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A Marine Environmental Conservation Display which aims to be both educational and entertaining!

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  1. 1. G A L L E R Y E X H I B I T I O N Marine Environmental Conservation Display MARINE AWARENESS A DIVER PEERS INTO THE BLUE WATER WRECK Nick Coburn Phillips 2011. Nick Coburn Phillips Marine Scientist and Photographer • telephone: 8201852 • h t t p : / / w e b . m e . c o m / d u m b o d a n c e r / N I C K C O B U R N P H I L L I P S / B I O G R A P H Y. h t m l
  2. 2. Synopsis of Exhibition.‘Marine Awareness’ is “a building block towards” Marine Protection.As a Marine Scientist and Underwater Photographer ~ I have spent a great amount of time in Brunei documenting theflora and fauna of the reefs and wrecks of Brunei Darussalam. I have advised the Government on aspects of diving andecotourism as a sustainable venture, and in continuation of my efforts I would like to showcase more of what lies be-neath the waves off Brunei’s coastline.Underwater photography is more than an art form, it requires skill above and beyond an artist’s hand; honed proficiencyin diving as well as knowledge of boating and safety at sea. The underwater photographer must also have good knowl-edge of marine biology and the behaviour of species and specimen identification.I have compiled a portfolio of some 200 or more photographs and aspire to enlighten the audience of the Rainforest Gal-lery with a small collection of some of my best artworks in order to raise awareness of the need to protect and conservethe seas off the Brunei Coast. It is imperative that the youth of tomorrow embrace and harness a strong conservationethic in order that future seas survive to provide a livelihood for generations to come.RABBITFISH SEEKS SHELTER TUNA ~ ENDANGERED SPECIES. BATFISH CLEANING STATIONDate 18th February to March 3rd at The Rainforest Gallery.The exhibition will kick off on the 18th February, with ‘special guest opening night’ on the eve at 7.30pm. The openingwill coincide nicely with the Conservation documentary that I have produced in the USA ~ entitled ‘Colours of the Gulf’which will be shown prior to this at UNIVERSITY BRUNEI DARUSSALAM ~ Central Lecture Theatre at 8pm on the 8thFebruary, 2011.The film was first premiered at the Mary C. O’ Keefe Cultural and Arts Center in Ocean Springs ~ Mississippi, USA. Ithighlights the need for marine protection and stringent conservation measures after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.The movie style documentary raises awareness of the efforts of the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory and BORNEOSHARKARMA ~ a not for profit non governmental organisation which highlights the plight of Sharks, Skates and Rayson the Island of Borneo. Given its wealth of resources, I feel that Brunei Darussalam is well placed to do much for themarine side of the Heart of Borneo Initiative.I n s u p p o r t o f B O R N E O S H A R K A R M A! G A L L E RY E X H I B I T I O N 1
  3. 3. FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASEMarine Awareness ~ Rainforest Gallery Exhibit ~ 18th February - 3rd March, 2011.Grand Opening Night 7.30pm ~ 18th February at The Rainforest Gallery, Quilap (near HSBC, 2nd floor, same block).Exhibition open to the public 19th February ~ 3rd March, 2011 ~ Rainforest Gallery during normal opening hours. Nick Coburn Phillips ~ Marine Scientist & Underwater Photo Artist.Raised in Snowdonia where the mountains and castles meet the sea ~ I have always loved the Ocean. My first encounterwith dolphins was when I was just six years old.I studied Science at College and Biological Sciences at Plymouth University with studies in Scuba diving as part of thecourse, later specializing in Marine Zoology at Bangor University. In 1997 after graduating my first degree, I travelled toTurkey where I learned to teach Scuba under the World Underwater Federation. Some years later, I travelled to Thailandwhere I worked on dive boats and Liveaboards off the Andaman Isles and as far North as Burma where I enjoyed divingwith some big Bull Sharks!!!Living with family in Brunei Borneo ~ I guided locally ~ Brunei and Sarawak ~ worked as an Environmental Consultantin Sabah and the World famous Island of Sipadan ~ the “crown jewel” of Borneo.I n s u p p o r t o f B O R N E O S H A R K A R M A! G A L L E RY E X H I B I T I O N 2
  4. 4. As part of CfBT, I was fortunate to visit western China ~ where I presented lectures on Anti Sharks Finning and thewonders of diving to children that had never seen the sea before!In 2003, I joined PADI ~ the Professional Association of Diving Instructors and trained as a Master Scuba Diver Trainerand worked on the Island of Koh Tao.In Kuching with Tropical Research and Conservation Centre I worked on a sharks conservation program, building a fer-rous cement barge for the capture and conservation of sharks.Diving frequently with Panaga Divers in Kuala Belait ~ I was privileged to dive beneath the Oil and Gas platforms withthe Shell Dive Team.Later in 2005 ~ I returned to UK to complete a Masters in Offshore and Ocean Technology specializing in Diving & Un-derwater Technology.This gave me insight into my career aspirations as a Submersible Biologist and Underwater Pilot and so in 2009 I en-rolled and completed an ROV Pilot Technician course at the World famous Underwater Centre ~ Fort William ~ Scot-land.My goals are Ocean Research and Exploration, being active in preserving the Oceans, promoting marine conservationand working towards marine protected areas.In December 2009 I created the facebook page BORNEO SHARKARMA to raise awareness of the need to protect andconserve shark species around Borneo.Having presented to the Brunei Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources on aspects of sustainable diving andecotourism ~ I aim to petition the Government to encourage city diner’s to say no to sharks fin soup ~ before the fisher-ies ecosystem completely collapses due to lack of enforcement and regulation.There is need to make a more concerted effort to protect not only sharks, but the critically endangered biodiversity of thetropical “Coral Triangle” which calls for a holistic approach to “Trilateral agreements” between Brunei Malaysia andIndonesia to preserve fragile marine ecosystems.Recently, I returned from the Gulf of Mexico ~ where I worked as Marine Photographer at the Gulf Coast Research Labo-ratory where I made and marketed a movie style documentary called “Colours of the Gulf” which was premiered at theMary C. O’Keefe Cultural and Arts Centre ~ Ocean Springs and this will be screened at University Brunei Darussalam onthe 8th February, 2011 at 8pm. In conjuction with this an art exhibition of my work will be displayed at the RainforestGallery, Quilap, Bandar Seri Begawan from the 18th February till the 3rd March to raise money and marine awareness insupport of Borneo Sharkarma’s continued conservation efforts.I am committed to writing and photographing for Google Earth Oceans with more posts being added locally and Inter-nationally and up for viewing on the Oceans layer soon. Some marine art is also available for sale on Red Bubble in sup-port of Borneo Sharkarma, so if you can’t make the exhibit ~ you can still peruse and purchase online in support of ma-rine conservation. With your help and support I will continue to produce an array of marine educational films and pho-tography to enthuse and enthrall the public into action!It is imperative that we address ecological issues now ~ rather than sweep them under the carpet to rot into the founda-tion fabric of tomorrow...VBR NickNick Coburn PhillipsMarine Scientist & PhotographerI n s u p p o r t o f B O R N E O S H A R K A R M A! G A L L E RY E X H I B I T I O N 3
  5. 5. I n s u p p o r t o f B O R N E O S H A R K A R M A! G A L L E RY E X H I B I T I O N 4