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Tri State Area Foods and Giant/Martin's food Market
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Tri State Area Foods and Giant/Martin's food Market


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  • 1. Giant/Martins and Tri-State Area Foods Matthew Dunnington
  • 2.  Tri-State Area Foods is a highly committed grocery store that provides high quality products to our customers. Our main goal as an organization is to make sure that customer service is at its best each and every day. We will always create a safe and healthy working environment and will be known as one of the best grocery stores in Maryland.Mission Statement
  • 3.  Tri-State Area Foods and Giant Food Stores is known as one of the best retail grocery stores to ever exist here in Western Maryland. Tri-State Area Foods will do extensive research on Giant/Martin’s to help us succeed.Introduction
  • 4.  The popular name brands Giant Foods/Martins sell to their consumers are such as Nabisco, Craft, UTZ, Pepsi, Coca- Cola, Turkey Hill ice cream, Tasty Cake, Frito-Lay, McCormick and many more. Tri-State Area Foods will also distribute the same popular brands to the customers and would like to sell Giant brand products.Cont. Introduction
  • 5.  Began and would made them as one of the best grocery organizations in the world today. 1923 when David Javitch had ran the double butcher meat shop that was called Carlisle Meat Market(Giant Food Stores, 2012). 1936 rolled around Javitch’s entrepreneurial experience had came into play when he had taken a chance on a brand new business. Also, he had purchased a store in Lewistown, Pennsylvania (Giant Food Stores, 2012) .History of Giant/Martins Foods
  • 6.  the 1950’s Javitch wanted to enlarge the Carlisle store from an original meat market into a large grocery business (Giant Food Stores, 2012). 1968 which brought along newly built stores in the suburban areas (Giant Food Stores, 2012). By 1970, Giant had built stores in Hagerstown, Maryland (Giant Food Stores, 2012). Nick Riso. He had joined the company in 1972 as CEO and President (Giant Food Stores, 2012). When the 50th store opened with the company it had led to a new President for Giant/Martin’s Allan Noddle was a very dedicated person and for Giant Foods as well (Giant Food Stores, 2012).Cont. Giant/Martins History
  • 7.  1997 Tony Schiano was the new president of Giant/Martin’s. 2007-2008 Schlicker was the former Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing and then was promoted to President and CEO of Giant/Martin’s organization . President and CEO after Schlickers promotion to Stop & Shop which then the company had named Sander vander Laan as the new President and CEO of Giant/Martin’s. In 2009 and 2010 Giant/Martin’s had bought 25 Ukrop’s super Markets in Richmond, VA As of today President and CEO of Giant/Martin’s is Rick Herring.Cont. Giant/Martins History
  • 8.  Tri-State Area Foods is newly founded in Western Maryland on January 2, 2013. There future plans is to extend more stores in Hagerstown and Baltimore, MD which allows the organization to build relationships in larger cities.History of Tri-State Area Foods
  • 9.  Serves our customers with top quality products. Every employee will be treated equally not based on sex, religion or race. We will donate to the Ronald McDonald House fund to allow other kids to have things that they can’t have in life. Sponsoring sporting events to get our name out to the community and be known to have a perfect history.Cont. history of Tri-State AreaFoods
  • 10.  We would sell their products at an agreed- upon price, and they would retain some profits received. Hopefully continue to work with Giant, regardless of comparative sizes. The way we can only be able to Giant Foods is to order from to join the same wholesaler which is through C&S.How to help Giant/Martin’s
  • 11.  Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities ThreatsSWOT Analysis
  • 12.  Value Quality Freshness Pricing Advertising Customer Service Safe and Healthy Working EnvironmentStrengths
  • 13.  New to the area. Location in a small city of Cumberland, MD. No buying power. Newly built grocery retailer. New to customers.Weaknesses
  • 14.  Hopefully to expand in the near future. Be the best grocery retail store in the area. Build customer relationships. Promote employees. Proper On-job-training.Opportunities
  • 15.  Other competitors in the grocery retail Industry such as Food lion, Wal- Mart, Giant Eagle. Sales at different prices. Different name brands. Offerings from other competitors that could maybe beat ours.Threats
  • 16. Competitors
  • 17. Popular Name Brands
  • 18. Giant Brand Product Logo
  • 19.  After doing research on Giant/Martin’s and being employed there for six years, I strongly feel that they will help Tri-State Area Foods to provide us top quality products. It will ensure that consumers will be guaranteed freshness each day they come to shop with us. Finally I believe that not only Giant/Martin’s Food Stores will help us, but they will always go down in history as one of the best grocery retailers on the east coast.Conclusion
  • 20.  Tri-State Area Foods and Giant/Martins Food Stores will not only just be the original grocery stores in Western Maryland but the will be the elite grocery retail stores on the east coast. As of today Giant/Martins is one of the largest retail grocery chains on the east coast spreading from Pennsylvania to Virginia. Giant/Martins will always be successful and guarantee customers low prices and best quality. Tri-State Area Foods will also do the same as to provide customers best quality and customer service everyday.Executive Summary
  • 21.  N.p. Web. 6 Jan 2013. < foods stores&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&tbo=d&biw=1366&bih=667&tbm=isch&tbnid =yf1ktOMIqiDlYM:&imgrefurl= food-stores-shop-from-home-what-a-time- saver&docid=zBbdV8oJocJ7iM&imgurl=http://cdn2- . N.p. Web. 6 Jan 2013. < ex.cfm>. . N.p. Web. 6 Jan 2013. < food market&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&tbo=d&biw=1366&bih=667&tbm=isch&tbni d=qsjl0vhybuPYiM:&imgrefurl= business/&docid=VkZ_Uoy_JqmCAM&imgurl=http://www.matoaka- 150x150.png&w=150&h=150&ei=9OjpUPWZDYab2QXCpoGgAw&zoom=1 &iact=rc&dur=6&sig=115871670206256017246&page=1&tbnh=120&tbn w=120&start=0&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:12,s:0,i:126&tx=11&ty=86>. . N.p. Web. 6 Jan 2013. . N.p. Web. 6 Jan 2013. < /areainfo.cfm>.References
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