Online marketing Strategy


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Online marketing Strategy

  1. 1. By - Dulare Yadav
  2. 2. Online Marketing Organic Marketing Inorganic MarketingSearch Engine Optimization Google Adwords Social Media Marketing Google Ad sense Blog Marketing Yahoo Search Engine Marketing Forum Marketing Email Marketing Link Exchange Microsoft Ad Center Viral Marketing Affiliate Marketing Local Places Purchase Traffic Google Base Banner Advertisement
  3. 3.  Online marketing, also referred to as i-marketing, web- marketing, internet-marketing, or e-Marketing, is the marketing of products or services. Growth rate of internet users
  4. 4.  Offline marketing is the traditional way to get customers and it is less competitive but offline marketing is much expensive. Channels of Offline Marketing Newspaper Magazines Television Radio Press Release in media Exhibitions Posters Ads on Invoice Distribute booklets Business cards Yellow Pages brochure ads sales letters catalogs on postcards Stickers Advertise on Coffee Mugs Advertise on Pen & Pencils Advertise on Calendar Advertise on mouse pads
  5. 5. Online Marketing Offline MarketingCampaign setup is Inexpensive Campaign setup is expensiveSales & Purchasing is time Time Consuming andsaving and easy complicatedGlobal Marketing Quiet difficultConversion results Conversion result is timeimmediately consumingConversion tracking is easy & Conversion tracking isfast complicatedConversion ratio is high Conversion ratio is lowTargeting audience is limited Targeting audience is hugeCompetition is High Depends on investments
  6. 6. Online MarketingDefinition:SEO is a process to update code & content ofWeb Page in order to get high rank in Search Engine.
  7. 7. On Page SEO Process Optimization Competition SEO Planning Keyword Research Inclusion Goal Setting Search Count Site Structure Competitor Analysis KEI Internal Linking Approaches External Link BuildingMarket Research Html/ CSS Page code & structure Identify Creation of themed Page Template Effectiveness project need Key phrase pages SEM Strategy: Paid SERPS effectiveness Vs Organic Vs Affiliate Identify Budget Title Tags & Resources Meta Tags Refine SEO for home & Identify Risk Factors key pages Assign Negative factors Creation of themed pages Work & Filters Optimization of other pages Selection SEO Objectives Google Sandbox Duplicate Content To generate: Press Release Submission • Sales Domain Strategy Penalties Forum Posting • Leads Guest Blogging • Awareness XML Sitemaps Blog Commenting Geo Location Blogging Social Book Marking Robots.txt Classified adsSite Submission Evaluate & Maximize indexing Article Submission SEO Chart Link Exchange Directory Submission Index Link Building Coverage
  8. 8. Search Engine Optimization On Page Optimization Off Page OptimizationKeyword Research• Broad Search Directory Submission• Phrase Search• Exact Search• Competition• KEI Article Submission• Trends• Long Tail Keywords BloggingMeta Tags Creation• Title Tags• Description Tags• Keywords Tags Guest Blogging• Competitor Analysis• Trends Blog CommentingFiles Creation• XML Sitemap – text, image, video• robots.txt• urllist.txt Forum Posting• RSS FeedOther Classified Ads Submission• Website navigation• Keyword density• Remove Junk Code• Image Optimization Web 2.0 Submission• URL Optimization• Hyper Link Optimization• Canonical Issue Press Release Submission• Error Code – 301, 302, 404, 505 etc.
  9. 9.  Google Analytics 1. Apply Goal & Funnel 2. Track Landing Pages 3. Get websites to target in off page 4. Check Traffic on keywords to target 5. Traffic from browser etc. Google Webmaster Tools 1. Impression 2. Clicks 3. Submit XML Sitemap 4. Check html problems and solve Bing Webmaster Tools 1. Impression 2. Clicks 3. Submit XML Sitemap 4. Check html problems and solve Yahoo Site Explorer 1. Submit URL 2. Check Links Yahoo Analytic 1. Check Traffic on particular keywords 2. Found Media From where get traffic 3. Create Analytics Report Word Tracker 1. Keywords Analysis 2. Found Search count on keywords
  10. 10. Online Marketing
  11. 11.  Social media are platforms for interaction and relationships. Describes the act of using social networks, online communities, blogs, wikis . Serve as a collaborative Internet form of media for marketing, sales public relations and customer service. When you engage in social media, you enter into an unspoken social contract. You are in a relationship, it goes both ways. Respect and trust must be earned.
  12. 12.  Facebook Twitter YouTube MySpace LinkedIn Friends Feed MetaCafe Digg Mixx Reddit
  13. 13.  In 2009, Facebook announced they had surpassed 300M users. Twitter claims 100M registered users. Almost 68% of all Internet traffic is social media or search. Facebook is the 4th largest website in the world having grown 157% between 2008 and 2009 – 1,928% in the US alone. Social media marketing will grow from $714M in 2009 to $3.1B by 2014*. Attacks on social media sites is up 240% from phishing attacks alone.
  14. 14. Online Marketing
  15. 15.  Google Adwords Google Ad sense Yahoo Search Engine Marketing Microsoft ad center Affiliate Marketing Banner Advertisement
  16. 16.  Googles system is the largest and most heavily trafficked, followed by Yahoo, then MSN Googles system tends to be more expensive per click because there is more competition than on Yahoo and MSN. Tracking is easy and transparent. Google Geo-Location can set on ad group level. Set Budget on Daily budget.
  17. 17.  Each account requires a nonrefundable INR 1000 initial deposit. There is a minimum variable bid requirement starting at INR 0.50 per click-through. A credit card is required to complete the sign up process Yahoo mainly have female audience Yahoo Geo target is on ad group level A Y!SM account lets you have 20 campaigns with 250 geo-targets each.
  18. 18.  To use Microsoft ad center you must install Microsoft Silverlight. Microsoft Advertising adCenter does not support Safari. Microsoft Advertising adCenter is not supported on mobile phones. Target options are live on campaign & ad group level Set Budget on daily & monthly basis CPC is low as compare to Google Adwords and Y!SM.
  19. 19. Online Marketing
  20. 20.  Popular term for advance internet technology and applications including blogs, wikis, RSS and social bookmarking etc. It is Second generation of services available on the Web that let people collaborate and share information online . OReilly Media and MediaLive International popularized the term Web 2.0
  21. 21.  Podcasting Blogs RSS Social Book Marking Social Networking
  22. 22.  Blogger Wordpress MySpace YouTube Metacafe Digg Furl Squidoo