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Connections Presentation


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10 neat, cool, free web 2.0 tools for use in the classroom, sponsored by Dulany Consulting.

10 neat, cool, free web 2.0 tools for use in the classroom, sponsored by Dulany Consulting.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. “10 easy web 2.0 tools”Intended Audience: Secondary education teachers
    Pete Dulany, CIW
    East Leyden High School
    Notes from today’s session available at
  • 2. Who’s here?
    Is this your first time here at Connections?
    YES – This is my first time.
    NO – I have been here before.
  • 3. Now for a REAL question
    A site that is considered “Web 2.0” is a website that…
    A. Has been newly created (since the year 2007)
    B. Is based on user-created content
    C. Built upon national core standards
    D. Runs on the latest upgrade to the Internet
  • 4. Tool #1: GoAnimate
    Great digital storytelling tool
    Free teacher accounts with student logins
    Enjoy this sample GoAnimateVideo I made in 2 hours called “Web 2.0 Homework Excuses”:
  • 5. PROs / CONs
    Digital storytelling increases student understanding
    Students are actively writing
    Students are engaged and excited to learn
    Basic accounts are free
    Can be sluggish over a slow Internet connection
    Learning curve: one to two class periods
  • 6. Tool #2: Prezi
    An alternative to tedious PowerPoint presentations
    All freshmen at Leyden HS Dist 212 learn this
    Embeds videos right from YouTube – no need to download and convert
    Web Accessible – no need to move PPTs with flash drives or student login accounts.
    Enjoy this sample Prezi:
    The Game of LIFE - Teacher Edition
    FBLA Prezi
  • 7. PROs / CONs
    Students are forced to think in text blurbs
    Simple, easy to read colors
    Instant YouTube embedding
    Easy to create and edit Prezis
    Basic accounts are free
    No text animations, just zooming / positioning
    All prezis are public
  • 8. Tool #3: WallWisher
    A great way for students to do things like:
    Post questions about a topic
    Post difficulties with an assignment
    A great way for faculty to do things like:
    Ideas for student of the month
    Post recruiting ideas
    Post who’s bringing what for a potluck lunch
    Check out the sample Wall!
  • 9. Quick Poll
    What’s the biggest problem with WallWisher?
    A. Students have to sign up for a user account
    B. The wall owner has to approve every post
    C. Keeping the posts “unique”
    D. Abusive language and CyberBullying
  • 10. PROs / CONs
    No signup – just visit and post
    You can “approve” posts or not
    Fast and instant thoughts
    Easy to create and set up. It’s free!
    Unique posts / students
    Requires moderation if anyone can post
  • 11. Tool #4: StoryBird
    Simple stories – nothing like GoAnimate
    Appropriate for younger audiences – there is no animation here
    COLLABORATIVE story telling – no email signup required.
    Bummer – you need to use THEIR art. But it’s still cool.
    A sample story:
    George's Journey Home
  • 12. PROs / CONs
    No signup
    Exercises creativity
    Students may be unwilling to be ridiculous – create your own
    For now, must use Storybird Art
  • 13. Tool #5: 360 Cities
    360 cities lets students feel as though they are actually in another city
    Provides both panoramic views from the ground and air
    Technology case study: Compare rooftops in Iran and Cuba: what do you notice about the technology each country uses?
  • 14. Tool #6: Weebly
    Creates instant websites for clubs, organizations, teacher webpages. Includes a free dropbox that gets sent to your e-mail account.
    No expensive Dreamweaver license. No HTML coding required. No FTP. No fees.
    EVERY teacher can have a webpage.
    Demo –
  • 15. Tool #7: Vuvox
    An excellent timeline creation tool. Also useful for showing order.
    Helpful for creating interactive timelines
    Showcase: History of the Internet (History), Moore’s Law (Math), Cell Mitosis (Science), Summarizing a story (English), even nonlinear projects like word definitions and a picture to help remember.
    Incorporates reading and writing
    Demo : When I present...
  • 16. Tool #8: scribblemaps
    Google Maps are great – but sometimes, you just need to scribble on them.
    Useful for parking directions
    Good for GPS devices on a “treasure hunt” – where you’ve been, or where you will go (Wireless War Walking)
    Demo –
    Actual assignment - Trail of Tears
  • 17. Tool #9: Many Eyes
    This phenomenal tool will allow you to either take an existing data set from the community or upload your own to see patterns in data.
    Demo: College education prices, acceptance scores
  • 18. Tool #10: Wordle
    This one isn’t “NEW” or fresh – but, I like it.
    Gives “big ideas” and vocabulary.
  • 19. But, remember…
    Use these tools at the beginning of lesson planning, not as an add-on extra.
    Seriously. Try JUST ONE today.
  • 20. And now this…
    The presentation that you’ve seen today – and many more like it – can be brought to your school district.
    I train teachers in technology!
    If you need help building (or re-building) a curriculum, particularly an online curriculum, I can help with that too.
    The winner of the portable speakers is…
  • 21. Conclusion
    Questions / Answers
    Collection of remotes & surveys / distribution of CPDUs
    Remember that all slides are posted to
    You can reach me at