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Landing Page Testing: get customers...before coding
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Landing Page Testing: get customers...before coding


Presentation for Sharp Skirts Get Sharp Program. Spoke on 5/11/2011 on Landing Page Strategies: Getting Customers Without Coding

Presentation for Sharp Skirts Get Sharp Program. Spoke on 5/11/2011 on Landing Page Strategies: Getting Customers Without Coding

Published in Technology
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  • 1. Get Sharp:Getting your first customersonline without codingElizabeth Yinco-founder LaunchBitMay 11, 2011
  • 2. Agenda Introduction Landing Page Testing  Identifying Hypotheses  Building Landing Pages  Marketing Landing Pages  Analyzing Landing Pages Case Study: The Wed Connect Q&A
  • 3. In high school, we decided tobecome internet entrepreneurs
  • 4. Shiny Orb is a social shopping sitefor wedding apparel
  • 5. DressMob is a social shopping sitefor all dresses
  • 6. Building a website has becomevery accessible 1990s 2010Difficulty HARD EasierSpeed Months/Years Days/Weeks/Months Hire, Try to learn, outsource,Options Hire, Try to learn 3rd party tools Books, friends, online,Resources Books, friends forums, Craigslist Sites are being built more quickly and easily
  • 7. The biggest obstacle for you is nolonger technical Do you have a product that people want??
  • 8. Landing PageTesting
  • 9. Just what exactly is a landingpage test? A measurement of customer demand through a single webpage with a single call-to-action
  • 10. Dropbox got 200,000 signups withjust a video
  • 11. Why should you do landingpage tests? Understand your customer acquisition Little investment required  No coding needed  No product needed  Little time  Little $$
  • 12. IdentifyingHypotheses
  • 13. Write down the top assumptionsabout your business Write down your assumptions  E.g. People will sign up for an online social exercise-motivation service.  E.g. People will pay a monthly subscription  E.g. Maybe $9.99 / mo?
  • 14. BuildingLanding Pages
  • 15. Use headlines to conciselydescribe your product
  • 16. Describe the top benefits withshort bullet points
  • 17. Pay attention to layout and keepimportant things “above the fold”
  • 18. Show what your product looks likewith “screenshots”
  • 19. Show a product demo throughvideos or presentations
  • 20. Adding testimonials can lendcredibility to your product
  • 21. Have a clear call-to-action sopeople know what to do
  • 22. Use a signup form to getinformation on your power users
  • 23. There are many WYSIWYGplatforms for building webpages
  • 24. Success of your landing pagerequires analytics data # of # of Visitors Signups
  • 25. A landing page should be verysimple and concise Benefit #1 Benefit #2 Call to Action Benefit #3
  • 26. Your landing page should send theright message in 5 seconds
  • 27. MarketingLanding Pages
  • 28. Diversify marketing by trying manydifferent channels Small amounts of marketing across multiple channels  Q & A platforms  Online forums  Ads
  • 29. Q&A forums and other industryspecific sites are like “annuities”
  • 30. People in online groups can offerquality verbal feedback
  • 31. Ads are a great way to get trafficto your page quickly
  • 32. AnalyzingLanding Pages
  • 33. Analyze your conversion funnel forpossible business viability Forums Email Ads Facebook Page Visitors Watched Demo Video Signed Up
  • 34. Compare landing page results withyour hypotheses
  • 35. Case Study:The Wed Connect
  • 36. The Wed Connect is our ownexperience at quick idea testing
  • 37. In 5 days, we had numbers toevaluate The Wed Connect Bounce Rates 87% of 68 people 56% of 16 people 21 Signups Quick math:  Charge wedding vendors $2 / lead * 21 leads = $42  Costs: $0.44 * 68 people = $29.92  Potential profit: $0.58 / person
  • 38. Qualitative feedback taught usabout the customer
  • 39. We determined the viability of TheWed Connect in just 1 week0 1 2 7 81 day Customer Research 1 day Analysis 1 day Build MVP 5 days Testing and MarketingGreat initial numbers but a frustrating business
  • 40. LaunchBit helps new, aspiringentrepreneurs launch their ideas
  • 41. Got any questions about doinglanding page tests? More questions? Mailing list: Blog: Twitter: @launchbit