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Zephyr M&A Database

  1. 1. ZEPHYR Comprehensive M&A data with integrated detailed company information
  2. 2. ZEPHYR: Comprehensive M&A data with integrated detailed company information ZEPHYR is an information solution containing M&A, IPO, private equity and venture capital deals with links to detailed financial company information. It is the combination of high quality M&A data provided by Zephus, and value adding software from Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing (BvDEP). ZEPHYR's coverage is unrivalled; more deals are being added to it each year than to alternative sources. It's also very flexible and provides an excellent facility to search for and manipulate deal information: Extensive coverage Integrated company financials ZEPHYR contains (May 2007) information on Links to complementary company financials over 500,000 deals with up to 100,000 and peer reports for up to 34 million additional deals being added each year, companies around the world from BvDEP's depending on levels of deal activity. product range are integrated to facilitate and simplify company valuation and ZEPHYR has seven years of global coverage benchmarking. with pan-European deals dating back even further to 1997. Flexible alert system The "intelligent" alert service means that High quality, verified data users can receive updates on existing deals All new deal records are checked by a they are tracking. Alerts can also be set up senior researcher before they are to notify users of rumours or new deals that published. Wherever possible all deals are are likely to be of interest. verified against a primary source. Any modifications or updates to existing deals Easy to use software are also checked prior to re-publishing. ZEPHYR utilises BvDEP's easy to use software - similar to that used across its All deal information is translated into company information product range. The English - ZEPHYR's UK-based researchers software facilitates sophisticated search speak a total of 20 languages and use and analysis options for the precise sources in native languages and English in identification of deals. Searches can be their deal enquiries. ZEPHYR has an Asian- constructed using any combination of over based translation team set up to specifically 100 criteria and users can create their own source and translate Asian deals. league tables.
  3. 3. ZEPHYR Comprehensive M&A data with integrated detailed company information The reports and the information they contain The deal records contain different information depending on availability and deal type. The various items are listed below: • Primary deal type: acquisition, initial public • Name of target(s) plus activity and country offering, institutional buy-out, joint venture, • Other deals related to the target(s) management buy-in, management buy-out, merger, minority stake, planned IPO or share • Other deals in the target companies’ sector(s) buy-back • Name of acquirer(s) plus activity, country and • Sub deal type: contested bid, exit, hostile bid, parent leveraged buy-out, partial exit, PIPES, • Other deals in the acquirer companies’ privatisation, public takeover, capital pool, sector(s) demerger, exit, partial exit, exit new stake, • Other deals in the vendor companies’ sector(s) hostile initially became recommended, recommended initially became hostile, • Name of vendor(s) plus activity, country and unsolicited bid, recommended bid, parent reverse take-over or start up • Other vendor deals • Rumour, announcement, completion or • Comment and deal rationale expected completion dates • Financial summary and multiples for the target • Financing- 26 categories company: turnover, EBITDA, EBIT, pre-tax • Deal structure profits, net income (multiple figure relates to P/E), shareholders funds, total assets and • Deal status market capitalisation • Deal value, equity value, enterprise • Advisors and investors for the acquirer(s), value/estimated enterprise value target(s) and vendor(s) Searching The quick search option has ten search options for fast results to straightforward queries. The advanced deal search offers more sophisticated options such as Boolean logic, free text searching and over 100 search criteria. Various activity codes are provided including NAICS, NACE, UK SIC, US SIC. Text within the deal synopsis can be specifically searched. UK regions, and US states, are included for more detailed searching. The advisor search option has 20 specific search criteria. Instances where specific advisors have worked together can also be identified. Analysis Deals can be analysed in both tabular and graphical formats by any criteria. The segmentation tool plots search results in tables that illustrate deals by one or two variables such as time period, region, deal size and various other financial criteria.
  4. 4. Database: copyright © 2007. Zephus Software: copyright © 2007. Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing zephyrdealdata.com Working with the information Exporting All the information, including tables and graphics, can be exported to be used in reports and presentations. Dynamic links Time-saving, dynamic links between the acquirer, vendor and target companies, and reports containing detailed company information, reduce the need for further resources. The links to related deals, and other company related deals, give an instant overview without the need for further searches. Reciprocal links between BvDEP's products’ financial data and ZEPHYR give a more complete picture when researching companies and sectors. E-mail alert system Deals can be tracked and their progress sent by e-mail. For example, a user can receive news when a deal changes status from a rumour to announced. Users can also be alerted to the latest deal news, and tailor their alerts systems by sector, country, companies or any of the hundred or so criteria included on ZEPHYR. Additionally, alerts can monitor specific companies or advisors and notify users when they become active. Creating league tables Advisor league tables can be created for specific industries, regions, countries or deal types. The tables can be incorporated in reports and presentations. Analyses and graphics Advanced searching and analysis options include searching for a deal value within quartiles and a choice of average ‘type’ when calculating average multiples. It’s simple to create tables that help analyse and compare deals and present them graphically. Annotating reports The deal reports can be annotated in a special notes section that can be displayed or hidden. These notes can then be searched using a free text facility, or used later for discussion or analysis.
  5. 5. ZEPHYR can benefit many areas of your research and analysis: The benefits of ZEPHYR include: ZEPHYR in the research function • Search by over 100 criteria and benefit from added functionality such as Boolean Both a primary and secondary research tool logic and search modification Use ZEPHYR to identify specific deals, or deal • Use previous company names, aliases and ID numbers in searches activity, then link to the detailed company • Save time using the dynamic links information, for a more in-depth breakdown of • Optimise resources by linking to the additional detailed company information the accounts and a peer group analysis. ZEPHYR for banks and financial institutions Suitable for all levels of experience • Use the flexible search criteria for the accurate identification of comparable ZEPHYR offers both quick and advanced search companies for price evaluation options to provide all the flexibility needed for • Monitor transactions, and activity, to anticipate business opportunities complex queries, whilst giving end users a • Access links to detailed company information for in-depth research and resource for fast answers to more basic queries. comparisons • Create league tables for advisory teams’ pitches Reliable customer service ZEPHYR is easy to use and a subscription ZEPHYR for accountants includes training and a helpline. • Identify buyers, or sellers, on behalf of corporate/owner managed clients • Use the search criteria to identify specialist funders to locate further sources of Familiar software investment Users of BvDEP's products will be instantly • Monitor competitor activity in various sectors or regions familiar with the format of ZEPHYR, reducing the need for training and minimising set-up time. ZEPHYR for venture capital and private equity research • Isolate companies with previous seed funding who may provide further investment Accurate, verified deal data opportunities A stringent research procedure is applied and • Identify large companies with diverse subsidiaries for possible MBO/MBI external deals are checked by a senior researcher before funding publishing. • Monitor industry specific deal trends • Build relationships with complementary advisory teams by tracking their activities to assess what proportion of their business you represent • Create league tables for pitches ZEPHYR in a legal environment • Maintain good deal flow by using ZEPHYR to monitor deal activity • Create league tables and illustrate sector specific work when pitching for corporate business • Monitor competitor activity ZEPHYR for headhunters and recruitment companies • Provide candidates with detailed pre-interview information concerning potential employers and the sectors, or specific deals, they work on • Monitor advisor deal activity and performance of individuals, or teams, for possible head-hunting targets • Identify large, sector-specific deals for the opportunity to headhunt teams ZEPHYR for corporates • Monitor and analyse companies for strategic acquisition • Research specific sectors and companies to enhance your competitor intelligence • Use the detailed company and peer group reports for in-depth research prior to acquisition For the latest coverage on ZEPHYR please visit bvdep.com/zephyrcoverage
  6. 6. ZEPHYR is a Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing product. The information is researched by Zephus, a Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing company Belgium United Kingdom France Germany Avenue Louise 250 10 Northburgh Street 7 Rue Drouot Hanauer Landstrasse 175-179 1050 Brussels London EC1V 0PP 75009 Paris 60314 Frankfurt tel: 32 2 639 06 06 tel: 44 (0)20 7549 5000 tel: 33 1 53 45 46 00 tel: 49 (69) 963 665 0 fax: 32 2 648 82 30 fax: 44 (0)20 7549 5010 fax: 33 1 53 45 46 28 fax: 49 (69) 963 665 50 brussels@bvdep.com london@bvdep.com paris@bvdep.com frankfurt@bvdep.com Netherlands 24 Great King Street Spain Switzerland Amsteldijk 166 Edinburgh EH3 6QN Palacio de Miraflores Rue Charles-Sturm 20 1079 LH Amsterdam tel: 44 (0)131 200 7110 Carrera de San Jerónimo 1206 Geneva tel: 31 (0) 20 5400 100 fax: 44 (0)131 200 7120 15 - 2° Planta tel: 41 22 830 05 44 fax: 31 (0) 20 5400 111 edinburgh@bvdep.com 28014 Madrid fax: 41 22 346 11 51 amsterdam@bvdep.com tel: 34 (91) 454 70 98 geneva@bvdep.com fax: 34 (91) 454 70 01 madrid@bvdep.com Slovak Republic Italy Portugal Denmark Kutlikova 17 Via Zenale 15 Rua da Misericórdia 76 - 2º Ny Oestergade 12 852 50 Bratislava 20123 Milan 1200-273 Lisbon 1101 Copenhagen K tel: 421 2 682 86 760 tel: 39 (02) 43 98 22 77 tel: 351 21 321 01 55 tel: 45 33 4545 20 fax: 421 2 682 86 763 fax: 39 (02) 48 01 68 12 fax: 351 21 321 02 99 fax: 45 33 4545 30 bratislava@bvdep.com milan@bvdep.com lisbon@bvdep.com copenhagen@bvdep.com United States Via Savoia 78 Austria Singapore NY Information Technology Center 00198 Rome Clemens-Holzmeister-Strasse 4 12 Havelock Road 55 Broad Street, 14th Floor tel 39 (06) 85 23 72 28 1100 Vienna 05-09/10 Apollo Centre New York, NY 10004 fax 39 (06) 85 35 01 87 tel: 43 (1) 606 11 96 Singapore 059763 tel: 1 (212) 797 3550 rome@bvdep.com fax: 43 (1) 606 11 96 50 tel: 65 6325 1230 fax: 1 (212) 797 3555 vienna@bvdep.com fax: 65 6325 1235 newyork@bvdep.com singapore@bvdep.com 100 Bush Street, 1600 Russian Federation Japan Australia San Francisco, CA 94104 Chernyshevskogo pereulok 5, bldg. 2 9F Landic No.3, Shinbashi Level 26, 44 Market Street tel: 1 (415) 773 1107 127473 Moscow 2-12-1 Shinbashi Sydney, NSW 2000 fax:1 (415) 773 1269 tel: 7 495 681 86 71 Minato-ku tel: 61 (2) 9089 8647 sanfrancisco@bvdep.com fax: 7 495 688 26 78 Tokyo 105-0004 fax: 61 (2) 9089 8989 moscow@bvdep.com tel: 813 3580 0561 sydney@bvdep.com fax: 813 3580 0562 tokyo@bvdep.com 55 West Monroe, 2340 Bahrain China Chicago, IL 60603 144, 14th floor, Al Jasrah Tower 1207 Tower C1 Oriental Plaza tel: 1 (312) 235-2515 Diplomatic Area 1 East Chang An Avenue fax: 1 (312) 551-9510 PO Box 3214, Manama Dong Cheng District chicago@bvdep.com tel: 973 17 570 406 Beijing 100738 fax: 973 17 532 259 tel: 86 10 8515 2255 bahrain@bvdep.com fax: 86 10 8515 2266 beijing@bvdep.com bvdep.com If you are an M&A advisor and would like to submit deal information to ZEPHYR please e-mail zephyr@bvdep.com Supplementary deal information can be submitted via the deal record within ZEPHYR