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Top 20 Search Engine Marketing Tools
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Top 20 Search Engine Marketing Tools


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A list of the Top 20 Most Useful Search Engine Marketing Tools. Learn how to attract, convert and retain more customers using search engines and other online marketing tools.

A list of the Top 20 Most Useful Search Engine Marketing Tools. Learn how to attract, convert and retain more customers using search engines and other online marketing tools.

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  • Thanks for the list, John!
    I'd suggest including SEO PowerSuite in the list ( ). It's a very powerful all-in-one package. I've been using it for some time and I'm impressed with the quality of tools it has to offer
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  • 1. Top 20 Search Engine Marketing Tools TwentySix2 Marketing is a search engine marketing agency located in Atlanta, Georgia. We have been a leader in search engine optimization and paid search marketing since 1997.
  • 2.
    • View our list of Top 20 SEM Tools:
    • Website Analysis Tools
    • Web Marketing Tools
    • Competitive Intelligence Tools
    • Information Resources
    Table of Contents
  • 3. Website Analysis Tools
  • 4. 1 Everyone that is serious about the Web should be using the Firefox Browser. It has many useful add on tools that can be used for analyzing your website, as well as the competition. Firefox Browser
  • 5. 2 Use this Firefox Add On to analyze many SEO parameters quickly and easily. Check out everything from a site’s link popularity to the age of a domain to the number of pages indexed in Google. SEOQuake
  • 6. 3 The best way to describe this site is to tell you just what the site says “Track your rivals. Then eat their lunch.” This tool costs money, but it is very helpful if you want to keep track of a lot of larger online competitors at the same time.
  • 7. 4 Google’s toolbar has many great features, including bookmarks and more. Be sure to turn on the Google PageRank tool so you can see how Google views a site. Google Toolbar
  • 8. 5 Test your site’s top rankings in Google. Find out what keywords your site ranks well for. SEO Digger
  • 9. Web Marketing Tools
  • 10. 6 Even if you use a more advanced web analytics tool, you should still give Google Analytics a try. Be sure to setup Goals and track things like number of web forms completed, PDFs downloaded, and more. Google Analytics
  • 11. 7 Learn how to leverage all the tools in Google Analytics using these YouTube videos and maximize your return on investment in online marketing. Google Analytics YouTube Videos
  • 12. 8 Learn what Google thinks about your site and identify any major problems. Avoid site issues like duplicate content and broken links. Google Webmaster Tools
  • 13. 9 Manage your Google AdWords campaign quickly and easily with this editor. Make changes and then upload them to your account. Google AdWords Editor
  • 14. 10 Get news out about your business and tell the world what’s happening. Use the search engine friendly press release to create keyword rich text links back to your site. PRWeb
  • 15. 11 If you haven’t started using these social networking sites to connect with people you know, you are behind the curve! Social Networking Sites
  • 16. 12 Once you create a relationship with a customer, you need to continue your communication using an email tool like constant contact. Constant Contact Email
  • 17. 13 If your business is B2B, then you need a advanced CRM tool to keep track of in-bound web leads. With today’s tools you can easily track sales from online web lead to closed sale offline. CRM Tools
  • 18. Competitive Intelligence Tools
  • 19. 14 Keep track of your competition by setting up alerts to be notified when company names and other keyword phrases show up in the Google index. Google Alerts
  • 20. 15 Check out your competition in Google AdWords. Find out how much they are spending and what their ads say. SpyFu
  • 21. 16 Thought you knew how to search things in Google? Try out some of these top search operators. Be sure to try allintitle: to find out how many web pages are optimized to rank well for your most valuable keyword phrases. Advanced Google Search Operators
  • 22. Information Resources
  • 23. 17
    • Learn more about search engine marketing. Check out these SEM
    • blogs:
    • Try this tool to manage your blogs:
    Top SEO Blogs
  • 24. 18
    • Check out these great SEO/SEM tool sites:
    Top SEO Tool Sets
  • 25. 19 Google offers dozens of great free tools. Check them out here. If you don’t use Gmail yet, setup an email account. Free Google Tools
  • 26. 20 Free tools are nice, but if you need a professional, experienced, full service search engine marketing agency to promote your business online, visit our site at or call us at 404-541-9780. Search Marketing Agency