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Tarot card reading2
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Tarot card reading2


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  • 1. Tarot Card Reading (Part 2): To Fee or Not to Fee?From a Jan 19, ’05 Blog at MultiplyNo question on the issue, I just finished a Tarot read on my clients (a couple-a lawyer and his wife) andthey treated me to a sumptuous meal! Thai fried rice, grilled tuna belly with lots of roasted garlic,hototay, prawn tempura, san mig lite, buko juice...*Burp* Awat na! Awat na! I cant ask for more...Theyfooted the bill of P826. Then they asked me: "So, how much is your fee?" I could easily blurt out that Icharge them P250 each, but at that instance, this was more than enough! They wanted to give memoney for a very "informative" reading and they felt giving them their reading drained me a theythought of treating me to dinner and giving them my fee...but no, the wife handed me over a readyenvelop with a thousand peso bill! I received it with utmost courtesy and thanked them for theirgenerosity and told them to feel free to contact me if there are any further questions.I have been reading Tarot for over 23 years now. In the initial years I did not charge. In my third year Iwent to Bangkok to study the Fortune-telling arts in Sam Luang. They (the swamis), read "naturalsentience" into me, pasted gold paper in my forehead and initiated me into the gift of propheticreading: I Ching, Palmistry, Tarotee, Physiognomy, Psychometry...I sometimes had a hard time, but I hadPrasit, an interpreter. Then I had to do the "tahas" ([Waray] feat of the initiate), which was to go toThailands highest temple Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, and climb the 300 steps the mountain has to reachits Temple. And that was Buddha Day. There I meditated and thanked the Incarnates for the Sentientgifts they gave me...When I went down to Chiang Mai, I browsed the antique shops for curio and magickal items and I spenta fortune on rare books and, for MY STUDY ON THE DIVINATION CAREER. I went in depth on the booksof Eliphas Levi, Hermes Trismegestus, Franz Bardon...But the most important books I got was J.E. Cirlots"Dictionary of Signs and Symbols" and Carl G. Jungs "Man and His Symbols". These books on universaland cosmological archetypes embarked me to a scholarly and sentient Fortune-telling Career.Back in the Philippines, I have my regular set of Clients, Querants. I have a Tarot Clinic which Doctorsand even Psychologists ask their patients to go for "second opinion" ("Ask what she sees in yourdreams!, What does that symbol mean for her? Have your cards read and then come to me..") Long
  • 2. before I used to charge P250 per session now I go for P500. If its an out of town thing or a blitz or fair,my fee is P1000. I enrolled online in the American Tarot Association site and the Tarot School ofRuth and Wald Amberstone and now Im a CTCR (Certified Tarot Card Reader).I could have remained a Natural Psychic, but I chose to augment it with scholarly study to make it aprofession.I have always thanked the Goddess and God, Buddha and the Incarnates, Jesus and Mama Mary, Allahand Boddhisattva, Lord Krisna and Yahweh for this Gift they bestowed on me..I promised to use it for Good and for the Good of my Fellowmen and all Living Creatures in this Earth..I should have been filty Rich with this...but Im just content, I cant even afford the goodies Hegeisthai,Fully Booked, Aquarian, National Bookstore has to offer at the moment...I have to save some of my tarotfees to buy those books and decks...I believe everybody is equipped with these gifts, but to make it as a career is another thing. I havechosen to make this a career to relieve EVE from what Christians say her "original sin"...But OldTestament pa yon...Christ paved the way for this Age.So what, if we ate the fruit of Life? I want to charge a CTCR Fee. I think I deserve it.DulzBlogCopyrights 2012