focused on creating editorial content is the number one job For community managers, it should never take precedence over the conversation
  • 24. SEOCome for the content, stay for thecommunityCreate high-value, compellingcontentPut interests of the communityabove that of editorialEnd with questions to open thediscussion
  • 25. AudienceThe people that powerthe website.SpectatorsCriticsCreators
  • 26. Social GraphCentral location forpersonal informationSimplify use - provide a“test run”Company profiles =Fan PagesFind your socialconnections (social graph).Login with Facebook,Twitter or LinkedIn
  • 27. Incentive Systems
  • 28. Getting Started Your job is to act as a catalyst Encourage engagement, recruit members and organize groups Shape your community - but let it define itself Stand back and listen - Get people talking
  • 29. Catalysts Catalysts are ‘action elements that encourage interaction from members. Catalysts benefit the community as a whole.
  • 30. Best PracticesCreate an enticing environment makesmembers want to come back for more.Focus on what members want. Yourhomepage should include the freshest,most up-to-date content.Photos and video are strong elements of engagementfor your community.Encourage visitors to sign up for an account in stages
  • 31. Monitization Advertising, Sponsorships & Partnerships Premium Content & Merchandise Brokering & Commissions Personal Opportunities
  • 32. Take-AwaysSomeone’s gonna do it - might as wellbe youFacilitate the conversation to make ithappenKnow your audience & buildrelationshipsLet the community define itself
  • 33. msilverman@duoconsulting.comMSilvermanDuo - 312-529-3000 20 W Kinzie, Suite 1510Chicago, 60654 - 312-529-3000