Creative Strategy: Implementation and Evaluation


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Advertising and Promotion: Belch;
Chapter 9 Creative Strategy: Implementation and Evaluation;
Advertising Appeal and Execution, Creative Tactics, Client Evaluation and Approval of Creative Work

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Creative Strategy: Implementation and Evaluation

  1. 1. Group No 8 Mehmet Sentürk, Mike Weber, Nico Frey, Onur Deniz
  2. 2. 1. Appeals and Execution Styles ◦ Advertising Appeals ◦ Advertising Execution 2. Creative Tactics ◦ Creative Tactics for Print Advertising ◦ Creative Tactics for Television 3. Client Evaluation and Approval ◦ Guidelines for Evaluating Creative Output
  3. 3. Advertising Appeals
  4. 4. The approach used to attract the attention of consumers Advertising Appeals To influence consumer feelings toward a product, service or cause The way an appeal is turned into an advertising message Execution Style The way the message is presented to the consumer
  5. 5.  Two categories: ◦ Informational/Rational Appeals ◦ Emotional Appeals
  6. 6. Feature Appeal Focus on the dominant product traits Competitive Advantage Appeal Makes comparisons to other brands Favorable Price Appeal Makes price offer the dominant point News Appeal News announcement about the product Product/Service Popularity Stresses the brand’s popularity
  7. 7. Reminder Advertising
  8. 8. Teaser Advertising
  9. 9. Advertising Execution
  10. 10. - - Presentation of information Focus: Product or service and its specific attributes and/or benefits Often used in print ads but also in TV advertising (ex.: high-involvement consumer products)
  11. 11. - - Technical information, results of scientific or laboratory studies or endorsements. Results from scientific bodies or agencies.
  12. 12. - - - Key advantages of the product or service by showing the actual use or situation. Goal: Convince the consumers of a product s utility or quality. Very practical for TV advertising (but also used in print ads)
  13. 13. The own product will directly compared with a competitor s product  Competitor s advantage -
  14. 14. - - Testimonial by ordinary satisfied customers with whom target audience can identify. Endorsement Ex.: Apples switch campaign
  15. 15. - Package-goods products Problem/solution approach Slice-of-death advertising
  16. 16. - - Use of animated scenes (cartoons, puppets etc.) Especially for commercials targeted at children. Roger-Rabbit-style
  17. 17. - - Developing a central character or symbol to deliver the advertising message. VIP Problems
  18. 18. - - Popular for emotional types of appeals (image advertising) Well suited for Cosmetics
  19. 19. - - Telling a short story of the product/service Difference to slice-of-life: More excitement and suspense. Well suited for TV.
  20. 20. - Animation and Fantasy Slice-of-Life and Demonstration Comparison and Humor
  21. 21. Creative Tactics for Print and Television Advertising
  22. 22. Guidelines for Evaluating Creative Output
  23. 23.        Is the creative approach consistent with the brand’s marketing and advertising objectives? Is the creative approach consistent with the creative strategy and objectives? Is the creative approach appropiate for the target audience? Does the creative approach communicate a clear and convincing message to the consumer? Does the creative execution keep from overwhelming the message? Is the creative approach appropiate for the media environment in which it is likely to be seen? Is the ad truthful and tasteful?
  24. 24. Creative approach has to:   be compatible with way of positioning contribute to the marketing and advertising objectives F.e. Samsung’s positioning by competitor is supported by their advertising
  25. 25.  The advertisement has to communicate what it is supposed to communicate
  26. 26. The ad appeal has to:  be understood  communicate effectively Difficult to develop ads for teenage market  Styles, fashions and values change rapidly Advertisers use approach that is popular among teens  Ad of Sparrow guitar, an example of effective communication with youth 
  27. 27.  Creativity important in advertising Creative advertisement has also to communicate reasons to buy the product Benefits, features,…  Scottex: creative and informative ad 
  28. 28.   The creative execution may not overshadow the advertiser’s message essential to register the brand name & selling points effectively
  29. 29.  The ad has to fit into the media environment in which it will be shown Example: Heineken develops new ads for the Champions Leage
  30. 30.  Is the ad truthful?  Can it offend consumers?