Resume bjd with construction


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inlcudes construction training curriculum I developed.

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Resume bjd with construction

  1. 1. B. Dumonceaux LinkedIn Profile(314) 606-9198 Page 1BENEDICT J. DUMONCEAUX(314) 606-9198DumonceauxB@Juno.comLinkedIn ProfileEXPERIENCEDeVry University 2011 – PresentPROFESSORTeach Psychology, Sociology, Microsoft Office, Business, Management Skills, Critical Thinking.Lindewood University 2012 - PresentPROFESSORTeach graduate courses in Business Statistics, Economics, Business Information Systems, Leadership,Communication Process, Motivation and Organizational Communications.Learning Unlimited Inc. 2008 --- 2011SENIOR FACILITATORPresent top quality programs on the latest leadership techniques and tools. Provide consultative services to clientson leadership challenges and practical solutions. Worked in Oil and Gas industry training supervisors and crews inteambuilding, leadership and supervisory skills.McCarthy Building Company, Inc. 1997 - 2008SENIOR TRAINING MANAGERAssessed training needs of 1,500 employees within a national company. Designed, wrote and presented trainingprograms in a variety of construction business areas for a national construction company where none existed in its150 year history. Designed and coordinated career development plans for employees. Instrumental in establishingthe company’s first training department and developmental curriculum. Participated in annual strategic planningsessions of company executives for the advancement of training and performance improvement. Developedstrategies in knowledge management with Information Systems specialists. Provided organizational developmentservices and support to five business units. Brokered training delivered by internal and external training suppliers.Curriculum:leadership negotiatingcustomer service supervisory skillspresentation skills management development skillsproblem solving/decision making conflict managementmechanical, electrical and plumbing job cost accountingperformance appraisals and coaching performance improvementtime management & organizational skills project managementcoaching & mentoring quality/process improvement toolsMicrosoft Office Suite team development and managementAccomplishments: Created the company’s first corporate training department. Developed first-of-a-kind career programs for field engineers, superintendents, project managers, businessdevelopment directors, and executives.
  2. 2. B. Dumonceaux LinkedIn Profile(314) 606-9198 Page 2 Created company training intranet Redesigned and developed company internet Developed and presented programs for high potential leaders as part of company’s succession plan. Developed on-line training programs for OracleSwank Audio Visuals 1993 - 1997NATIONAL TRAINING DIRECTORDetermined training needs, designed, wrote, presented and evaluated professional development programs for a 60year old national company where none existed. Developed a first-of-a-kind performance improvement structure andtraining curriculum. Developed employee training development plans for performance improvement. The companyhad 80 offices in major cities across the United States. Designed and used experiential learning activities in trainingprograms. Instrumental in assisting the company CEO, president, vice presidents, area and divisional managersthink through performance problems and facilitated problem solving teams. Brokered training delivered by internaland external suppliers. Wrote and revised technical equipment guides on audiovisual equipment. Providedorganizational development support to departments. Directed the activities of one Performance ImprovementManager and six trainers.Curriculum:leadership negotiatingsuperior customer service supervisory skillspresentation skills management development skillsproblem solving/decision making conflict managementhiring and interviewing communication skillsperformance appraisals and coaching running a small businesstime management & organizational skills meeting planningcoaching & mentoring quality/process improvement toolsMicrosoft Office Suite team development and managementAccomplishments: Created the company’s first training department. Developed first-of-a-kind career programs for directors, executives and administration staff. Developed leadership assessment and training programs. Customer service improved by 60%, employee retention increased by 45%. Reduction in costs from repeated mistakes was reduced by 50%.Maritz Communications Company 1990 - 1992TRAINING MANAGERAssessed organizational and program needs, developed work plans for training and educational programs, developedbudgets, coordinated work of design and production staff. Assured the application of effective training principles, evaluatedthe instructional design, development and delivery of training programs. Managed leadership development and assessmentprograms. Worked with companies in design employee career development plans and policies to help improveperformance. Produced effective solutions and provided leadership to training staff. Assured actions were consistent withgoals and objectives of training programs for Fortune 500 clients. Provided O.D. services and project management tointernal and external clients. Selected, hired, trained and evaluated professional trainers.Accomplishments: All projects were completed on time and within budget.
  3. 3. B. Dumonceaux LinkedIn Profile(314) 606-9198 Page 3INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNERDesigned videos, audio programs, trainer and participant guides for various product and service industries.Conducted needs assessments and job/task analysis. Designed validation, testing and evaluation procedures.Planned and managed instructional design projects.Curriculum:leadership negotiatingquality improvement processes and tools supervisory skillspresentation skills management development skillsselling and persuasion skills conflict managementhiring and interviewing professional communication skillsperformance appraisals and coaching problem solvingtime management & organizational skills meeting planningcoaching & mentoring team development and managementMicrosoft Office Suite training-the-trainerdecision makingMcDonnell Douglas Information Systems Company 1986 - 1990INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGNER/SENIOR INSTRUCTORInstructed and planned the activities between students, instructors and seminar training materials in structuredtechniques of analysis, development, implementation and evaluation of information systems. Designedquality/process improvement procedures for computer systems. Supervised the selection, training, and schedulingof 20 instructors. These instructors provided consultation services to 400 outside clients of Fortune 500 companies.Designed and presented programs in selling of services and products. Taught customized software applicationprograms.Accomplishments: Redesigned software training curriculum. Increased sales of curriculum by 40%. Increased hiring and training of contracted instructor pool which increased consultative sales by 50%.U.S. Army 1979 - 1986SENIOR TRAINING MANAGERCoordinated and supervised the administration of training programs for 5000 people. Conducted needs assessments andevaluation of training programs. Developed curriculum, pilot, validation, testing and evaluation procedures. Scheduledtraining, negotiated contracts with outside vendors, managed budgets and staff members. Facilitated problem-solvingteams.TRAINING & LEARNING STRATEGISTDeveloped learning strategies using various learning and training methodologies. Prepared objectives, defined content,selected and sequenced activities of training programs for 800 managers, administrators and instructors within a 20-stateregion. Evaluated the effectiveness of course materials, training programs, participant performance, and instructionalmethodologies. Developed and taught leadership assessment and development skills, team building, problem solving, timemanagement, experiential learning, management skills, leadership, safety, presentation/public speaking, problemsolving/decision making, supervisory skills and software applications.INSTRUCTOR TRAINING SPECIALISTTrained instructors in presentation and teaching techniques. Instructed managers and supervisors in Leadership,project management, negotiating, team building, persuasion skills, conducting effective meetings, supervision skills,
  4. 4. B. Dumonceaux LinkedIn Profile(314) 606-9198 Page 4leadership techniques, conflict resolution, communication skills, creative thinking, time management, safety,equipment operation, presentation skills, and performance appraisals. Assessed skills and potential of future leaders.Wrote and revised instructor and participant guides, technical manuals, curriculum, testing and evaluation materials.EDUCATIONDOCTORAL STUDIES IN ADULT LEARNING AND EDUCATIONUniversity of MissouriMASTER OF SCIENCE IN SYSTEMS MANAGEMENTUniversity of Southern CaliforniaBACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGYSt. John’s UniversityPROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING ATTENDEDAchieve Global Facilitator Certification, Development Dimensions International Trainer Certification, CreativeTraining Techniques I & II, Accelerated Learning, AGC Supervisory Training Program Trainer Course, Web-basedInstructional Design Workshops, DiSC Trainer CertificationSOFTWARE APPLICATIONSMicrosoft Office Professional 2007 & 2010, Windows 2010 & WebEx, Oracle, Captivate, Blackboard LMS, E-college LMSOUTSIDE TEACHINGTeach business, leadership and organizational development courses at local colleges and universities atundergraduate and graduate levels.
  5. 5. B. Dumonceaux LinkedIn Profile(314) 606-9198 Page 5Construction Career Development ProgramsCareer Level ProfessionalDevelopmentNEW EMPLOYEEORIENTATIONFIELD FUNDAMENTALS DiSC PROGRAMSOverview of Our Business Quality Improving CommunicationsHuman Resource Issues Written Communication Tips Adapting to Different StylesBuilding Genuine Relationships Field Reporting Communication Effectiveness SeriesHow to Make a Profit Active Listening Managing Conflict and ResistanceGenuine Success Stories Project Cost Reducing ConflictQuality Without Question Document Review Using Your Strengths to YourAdvantageMeet the Corp. Departments Submittals Building Greater Self-AwarenessMeeting and Exceeding Expectations Assertive Communications Maximizing Your Strengths as aManagerOffice Tour RFI Recognizing and Removing Barriersto Perform.Executive Q & A Document Control Getting the Most from Your PeopleBuilding a Sales RelationshipBeing Responsive to CustomerDifferencesTeam Effectiveness SeriesSUPERINTENDENT 101 SUPERINTENDENT 201 Improving Team EffectivenessRole of Supt. Advanced Role of the Supt. Improving Team MotivationLeadership in the Field Communication SkillsProject Planning and Site Logistics SafetyControlling Costs New Building TechniquesDocumentation Managing Issues and ProblemsRisk Management QualityProductivity Conflict ManagementQuality & Safety Claims ManagementTeam Building Team Building
  6. 6. B. Dumonceaux LinkedIn Profile(314) 606-9198 Page 6Career Level ProfessionalDevelopmentPROJECT MANAGER 101 PROJECT MANAGER 201 LEADERSHIP SKILLSRole of the PM Managing People Through GoodComm.Performance Planning: SettingExpectationsRecognizing and Maximizing ProfitOpportunitiesManaging People ThroughPerformancePlanningDelegating for Productivity andGrowthLeadership in the Field Motivation Preparing Others to SucceedCost Control Building Systems Facilitating Improved PerformanceSafety MEP Issues Following Up to SupportImprovementNegotiations Managing Conflict Helping Others Adapt to ChangeDealing with Difficult People Coaching and Mentoring Guiding Conflict ResolutionDocumentation Team Building Coaching: Developing HighPerformanceLegal Performance Planning: ReviewingProcessMEP Management The Empowering LeaderConstruction Quality Issues Trust: Strengthening the FoundationGuiding the Development of OthersDIRECTORS TRAINING PREPARING YOU TOSUCCEEDLeading Your Team to OptimalPerformanceRole of Director Quality Principles and Qualities of GenuineLdr.Leadership Field Procedures Manual Developing OthersPerformance Planning Genuine Collaboration Giving RecognitionNegotiations Sub Management Planning for Performance DiscussionsConflict Management Managing the Risks ofConstructionClarifying Performance ProblemsSafety Subcontracts Correcting Performance ProblemsMaximizing Profit Opportunities Importance of Planning andSchedulingConducting Performance ReviewsDirector Role in Preconstruction Human Resource Issues Building Team Pride and PurposeRisk Management Field Leadership Level 1Quality Field Leadership Level 2Relationships Field Leadership Level 3
  7. 7. B. Dumonceaux LinkedIn Profile(314) 606-9198 Page 7Career Level ProfessionalDevelopmentMEP GENERAL FOREMAN TEAM SKILLSAir Distribution Excavation Planning Starting Off the Project Teamon the Right FootCooling Formwork Planning and Review Interaction Skills for SuccessHeating Computer Skills Fundamentals of FeedbackControls Organizational Skills Communicating and ListeningPlumbing Safety Communicating with OthersProcess Plumbing Supervisory Skills Influencing OthersElectrical Power Building TrustElectrical Lighting Working Through ConflictElectrical Specialty Systems Adapting to ChangeFire Alarm / Life Safety Working as a TeamFire Suppression Valuing DifferencesConstruction Coordination Fast Start for TeamsTesting, Adjusting and Balancing Reaching Group AgreementStartup and Commissioning Optimizing Team PerformanceSCHEDULERS ESTIMATORS Leading Successful MeetingsP3e/c Current Knowledge andDirectionLeadership Training OthersManagement Perspective Overview of the Design PlanProcessMaking Effective DecisionsCommunications Estimating Q & A Taking Action to Solve ProblemsScheduling Challenges Presenting the Numbers Improving Personal ProductivitySafety Hard Bid Estimating Impacting Your Work PerformanceLegal Issues in Scheduling ICE 2000 Providing Constructive FeedbackManpower Loading and Reporting Program & Schematic Estimates Developing OthersCost Loading and Reporting Team Building Giving RecognitionTeam Building Conducting a Collaborative PerformanceReviewTEAM SKILLS (continued)SCHEDULERS (cont.) ESTIMATORS (cont.) Planning for Performance DiscussionsFragnets and Schedule Impacts Design Development Estimating Clarifying Performance ProblemsLaboratories and Schedule Impacts Correcting Performance ProblemsDocumenting Sub. Failures Conducting Performance ReviewsPresenting and Selling the Schedule Building Team Pride and PurposeCRM System – Personnel Input andUseResolving Conflicts with Your TeamNegotiating Resource for Your TeamDelegating for Shared Success