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International Moscow Festival of Light 2012 fundraising proposal

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Lightfes final engl 04_june_2012

  2. 2. Festival Details  In accordance with Moscow Government Executive Order d.d. 13 March 2012г., , the second International Moscow Light Festival “Circle of Light” (IMLF) will take place from 28 September to 02 October 2012. From 2012 IMLF starts to be the annual.  The main goal for the festival is to evolve the image of Moscow to the image of Megapolis of 21st century. This will also strengthen the image of Moscow global cultural capital.  Festival attracts undiverted heed not only of the Muscovites and Moscow guests, but also of the international professional community.  World authorities in art, light design, light technologies are invited to participate in the Festival.  5 most significant Moscow buildings are included in Festival program: 1. Red Square and Historical Museum; 2. “Moscow” Hotel; 3. Manezh; 4. Gorky Park; 5. Central House of Artists Moscow Government is the Originator and Institutor of the Festival. S.S.Sobianin, Mayor of Moscow, is the Chairman of the Festival Organizing Committee
  3. 3. INTERNATIONAL MOSCOW FESTIVAL “CIRCLE OFLIGHT” S.S.Sobianin, Mayor of Moscow : «I hold the Festival good and recommend to make it annual» 28 October 2011 года. Conference of the Moscow government . Moscow Government Executive Order dated 6.03.2012 on annual status of Moscow International Light Festival for the period 2012-2016
  4. 4. 2011
  5. 5. Light Festival is a unique multi-media show , created with the usage of innovative projection technologies, including 3D mapping and special effects.
  6. 6. FESTIVAL 2011. FACTS AND FIGURES• > 350 K visitors per day• > 500 K traffic per day• > 200 mln TV viewers in Russia and abroad• 3 days in Yandex top news• > 6 000 videos up-loaded > 50 000 photos up-loaded in Internet• FESTIVAL OF THE YEAR award from «EVENT-2011»• BRAND OF THE YEAR from EFFIE 2011, category «Entertainment Business»• Red Square – Opening Ceremony;• Young Light Designers Contest – Manezh Square;• “Light Laboratory” Contest – Gorky Park;• Closing Ceremony – Pushkin embankment in Gorky Park;• 365 multimedia shows and light installations during 3 days of the Festival;• More than 1,5 K light appliances with total capacity of more than 4 megawatt, i.e. 40% of all professional light equipment of Europe.
  7. 7. FESTIVAL 2011. FACTS AND FIGURESPR Support:TV: Channel 1, TVC (ТВЦ), VGTRK (ВГТРК), Cultura (Культура)PRESS: Rossijskaya Gazeta TimeOut, Izvestia, Commersant, Vremia Novostej, Metro, Mir Novostej, AiF, МКRADIO: Vesti FM, Commersant FM, Monte-Carlo, Maximum, FinamFM, CityFMINTERNET: RIA-Novosti,, ITAR-ТАSS, InterfaxTV REPORTS – 200 mln viewersTVC (ТВЦ, direct reportage, title sponsor) 14 mln viewersChannel 1 37 mln viewersVGTRK (ВГТРК) 33 mln viewersRussia Today 18 mln viewersMoscow 24 (reportages + 1 hour program) 9 mln viewersCultura (Культура) 16 mln viewersREN TV 13 mln viewersDoverie 6 mln viewersFifth channel 11 mln viewersVKT (ВКТ) 3 mln viewersMIR (МИР ) Channel 7 mln viewersRIA-Novosti (РИА-Новости ) interactive 26 mln viewersRAI TV (Italian TV Channel) 11 mln viewersUkrainian TV Channel 5 mln viewers
  8. 8. 2012
  9. 9. II International Moscow Festival “Circle of Light”. Creative IdeasThe key concept of IMLF 2012 is the «Energy of Life», meets the idea of fast movingchanges in all areas of states and nations lives.Festival, by the means of light art, visualizes changers , both current and future, indicatesways for positive and life-affirming evolvement .Creative energy of the circle unites peoples and cultures, evolves creative perspectives,supported by modern technologies
  10. 10. PROGRAM 2012International Moscow Light Festival includes the most emphatic Moscowobjects: Red Square, State Historical Museum , GUM, Manezh, MoscvaHotel, St Basil’s Cathedral, Central House of Artists, Gorky Park.Multimedia programs demonstrates different light effects that highlight theunique features of the buildings and expound different themes of the keycreative concept of the Festival.Shows will be demonstrated on Festival objects all days of the Festival 18:00to 23:00.
  11. 11. PROGRAM 2012 All Festival sites are divided by categories:1. Multimedia shows on the buildings – shows with pass thru plot-line, demonstrated on the facades of the buildings . Includes dynamically lit effects, accompanied by music.2. Light installations on the buildings – programs , based on combination of light effects, relevant for the main theme. Turns the object into light picture.3. Spatial light installations and art objects – programs, based on dynamically lit landscapes.4. Laser show – light compositions, based on the object’s surface scanning by laser beam, accompanied by music.
  12. 12. MULTIMEDIA SHOW1. Red Square theme «Energy of Life»2. GUM theme «Energy of Life»3. State Historical Museum theme «Energy of Life»4. St Basil’s Cathedral theme «Energy of Life»LIGHT INSTALLATIONS1. Central House of Artists theme «Energy of Art»2. Gorky Park Entrance theme «Origin of Light»SPATIAL LIGHT INSTALLATIONS1. Gorky Park territory theme «Energy Cocktail»2. Central House of Artists theme «Energy of Art» LASER SHOW Gorky Park theme «Energy of Life»
  13. 13. FESTIVAL OPENINGRed Square is the Starting point and the Center of the whole Festival. It alsokeeps the “Focus of the Light Energy” element and feeds city with Energy.FESTIVAL CLOSINGFestival Closing reckons up program and includes:1. Bestowment for ART VISION and LIGHT LABORATORY winners (CentralHouse of Artists)2. Pyrotechnic show (Pushkin embankment of Gorky Park)COMPETITIVE PROGRAM“Energy of Life” is the key theme of the Festival’s contests.1. ART VISION is a video-mapping contest that stipulates demonstration of thefinalists’ works on Manezh façade. Participants are young 3D designers. Durationof an entry – 10 minutes. All the works are demonstrated on Manezh during alldays of the Festival.2. LIGHT LABORATORY. Contest is located in the Central House of Artists onKrymsky Val. Participants – students of environmental light design. All the entrieswill be exhibited in the Central House of Artists during the Festival.
  14. 14. MILF 2012. FACTS AND FIGURESANNOUNCEMENT:350 mln contacts with Muscovites20 mln contacts in Russia30 mln contacts outside of RussiaPR-campaign and promo in InternetFESTIVAL:5 days 19:00 to 23.00>1000 multimedia show and light installations>1 mln visitors,>100 K tourists
  15. 15. RED SQUARE AND OPENING CEREMONY“Red Square” includes:Multimedia projections on the facades ofGUM, State Historical Museum, St Basil’sCathedralOpening Ceremony draft schedule:19:00 – 20:00 Guests and visitors coming20:00 – 20:40 Opening Ceremony21:00 - 23:00 Program of the Festival SPONSOR OF THE OPENING CEREMONY – 150 000 000 RUR
  17. 17. Site “Moscow” – Moscva HotelLegendary Soviet architecture of MoskvaHotel, typical for Moscow of XX Century,provides the biggest areas for theFestival’s programsDesign and location of the building letlight designers to carry out full range ofintegrated multimedia programs Sponsor of the “Moscow” Site – 100 000 000 RUR
  18. 18. “MANEZH” Site The laconic architecture of Manezh Exhibition Centre allows to carry out light projecting programs with the minimum special light devices. That was the one of the reasons to use the object as the platform for ARTVISION Competition. During four days of the Festival the best entries of the Contest will be demonstrated on façade of Manezh. International Jury will announce the winners at the end of Festival.Sponsor of “MANEZH” Site and ART VISION Contest –75 000 000 RUR
  19. 19. “GORKY PARK” SiteCentral Park of Culture is the most popular in-city recreation area, will be the cultural center ofthe Festival.Multimedia show will be carried out on theCentral fountain of the Park. The show includeslight design, laser projections, fire ballet, watershow and pyrotechnical effects.The Park and Pushkinskaya Embankment inparticular, will be also used as the location foranother Competition of the Festival for theyoung light designers - “Laboratory of Light”.Sponsor of “GORKY PARK” Site (partial Sponsorship) – 15 to 50 000 000 RURSponsor of the Closing Ceremony - 50 000 000 RUR
  20. 20. “CENTRAL HOUSE OF ARTISTS” Site Central House of Artists is one of the exhibition center in Russia. This year two facades of the House will be used for two programs of the festival: 1. Light Design competition LIGHT LABORATORY 2. “MUSIC BOX” Festival – competition among young artists for the programs that combines light and music That means that two most popular branches of the modern art will be presented on the siteSponsor of “CENTRAL HOUSE OF ARTISTS” Site (partial sponsorship) – 10 to 50 000 000 RUR
  22. 22. GORKY PARK AND CLOSING CEREMONY .Main Theme: Light of Art
  23. 23. GORKY PARK AND CLOSINGЗакрытия. .ФейерверкЦПКиО и Церемония CEREMONYMain Theme: Fireworks
  24. 24. MAIN BENEFITS FOR THE PARTNERS: Festival demonstrates Brand’s involvement into Moscow life and Brand’s striving to evolve the image of Moscow to the image of Megapolis of 21st century. Innovative, pictorial style of the Festival highlights Brand’s front-edge technologies and services. Each site of the Festival has its own positioning and within the frames of the key concept of the Festival – ENERY OF LIFE - between Partner’s Brand, Moscow International Light Festival and Consumer. Each Site of the Festival provides its Partner with a unique media reach up to 820 K per day, that includes both visitors and traffic. 24
  25. 25. ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITY FOR PARTNERS -PLACEMENT ON MEDIA-FAÇADE OF CENTRAL TELEGRAPHCentral Telegraph is one of the most popularand visible places of Moscow.Since April 2012 main façade of the Telegraphis transformed into multi-media screen for thelight shows.Being in the center of the main and mostpopular artery of the city, Central Telegraph –is one of the mostly loved and popular placesfor getting together.
  26. 26. ADDITIONAL OPPORTUNITY FOR PARTNERS –PLACEMENT IN MOSCOW METROMoscow metro is not only one of the most effectiveand rapid transport systems of the city, but also aone-off architectural object, acknowledgedWorldwide.Moscow metro suggests multiple advertisingopportunities that reinforces Moscowcommunications
  27. 27. Package PARTNER OF MOSCOW INTERNATION AL LIGHT FESTIVAL Includes: DURING THE FESTIVAL 1/ Video-intro to the show on a site (96 releases during the Festival) 2/ Client’s TVC , duration – up to 1 minute (96 releases during the Festival), including ready video-materials adaptation to the formats of the show 3/ Logo demonstration on the building during the technical breaks PROMOTION INTEGRATION 4/ Integration into the video on the media-façade of Central Telegraph (Tverskaya, 7) 5/ Branding for one Metro wagonage during 3 months 6/ OOH 3х6 – up to 60 places, 7/ City-formats 1,2х1,8 – up to 50 places 8/ Super-sites 5х15 – up to 10 places 9/ Bridge (one of 4) – integration in MILF ad campaign 10/ Multimedia Screens – 10 places, duration- 10 seconds 11/ New format of city-boards 2,7х3,7 – up to 10 places 12/ Trolley-bus - 2 boards on the central lines • All OOH communications are splitted by 50/50: 50% introduces Festival , supported by Partner; 50% - Partner invites to its site of the Festival ADDITIONAL OPTIONS 13/ Participation in all official events of the Festival 14/ One special reportage from the Partner’s site on Moscow 24 Channel 15/ Partner’s logo on all print materials of the Festival 16/ Production and distribution of 500 000 Z-cards with Partner’s logo, integrated into the content 17/ Integration into VIP guide-booklet of the Festival 18/ Invitation to all events of the Festival, both VIP and Standard 19/ Partner’s reference in the materials and programs 20/ Opportunity to use Festival symbols in Partner’s communications during a year . 21 / Opportunity to carry out BTL activities on the site of the Festival* Price for the Package could vary in relation to the chosen placements.
  28. 28. International Moscow Festival «Circle of light» 2012 Waiting for you at our «Circle of light»!