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Published in Technology
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  • With these 5 products, we have brought new experiences to the market and particularly with the Xperia products we’ve been driving true innovation, which is what Xperia is all about “
  • Increasing consumer awareness of apps, email, internet Up to now, iPhone believed to be the only smartphone choice…Consumers gaining knowledge of Android eco-system Emerging as the only credible alternative to AppleOur ambition is to become the number one smartphonechoice for consumers on Android OS - with XperiaAnd to be a preferred partner for smartphonesand Android – delivering unique experiences
  • TOP in world stage in the respective segment, Consumer Electronics Entertainment and Communication Systems Ericsson, at least 1 out of 3 mobile calls is viaEricsson system Ericsson has access to high level operators relationship Sony consumer electronic experience, try and tested technology with great branding assets Sony great family of content as well as ambitions to grow the services business With such heritage, SE is the truly the only ONE and only that CAN and should deliver the Communication Entertainment promise
  • On top of Sony & Ericsson heritage, wehave proven ourselves in creating new ways of entertainment via mobile Way beforeCyber-shot, wealreadylaunchourimaging proposition with T610 call QuickshareThen 2005, our first Walkman phone W800 For thoseinterested, in 2006, the first Cyber-shot, K800 This year, 2010, weaim to create the mostentertainingsmarpthone with XPERIA
  • Sony Ericsson display technologyMobile Bravia EngineHigh quality image engine that combines contrast enhancement technology used in Sony BRAVIA TVs with color management, sharpness filter and noise reduction to display vivid beautiful videosLive Color FilterNew color enhancement technology for vivid image reproduction.Realizing NTSC contrast ratio of 110% (AMOLED 110%, LCD 87%) 25% increase in vividness compared to X10LED displayMature proven LCD technology with LED backlighting, ensuring high brightness and high visibility in outdoor environments.Brighter than current AMOLED display. Minimum gap between glass surface and display panel to emphasize the bright experience. LED with Dynamic Back Light Control (DBC) for less power consumption compared to normal LCD,
  • “I’ve always wanted a phone that has a good quality camera on it, and Sony feel like they are the brand that are going to be able to provide that”Sony Ericsson Xperia Communication Platform Research – Aug 2010CAPTURE2010 = great camera experience = 8MP + HD video (X10 with SW update)2011 = Add Sony camera technology:# ExmorR = Award-winning camera sensor used in SONY Cyber-shot® and handycam® productsThe Sony Smart Zoom® feature lets Anzu crop in close on the central portion of interest in your photo while avoiding the image degradation of other digital zooms
  • The Premium product line is part of Xperia™, featuring the most technically advanced phones with the most modern and cutting edge design.
  • Xperia™ arc is the ultimate multimedia smartphone with a super-slim design and state-of-the art Sony screen technology
  • -          Inspired by Sony design language with top of the line design combined with state of the art technology-          Amazingly slim – only 8.7 mm at its thinnest part with a beautiful arc.-          Lightweight and strong with perfect ergonomics: fits great in your hand and is easy to use -          Beautiful curvature which is Sony Ericsson unique design language
  • Q: There is a lot of Qwerty smartphones available, why should I choose Iyokan?A: Iyokan is the unique combination of the innovative Type&Send functionality for best messaging experience and the rich Xperia suit of entertainment with great camera (Exmor), great display (Mobile BRAVIA Engine) and HDMI.Q: Which messaging applications will be pre-loaded?A: All standard Android messaging applications and in addition SE will add ”Whatsapp”. No IM aggregator pre-loaded.Q: Can I customize local messaging applications that are relevant for my market/customer?A: Yes! Normal customization rules apply.Q: How does Iyokan qualify as a business smartphone?A: HW: Full qwerty, HDMI, large screen SW: Improved security compliance provided by Gingerbread, additional applications and integration provided by SE.
  • Key Message: Iyokan is Business Ready because: It is built on the strong Android 2.3 platform with powerful business enablers It supports the wide choice of Google Business Applications It has Enterprise Grade Email supported by the Moxier ActiveSync Client as well as added security features All of this makes the device a stand out Business Ready device for Prosumers. Business Centre – a widgetcreatedby SEMC where Moxier and the AntiVirus will be visible and controlled. Our Qualifiers on Android for Business are listed next to the Android Robot, including EAS, Device Management, Backup/Restore and of course leverage Google Mobile Services and the Android market. Device Management / Remote Administration worksfor „Domain Administrator“ withthefollowing:Restrict Google Sync. Do not allow devices to sync if they do not support the Security Settings you specify.Require users to set a password on their device. Users must lock their device with a password.Password strength. Allow any password, or require a password that contains at least one letter, one number, and one punctuation.Minimum number of characters. Require a minimum password length on the user's mobile device.Numbers of days before password expires. Force user to change password after a specified time.Numbers of expired passwords that are blocked. Prohibit using previous passwords.Automatically lock the device. If the device is idle for the specified time, the device will lock automatically.Number of invalid passwords to allow before the device is wiped. Auto Wipe a device after a number of failed password attempts.Additional applicationsthat will comebundledtosupportthe Business Proposition will include an Enhanced Moxier Client thatsupports IT Policiesabovethatof native Android 2.3.  It will comeincludedalongsideof Native GB supportof EAS. A securitypropositioniscurrentlyscoped in, howeverremainsconfidentialuntilnegotiationsare final.  The intentofthesolutionistoprovidedaddedprotection in theareaofsafebrowsing, antivirus, andantitheft. In additionwe will promote theavailabilityandcapabilitiesdrivenby Google Business Appsaslisted in thebottom box.  In summary Google Business Apps: DeliverprovencostSavings provide 50x morestoragethanaverage (25G) per user. Mobile email, calendarand IM access  99.9% uptimeguaranteewithsynchronousreplication Information and Security Compliance  Administrative ControlImportant: The Google Business appsmarkedwith * arepaidappsforenterprisesolutions on IT networks. They do not comepreloaded but Androidisfullycompatibleandoptimizedtosupporttheseasintegratedmobilitydevice.
  • Sony Ericsson brings it all together into a new powerful entertainment experience It is so easy to use, you can use it with one hand All the power of the latest Xperia products in a compact design
  • Perfect fit in the palm of your hand due to the instantly recognizable  ‘human curvature’ and compact size.  The large mineral glass scratch resistant 3-inch screen fitted in a compact phone makes the perfect balance of entertainment and comfort. The corner customization UI with quick folders, lets you personalise your screen with your most important apps in each corner for easy one-handed access. The phone has 5 home screens that can be individually customized to suite any specific need or want. You can for example use the corner UI concept on all your screens or only on some of them. Super flexible!
  • This product takes all the full power from our new Xperia products and packs it into a compact size. The new Xperia is the only smartphone to give you access to the worlds of both Android and SONY Delivered in the fresh unique Sony Ericsson must-have design and finish with perfect ergonomics The new full Xperia entertainment experience is brought to you through a beautiful easy-to-use graphical user interface.
  • The proven Google browser and 3G network allows high speed internet surfing and emailing. Navigate your way with Google Maps using GPS technology.Choose from more than 100.000 further useful and playful apps from Android market and download them straight to your phone. Enjoy great entertainment on the vivid Reality display powered by the Sony mobile Bravia Engine. Please also note how the screen covers almost all the front! Never miss a moment with video recoding and 5MP AF camera phone with photo flash in a compact device always at your reach. The corner UI now has quick folders, so you can personalise your screen with more of your favourite apps. Access them easily, even when holding your Xperia with one hand. Perfect fit in the palm of your hand due to the compact size and instantly recognizable ‘human curvature’. This compact smartphone has a scratch resistant 3-inch screen in mineral glass for best entertainment and durability.
  • Smultron comes with one black front and one white front and together with the exchangable covers, this gives a multitude of different customization options. The covers are available in Black, White, Dark Blue and Dark Pink.
  • Mango gives you the full power of the new Xperia phones, but in a compact size. As you know the Mini pro is well known for its´great messaging capability through the qwerty keyboard and the Mango is just as good if not even better!
  • SONY ERICSSON Sony Ericsson Xperia™ is the only smartphone that give you access to the worlds of both Android and Sony into one beautiful and easy-to-use deviceThe best of SONYBest multimedia technology including Reality display with Mobile BRAVIA engine 5MP AF camera HD video recordingThe best of ANDROID Access to more than hundreds of thousands of applications on Android Market All mobile Google services Fast mobile Internet for the best browsing and email experience On the latest Android release availableThis is Xperia™!
  • Mango comes with one black front and one white front and together with the exchangable covers, this gives a multitude of different customization options. Black and White are default RTL colors. Pink and Turquoise are bundling options.
  • The Creative Line – a mission to bring the Next Big Thing. A re-cap: we have the Premium, Performance and Compact Line building the core of Sony Ericsson’s Xperia portfolio,building on established lines of products by bringing new innovative Product Propositions to the market, deliveringon our promise to offer the most Entertaining Smartphones. The mission of the Creative Line is to expand our Xperia portfolio beyond the core portfolio, into new areas,new territories for Sony Ericsson, and in many cases into new territories of the mobile phone industry. It is about bringing the next big thing, marking the starting point of future product lines.In order to achieve this we have to leave the well known paths, find new ways of assessing the market relevanceand opportunity of new concepts and ideas, find ways to realize them, find the right timing when the needed technology is mature enough,  and manage the complexity in order to create a crisp easy to understand consumer proposition.It also requires tough judgment calls in order to identify the most promising concepts and put all focus and effort into these, while not pursuing others. As a result, the creative line is very focused in terms of no. of products, while gettingmore diversified as we identify and add more promising concepts to it over time.


  • 1. Trương Minh Tứ
    Trưởng Đại Diện
  • 2. 2010
    Android smartphone
    điệnthoạithông minh
    Android smartphone
  • 3. Điệnthoại Android
    Điệnthoại Android
  • 4. 2011
    Số 1
  • 5. Sony Ericsson’s ambition
    Number 1 in Android
    Our ambitionisto become nr.1smartphone choice
    for consumers on Android OS- with Xperia™… and to be a preferred partnerfor smartphonesand Android – delivering unique experiences
    Smartphones drive industry growth
  • 6. Tạisao Android?
    Tạisao Sony Ericsson?
    Tạisao 2011?
  • 7. Tạisao Android?
  • 8. Android vượt qua Symbian
    Trởthànhhệđiềuhànhdiđộngdẫnđầu (Q4, 2010)
    Q1 09
    Q2 09
    Q3 09
    Q4 09
    Q1 10
    Q2 10
    Q3 10
    Q4 10E
    RIM Blackberry
  • 9. There’s an App for that
    Android Market now has over 200,000 Apps. 
    The number tripled over the past 9 months
    Apple has 300K but all the major, popular apps are also in Android
    * Eric Schmidt’s keynote address at Mobile World Congress (15 Feb 2011)
  • 10. TốcđộpháttriểnthầnkỳcủaAndroid Market
    Hơn 200,000 ứngdụngMởrộngchoViệt Nam
  • 11. Google Mobile Services Differentiation
  • 12. TạisaoSony Ericsson?
  • 13. Smartphone market dynamics
    Two-step decision making for the consumer
    1. What Smartphone will I buy?
    2. Which brand will I choose ?
    Great momentum in 2010
  • 14. Hướngđitạosựkhácbiệt
    2H 2010
    Adjust focus to reflect market dynamics – increase focus on Android
    1H 2010
    We focused only on UI/UX differentiation (UXP)
    Unique combination of Android + Sony +Sony Ericsson
  • 15. Sony & Ericsson
    Heritage with NO competition!
    The BEST inCommunication Entertainment
    SONY’s entertainment expertise
    ERICSSON’s communication expertise
    Sony Ericsson is in the BEST position to deliver Communication Entertainment
  • 16. Heritage of creating new ways of entertainment
  • 17. CôngnghệhiểnthịcủaXperia™
    Reality Display
    LED-backlit display with LiveCOLOR filter
    33% brighter**
    40% more efficient**,
    and more vivid* than AMOLED
    Xperia™ | How to get to the #1 position | Differentiate with Sony expertise inside
  • 18. Contrast
    Mobile BRAVIA Engine
    Vivid beautiful
    images & videos
    Vivid* = Vibrant real life color and contrast, crisp, and sharp
    Xperia™ | How to get to the #1 position | Differentiate with Sony expertise inside
  • 19. Capture high quality images and videos even in dark low light situations.
    Côngnghệchụphìnhcủa Sony
    Xperia™ | How to get to the #1 position | Differentiate with Sony expertise inside
  • 20. Tạisao 2011?
  • 21. Portfolio Highlights
  • 22. Portfolio 2011
  • 23. Xperia™ premium
    Xperia™ Premium
  • 24. Xperia™ arc
    The ultimate multimedia smartphone, with a super-slim design and state-of-the-art Sony technologies
  • 25. Xperia™ arc
    Breathtaking, superior design
    8.7 mm
    Amazingly slim. Lightweight. Strong.
    Beautiful curvature, premium material, perfect ergonomics
    Xperia™ Premium | Xperia™ arc
  • 26. 4.2”
    Reality Display
  • 27. Fast capture speed
    Camera speed Xperia™ arc vs X10
    Pictures Taken
    Pictures Taken
    Camera_Xperia™ arc.wmv
    Superb HD capture even in low light condition with
    Xperia™ | How to get to the #1 position | Differentiate with Sony expertise inside
  • 28. Sángtạotuyệttác…
  • 29. Nhãnhiệukhác
  • 30. ChiasẻtrênmànhìnhBravia LCD
  • 31. Xperia™ arc
    Breathtaking design
    Amazingly slim
    Visual brilliance
    Reality Display with
    8 MP video recording
    Clear black
    Latest Android PlatformAll smartphone fundamentals
  • 32. Xperia™ arc
    Launch colors – April
  • 33. Xperia™ performance
    Xperia™ Performance
  • 34. Xperia™ pro
    Super-fast messaging and Sony multimedia technology – the best-of-two-worlds smartphone
  • 35. Xperia™ pro
    Intelligent and fast messaging - Perfect QWERTY hardware
    Optimized key spacing
    Heightened keys
    for best tactility
    Isolated keys
    Expanded keyboard
  • 36. Xperia™ pro
    Smart functions for fast messaging – Type & Send
    Widget on the desktop
    • Slide open – type and send!
    • 37. One place to send all your messages and status updates
    • 38. Download and plug-in your favorite messaging apps
    * All visualization of UXP3 are showing UX intentions only
    Xperia™ Performance | Iyokan
  • 39. Xperia™ pro – Business ready, out of the box!
    Android 2.3 Native Business Enablers
    Exchange Active Sync™ Internet Calling (SIP)
    Remote administration / Wipe & Lock
    Adobe Flash 10.1 Improved Multitasking WiFi tethering / Hotspot
    Google Mobile Services
    Android Market
    Business Center(Dashboard)
    Business ValueBundle
    Google apps for Business
    Mobisystems Office Suite ProView share and edit MS Office files
    EvernoteAll your notes in one place
    Adobe ReaderRead and share PDF files
    TripIt Your travel plans in one spot
    Business Card ReaderCapture & organize Business cards in your contacts
    Astro File ManagerManage all files and directories
    Security Suite
    Emtrace’s enhancedMoxier Exchange Active SyncEmail, contacts, calendars,tasks, attachments, folders & more
    Anti-VirusAuto scan of emails, SMS and MMS
    Enhanced Business Value - Delivered with 3rd party applications
    Important: The Google Business apps marked with * are paid apps for enterprise solutions on IT networks. They
    do not come preloaded but Android is fully compatible and optimized to support these as integrated mobility device.
  • 40. Xperia™ pro
    Launch colors
  • 41. Xperia™ pro
    More dynamic curves and morphing surfaces
    Intelligent and fast messaging
    • Type & Send desktop widget
    • 42. Smart Keyboard trigger
    • 43. Perfect Qwerty hardware
    Latest Android PlatformAll smartphone fundamentals
  • 44. Xperia™ mini
    Xperia™ Mini
  • 45. Xperia™ mini
    Xperia™ Mini has big appeal to consumers to step up to the real smartphones experience
    Target audience of the mini line:
    12 key users wanting to ‘move with the times’
    Basic smartphone users
    with a bad experience looking for improvement
    Xperia™ Mini | Mango
  • 46. It is so easy to use, you only need one hand
    Xperia™ mini
    Timescape™ - All communication in one place
    Make it yours - Fully customizable expandable quick folders
    * All visualization of UXP3 are showing UX intentions only
    Xperia™ Mini | Smultron
  • 47. Smultron
    Uncompromised power
    and HD video recording
    in a compact smartphone
    * All visualization of UXP3 are showing UX intentions only
    Xperia™ Mini | Smultron
  • 48. Smultron
    One-hand touch Super easy to use
    More dynamic curves
    and morphing surfacesMineral glass multi touch display
    HD720p video recording and DNLA
    Super vivid and bright 3“ Reality Display with
    Latest Android PlatformAll smartphone fundamentals
    Xperia™ Mini | Smultron
  • 49. To updated by UXC
    Dark Pink
    * All visualization of UXP3 are showing UX intentions only
    Xperia™ Mini | Smultron
  • 50. Mango
    power in a compact
    messaging smartphone
    * All visualization of UXP3 are showing UX intentions only
    Xperia™ Mini | Mango
  • 51. Mango
    Best in class keyboard
    More dynamic curves
    and morphing surfacesMineral glass multi touch display
    HD720p video recording and DNLA
    Super vivid and bright 3“ Reality Display with
    Latest Android PlatformAll smartphone fundamentals
    Xperia™ Mini | Mango
  • 52. Launch colors
    Xperia™ Mini | Mango
  • 53. “Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.”Erich Fromm,
    The Creative Line
    The next Big Thing!
    The core portfolio expanded into new areas. Introduce new propositions, marking the starting point for new product lines
  • 54. Creative
  • 55. Summary
  • 56. Cámơn
  • 57. Xperia™ neo
    Enjoy Sony multimedia technologyin a beautiful Android Smartphone
  • 58. with
    8MP Camera
  • 59. Perfect ergonomics for camera grip
    More dynamic curves
    and morphing surfaces
    Premium sound quality
    Latest Android PlatformAll smartphone fundamentals
    Xperia™ neo
  • 60. Xperia™ neo
    Launch colors – April