Dunblane Cathedral Magazine March 2010


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Dunblane Cathedral Magazine March 2010

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Dunblane Cathedral Magazine March 2010

  1. 1. No. 217 March 2010 A Wee Parable (Its meaning? It’s a parable. You get to decide.) Confession time – our responsible Christmas tree Christmas tree is still in the consumption and came to FROM THE ASSOCIATE MINISTER living room. Undecorated, the conclusion that the best shoved in a corner, in way forward was to invest ground is frozen solid, our tree is ecstatically a now rather garish red in a living tree, one that we and said ground is under happy in the living room, plastic tub that, on the could plant in the garden several inches of snow, is growing so quickly that it and recycle next year. day, looked quite festive. it no mean feat. stuart tried is positively two- toned: was an attempt to be more There’s where the plan went to dig the hole, but gave this spring-like light green eco-friendly. We debated awry. You see, planting a up (i thought rather too colour on the ends of the the pros and cons of rather adult tree when the quickly, but he was holding branches. it looks like it’s the shovel and i was in no got happy green fingers position to argue since the reaching up and out into my HOLY WEEK SERVICES whole thing was suddenly living space. Pretty soon it “my idea.”) so we dutifully will touch the ceiling. But Monday 29 March - Friday 2 April undecorated the house it isn’t where it ought to and the tree, crammed be. it needs to dig its roots Holy Week? Wholly Week? Holy Weak? Wholly Weak? Christmas back into three firmly into something Holy Week - Come and explore the meaning. heavy-duty blue plastic more substantial than crates and dragged them the shallow bottom of a Too often, we in the church miss the time of reflection and soul-searching that is at the heart of Holy Week. across the front garden plastic tub, so even though This year, enter into the into the garage, not to be it has become part of the depth and reflection. seen until the third week furniture, out it goes into Services will be held of December 2010. Then the now defrosted ground every evening during we shoved the tree into the of our back garden. There’s Holy Week, beginning corner of the living room a corner by the decking out with a Vigil for Peace and waited for the defrost. back that catches the sun: on Palm Sunday. All funny thing about waiting maybe that will remind Services begin at – sometimes you forget. it of its days beside the 7.30pm in the Choir, sometimes life moves on electric fire. and there is a short and the thing needing dealt time of meditation on it is Valentine’s Day today, the Saturday before with becomes part of the so stuart and i have decided Easter (Black Saturday) furniture, unnoticed and to make it a joint project - at noon. unimportant. sometimes i’ll let you know how that you get busy and decide quality time goes. that it’s easier simply to ADDRESS http://www.dunblanecathedral.org.uk move round the thing. Sally
  2. 2. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine March 2010 SCOTTISH CHuRCHES HOuSE All the Way from Plough to Plate services 10 March 2010 - 6.00pm - 8.30pm every sunday at 10.30am Minister: The challenge of feeding £15 includes the world, maintaining soil meal and coffe The Rev. Colin G. Mcintosh, M.A., B.D. Tel. 822205 e (£5 local rate The Cathedral Manse e-mail: revcolcath4@netscape.net fertility and overcoming the for talk/coffee on Dunblane ly) malnourishment of both the Associate Minister: poor and the affluent is one that The Rev. sally foster-fulton, B.A., B.D. Tel. (Home) 463060 governments are waking up to for the first time 21 Craiglea, (office) 825530 Causewayhead, fK9 5ee e-mail: sallyfulton01@gmail.com since the Second World War. Session Clerk: The scriptures provide wisdom for sustainability Charles McLay Tel. 824056 and abundant living. 40 strathmore Avenue, Dunblane Treasurer: Ronald Wright Tel. 822673 Interfaith Sacred Stories 54 Roman Way, Dunblane 24 March 2010 - 6.00pm - 8.00pm Beadle: William Troy Tel. 825233 Tales from our childhoods, from a £5 includes range of faith traditions. light snack and Cross Cottage, Dunblane refreshments Assistant Hallkeeper: Moving on from “Is it true?” James Docherty Tel. 825473 to explore “What does the story Church Secretary: mean?”. The significance of storytelling in our own ewing Wallace Tel. 825388 cultures. Church office (Mon, Wed & fri mornings) Organist: Can stories help reconcile us, overcome differences Matthew Beetschen Tel. 445158 and share underlying values? 10B Woodside Road, stirling fK8 1RG Come with a tale, some food or a memory to share Magazine Editor: Bob fletcher Tel: 822009 if you can... but you’re still welcome if you can’t! 42 Menteith View, Dunblane fK15 0PD e-mail: magazine@fletchers.myzen.co.uk Cathedral Halls Tel. 825388 THE ELDERS CONFERENCE sTATeMenT of PURPose The Kirk Session will be holding a Day Conference at Dunblane Cathedral exists, as a congregation of the Gartmore House, Aberfoyle on Saturday 20 March. Church of scotland, for the purpose of reflecting The theme will be “Elders in a Church in transition”, exploring the love of God to all people regardless of belief or membership of the Church, to be a place where any the changing culture in which the church finds itself today, and all may experience God’s presence and to be a where patterns of believing and belonging are vastly different fellowship which seeks to nourish and sustain its faith from what they were even in the recent past. These changing through worship, friendship, care and education. cultural values have become evident in our own community as in response to the Love of God, the congregation it has grown, and responding to them has brought different seeks to serve the community in every aspect of its assumptions, expectations and even tensions with regard to life and to promote the Christian values of concern for others, forgiveness, reconciliation, truth and what sort of church we need to be. integrity, acknowledging that we ourselves do not At the Conference, elders will explore where we think we always live up to these values. are at the moment with regard to three areas of life in the Cathedral: worship, congregational life, and church and community/society. In the afternoon three guests will lead Dunblane Cathedral Church of scotland is a Registered workshops in each of these areas to help stimulate further scottish Charity: number sC004454 thinking and ideas. 2
  3. 3. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine March 2010 Dunblane Likhubula Link - A Scotland Malawi Partnership Likhubula Partnership Meeting 10th February 2010 more months than we had expected, and continuing to search and fund longer term projects to reduce the dependence on maize alone. Each aim without the other just does not make sense. As one small committee we cannot feed an entire and reliable Communications Officer Members of this Partnership had some area indefinitely. But we know about who was elected locally. It has become difficult issues to face in its continuing them and we care. You may have seen clear how much effort and time he has involvement with the community of the display boards in the Cathedral, and devoted to the Partnership and it was Likhubula in Malawi. Photographs have it is clear that the people have made decide that an ex-gratia payment might been arriving that back up the reports of enormous strides in trying to operate in be the way to try to avoid some of the badly failing crops of maize, the staple ways that we hope will produce those jealousies and undue expectations that crop grown there. Heat, blue skies and no long term improvements in their lives. can otherwise create problems. rain sound so pleasant in icy Dunblane, Bursary schemes to help the older children but for the subsistence farmers it is a very Finally a sub-committee has been formed get to secondary school are perhaps one frightening outlook: to try to tap into the generous hearts of of the most important long term ideas, but Dunblane folk. We know only too well how “Clear and blue sky, hot and dry, both the photographs we have of the chosen the financial conditions here are getting grown up and soon germinating maize children (eight at the moment) show the tighter, but the response to the Haiti disaster are wilting and drying. Almost every hope and optimism that we have seen shows how kind people continue to be. Malawian is hopeless of having good in the faces of the adults population, but We will need help to prevent disaster of a harvests.” which is missing now in the pictures of the slower and less dramatic kind in Likhubula, most recent food distribution. Our committee had to try to reach a so watch for news of forthcoming events balance between finding more funding We also had to find a formula to that you can join in with. to provide immediate Food Aid for two recompense a particularly hard working Cathedral Clean Party OpEn plATfOrM Chris and Ros Wilson would like to invite everyone along Sunday 7 March at 3.00pm to our “Cathedral Clean Party” on Tuesday 16 March at 7.00pm. Young Dunblane musicians are all set to entertain you at This is a great night out and an excellent way to meet the Arts Guild’s open Platform on sunday 7 March at people, young and old. Come along and help us to make 3.00pm in the Cathedral hall. it is an opportunity for them our place of worship ready for Easter, and enjoy the craic to get used to performing in public in front of a friendly while we do it, with refreshments afterwards in the halls. audience. Why not bring some friends? Come and be part of it. If you’re able to come and help, please let Ros or Chris know after the morning services, ring us at 821220, or Admission is free, but drop an email to chrissw@btconnect.com. Hope to see there will be a retiring you all there! collection for charity. 3
  4. 4. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine March 2010 Girls’ Brigade Boys’ Brigade our coffee morning on saturday 13 March is from 10.00am The BB has a busy month of March coming up. – 12.00noon in st. Blane’s Church hall. it will include a We will be serving you coffee every sunday after gift/toy stall and a cake & candy stall. Any donations for church so we look forward to being of service either would be gratefully received and can be handed in to the congregation in that way. on sunday on the morning or to Millie Christie (captain). 28th, instead of coffee, we’re inviting everyone to come to a We are also working on the routines for our BB organised ‘souper soup Lunch’ for Christian Aid. We’ll display evening and would like to extend a have lots of choices and a chance to think about food issues warm welcome to all to come along and enjoy in the developing world, so please come and join us. this fun & interesting evening on friday 26 March at 7.00pm in the Cathedral hall. in the first week of the month, we’ll have been at the scotland-Czech Republic football match and the 1st Bearsden BB’s annual musical. on the weekend of 13 March, we’ll be splitting Parish Register ourselves two ways. The senior boys will be going off for their mountain biking Baptisms weekend in Aviemore. some of our “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy musical boys will be taking part in the Ghost” St Matthew 28, v.19 february scottish Bands Contest in Dundee with an amalgamated 21 Josh Christopher Andrew son of steven and band made up of many BB companies’ boys from around Angela Dealtry, Glenmoy, Doune Road scotland. on 20 March, several of our boys will be taking 21 Ciara Karine daughter of Richard and part in the BB national Cross Country finals in edinburgh Karine Middleton, 71 Montgomery Crescent and we’ll keep you updated on how they do. With apologies, last month’s notice should have read: And you’ll see us out around the local shops and High street on 27 March when December 20 Robert Matthew John, son of Daniel and it’s the battalion flag day. Samantha Birch finally, we’d like to thank everyone who came along and Marriage supported our P7/s1 boys at their shrove Tuesday service “God hath joined together” St Mark 10, v.9 and for all the positive comments received afterwards. The february boys hope to join the Cathedral’s hike up Dumyat on easter 13 Barry Dundas and Jemma forbes sunday as part of finishing off their look at the seasons of Lent and easter. Deaths “I am the resurrection and the life.” St John 11, v.25 for more information about The Boys’ Brigade, please contact January fraser Boyd (tel. 821387) or e-mail info@dunblanebb.org.uk 30 Alexander Lovie, Randolph Hill nursing Home 30 Lilian Thomson, Allan Lodge nursing Home february 5 Christina fraser, Wallace View nursing Home 11 Jessie Graham, Randolph Hill nursing Home Oxfam Mother’s Day This Mother’s Day (14 March), Oxfam is encouraging new Members people to send a message to the leaders of each of the By Transference Certificate main political parties in the UK. Their aim is to persuade the Mr Kenneth and Mrs Anne Moncur, 43 Deanston UK Government to lead the rest of the world in addressing Gardens, Doune - from Tarves the preventable deaths of mothers and children. Mrs Wendy Campbell, Killean, Kinbuck - from enniskillen Details of this appeal, which is aimed primarily at school Mrs elizabeth smith, 5 Drumcastle Court - from Dysart groups, can be found at: www.oxfam.org.uk/education/resources/change_the_ By resolution world_in_eight_steps/ Dr Bill and Mrs Valerie inglis, 6 Dargai Terrace 4
  5. 5. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine March 2010 Human Sexuality – learn about the issues Leighton Library The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has asked all congregations to consider the issue of the The Leighton Library will be opening ordination of homosexuals and to bring a response to the its doors to the public again at the beginning of May. We are working group. open six days a week, from Monday to Saturday from 11.00am Diary reminder: to 1.00pm. The second of our three “listen and discuss” evenings will Further volunteers are required for the forthcoming session. take place on 10 March at 7.30pm in Scottish Churches Volunteers normally work in pairs and newcomers will be House. The ministry team will be leading a study on guided by experienced hands. A brief induction will be given. “what the Bible really says.” it will focus on the texts that Please give consideration to joining our team and help keep have been historically problematic as well as discussing this important part of Dunblane’s heritage alive. the different ways to interpret and understand scripture. Names and contact details should be given to Graeme Young, The last meeting on 31 March at 7.30pm in Scottish Morven, Doune Road, Dunblane, FK15 9AT (tel. 822305.) Churches House will be another listening and reflecting email: graeme1903young@gmail.com. I look forward to evening, led by someone from forward Together (a hearing from you. group opposed to the ordination of homosexuals in the church of scotland). This is to balance the first discussion night when Affirmation scotland (a group committed to supporting and affirming gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans- NOTES gendered people in the church) met with us. A short celebration of Holy Communion will be held in the Through these meetings, we hope to enable all to hear, think, choir after Morning Service on Sunday 28 March. and contribute to this important discussion. *** Sally Contributions for the April edition of the Cathedral magazine should be handed in to the Office by noon on Friday 19 Easter Walks: March or to the editor by 5.00pm on Sunday 21 March. *** Treasurers of Cathedral organisations should note that Dumyat and Holmehill the accounts for their organisation are now due for audit. Please contact Lawrie Hunter (tel. 841275) or Graham Fleck (tel. 824753) to arrange for audit. The Traditional Easter Day Early Morning Walk and *** Service will take place on Sunday 4 April 2010. There are British Summer Time begins on Sunday 28 March when two options: clocks go FORWARD one hour. 1. A walk up Dumyat which will leave the Cathedral *** Square at 6.00am. The West Door of the Cathedral will be open for Morning 2. A walk up Holmehill leaving the Cathedral Square at Service from Sunday 4 April. 7.15 am. *** Both groups will then go back to the Cathedral halls for breakfast Summer opening times for the Cathedral begin on starting around 8.00 am. So, give your name to any member of Thursday 1 April. The Cathedral will be open Monday to the Fellowship Committee such as David Christie (tel. 825209) Saturday 9.30am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 5.00pm (last or Elizabeth Orr (tel. 824434) by Sunday 28 March and we admission). On Sundays the Cathedral opens from 2.00pm to 5.00pm (last admission). will keep you informed through the intimations as to the final arrangements. A donation is requested to cover costs for the *** food and any surplus will go to Christian Aid. The Choir would like to thank anyone who donated to their David Christie Coffee Morning and Ceilidh. The two events raised over £1300 between them for Choir funds.
  6. 6. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine March 2010 leprosy Mission Coffee Morning Guild News Members of leprosy Mission Scotland are holding a coffee morning in Changes to forthcoming support of the Vocational Training Centre in Bankura, India. meetings: the planned visit to Dunblane Museum on 8 March At the Centre, the students attend knitting and tailoring courses. The bright has been postponed until 19 news is that already forty students have returned to their communities and are April. After the visit on 19 April, hoping to support themselves and their families as a company is purchasing there will be a shared supper the goods they make. on-going support from the stirling in the hall. area will provide further material required by the On 22 March at 7.30pm, there centre. is a “Double Bill” featuring two contrasting talks. One The coffee morning is on saturday 27 March from is “Stained Glass Windows” 10.00am to 12.00noon in the Cathedral hall. entry and the other is “Update on is £1.50. Thank you for your support. Likhubula.” DATES FOR YOUR DIARY MARCH/EARLY APRIL WHEN WHO WHERE WHAT MARCH sun 7 3.00pm Arts Guild Cathedral hall open Platform – see page 3 Tues 9 7.00pm Living the Questions Cathedral hall Wed 10 6.00pm scottish Churches House All the Way from Plough to Plate – see page 2 7.30pm scottish Churches House Human sexuality: “What the Bible really says”. see page 4 sat 13 10.00am Handbell Ringers Cathedral hall Craft fair Girls’ Brigade st. Blane’s Church hall Coffee Morning – see page 2 Mon 15 2.00pm The Guild Cathedral hall DVD of Guild Annual Rally with Bring Buy sale Tues 16 7.00pm Living the Questions Cathedral hall 7.00pm Cathedral Cathedral Clean Party – see page 6 sat 20 Gartmore House elders’ Conference – see page 3 Mon 22 7.30pm The Guild Cathedral hall Double Bill: Talk on stained Glass Windows and an Update on Likhubula Tues 23 7.30pm Management Committee Cathedral hall Meeting Wed 24 6.00pm scottish Churches House interfaith sacred stories – see page 2 sat 27 10.00am Leprosy Mission Cathedral hall Coffee Morning – see page 4 sun 28 (after morning Boys’ Brigade Cathedral hall souper soup Lunch – see page 5 service) Mon 29-fri 2 Apr 7.30pm Cathedral services for Holy Week Wed 31 7.30pm scottish Churches House Human sexuality: Discussion led by “forward Together” – see page 4 EARLY APRIL sat 3 noon Cathedral Meditation for Holy saturday sun 4 eAsTeR sUnDAY early Morning Walks to Dumyat and Holmehill – see page 5 6