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Complete us it recruitement process copy

  1. 1. Complete US IT Recruitment Process RECRUITMENT PROCESS Requirement Received Via email Over Phone If received over email :§ Check if a proper Requisition form is received, if not create a Requisition form(preferably use the abridged form).§ Allocate job order sequence #.§ If the Requisition form is prepared send it for review to ensure all details are s correct. If over the Phone§ Create a Requisition form (preferably use the abridged form).§ Allocate job order sequence #.§ If the Requisition form is prepared send it for review to ensure all details are correct. Allocation of Task Review work load of the recruiter. Allocate new job orders to recruiters. Also give a copy of job requisition form to the recruiter. Update “Job Allocation Report” (which has recruiter’s name) and file a copy for personal records. Search Phase Ask recruiter to identify the keywords or if required, fine tune the search parameters. Reviewing Selected Profiles Recruiters will upload profiles and requisition form in a common folder.
  2. 2. Review selected profiles of each recruiter. Provide feedback (if any) to the recruiter. Update the submission list (for that job order) Review the documents required for the submission. Review checklist§ Ensure skill sets match.§ Rates are close to the rates specified by the client.§ Candidate should be either located near the clients’ location or is willing to uld work at clients ’location.§ Good communication skills.§ Get the Rate confirmation over email from the candidate / employer of H1Bcandidates. Client wise details of documents required for sub submission Direct Client§ Formatted CV in J-Squad letterhead. Squad Logic Solutions§ Candidates profile form§ Resume in MS Word format§ Personal feedback can be included in the covering letter. Approval or Rejection of a profile Interview feedback of all profiles should be updated in the submission profiles list. A month-wise and client wise interview list should be maintained wise client-wise Tax Terms – • Contract W2 – Will be working as a contract W- Contract- W 2employee for the company. • Contract to hire -W2 – Will be working as a contract W- W 2employee for the company with the option to hire hire.
  3. 3. • Full-time– Will be working as a full-time W-2 employee for – 2 the company. • Contract Independent – Will be working as a contract Contract- 1099employee for the company. • Contract to Hire - Independent – Will be working as a contract 1099employee for the company with the option to hire. • Contract Corp-to-Corp – Will be working on contract with Contract- or through another corporation. • Contract to Hire - Corp-to-Corp – Will be working on contract with or through another corporation with the option to hire. • TN– Visa for temporary workers authorized under schedule 2 of NAFTA. Employment Types :1. Contract - Corp-to-Corp Corp Definition: Corp-to-Corp the client, a corporation, pays to the business Corp entity of US Citizen or Green Card Holder, which is organized as a corporation, for the services rendered. In other words any employment where the contact is between two (2) companies is called Corp-to-Corp. Corp- Corp-to-Corp employment contract can happen in 2 cases. Corp Case – I: Any U.S. Citizen or any Green Card Holder can incorporate a company. Usually, people register a company to avail the tax benefits or save tax. This is a complicated set set-up process. The person incorporating the orporating company (Company A) can be the sole worker of the company and can take up employment with another company, a client (Company B). The client(Company B) will make the payment for the services rendered by the
  4. 4. consultan tto the corporation that the consultant owns. The consultant can then draw salary from his own company and pay tax. The client in this case is not liable to pay any tax on behalf of the consultant. Case – II: This can also happen when a client company hires a consultant with H1B VISA. H1 is works permit VISA for all professionals who are neither B US citizen nor Green card holder. In this case the consultant has an employer in the US,a registered corporation. This company allows the consultant to work for another company, a client, but the contract is signed client, between the employer company and the client. The consultant is a full time employee of his own company but a consultant with the client company. Payment Terms: In this scenario the client company pays to the consultant’s company directly and does not deduct any tax, as payment of any tax is the liability of the corporation rendering services.2. Contract – Independent (1099) Definition: This is actually sole proprietorship concern also called Independent. In other words a sole proprietorship is an unincorporated business that is owned by one individual. It is the simplest form of business organization to start and maintain. The business has no existence other than the owner. Its liabilities are the owner’s personal liabilit liabilities. Payment Terms: In this scenario(1099) the client company pays directly to the independent contractor and does not withhold any tax.3. Contract – W2 Definition: This is the simplest option of all other options. There is no need of book keeping as is the case other options like Corp Corp-to-Corp and 1099. In Corp this case the wages of the contractor are subject to the same tax withholdings as a regular employee of the client. In such cases the liability of depositing tax is with the employing company. The approximate percentage approximate of benefits and taxes is about 12.5 to 15% percent in some cases. Conclusion
  5. 5. A 1099 employee is in most cases a temporary employee (technically, noteven an "employee"). Because they are not permanent, they do not need tocomplete a W-4 or have the employer withhold taxes. They are responsible 4for paying their taxes directly to the IRS. The IRS requires that the employerreport the earnings paid on a form 1099. The IRS would rather put theburden of tax withholding on the employer and therefore has fairly stringent thereforerules regarding when someone can be considered a 1099 employee.Corp-to-Corp– Indicates that the employer would prefer to deal directly withanother corporation. The main reason for this preference is to avoid some ofthe potential liability that might exist in dealing with an independent ntialcontractor on a 1099 basis. This would include corporations dealing directlywith other corporations or corporations dealing with individuals who haveincorporated.A W-2 employee is an employe whose taxes are withheld by the employer 2 employeeand the earnings are reported to the IRS at the year-end via a W-2. The W-2 end Wemployee completes a form W at the beginning of their employment to W-4instruct the employer on how to withhold taxes. This eliminates any possible posissues that may arise with the IRS regarding employment status. Important: Keeping in mind the above details we must now understandthe contract fees payable under different work authorizations. Lets assumethat the client agrees to pay the contractor $ 60per hour. The chart belowexplains the final payment and deductions, if any, as applicable and alsoshows the net amount that is finally paid to the contractor under eachemployment authorization type.Corp-to-Corp Independent (1099) W2Clie Deducti Contrac Clie Deducti Contrac Clie Deducti Contactnt ons tor nt ons tor nt ons ors$ Nil $ 60 $ Nil $ 60 $ 12.5 to $ 60 –60 60 60 15% of deducti $ 60 onEmployment Definitions :
  6. 6. 1099 Employee – A 1099 employee is in most cases a temporaryemployee (technically, not even an "employee"). Because they are notpermanent, they do not need to complete a W 4 or have the employer W-4withhold taxes. They are responsible for paying their taxes directly to theIRS. The IRS requires that the employer report the earnings paid on a form1099. The IRS would rather put the burden of tax withholding on theemployer and therefore has fairly stringent rules regarding when someonecan be considered a 1099 employee..Corp-to-Corp – Indicates that the employer would prefer to deal directlywith another corporation. The main reason for this preference is to avoidsome of the potential liability that might exist in dealing with an independentcontractor on a 1099 basis. This would include corporations dealing directly wouldwith other corporations or corporations dealing with individuals who haveincorporated.EB-1 – Employment-based immigration category for aliens of extra ordinary basedability.EB-2 – Employment-based immigration catego for aliens with advanced based categorydegrees or exceptional ability.EB-3 – Employment-based immigration category for aliens with bachelors baseddegrees. Most immigrants become residents through this category.H-1B – Visa for temporary skilled workers (sponsored).H-4 – Visa for family members of H H-1B Visa holder.Independent – The employer is willing to hire a temporary employee oneither a 1099 or W-2 Basis. 2The IRS classifications of workers are independent contractors or employeesaccording to the "common law" s standard. The common law standard holdsthat if an employer controls and directs, or has the right to tell a workerhow, when, and where to work, then the worker is an "employee". A workerfree from such direction and control can be classified as an "independent". "independenJ-1 – Visa for doctors and researcher usually tied to some sort of researchgrant or exchange program.
  7. 7. J-2 – Visa for the spouse of an J Visa holder. J-1Job seeker – Candidate looking to better their employment opportunities.There are three types of Job Seekers: • Announced are Job Seekers that are ready to work in 30 days and appear on the Hot-list. list. • Passive Public are those Job Seekers that are not actively looking lookin for a job but would entertain the right opportunity. Passive Public Job seeker names display on the Hot list, but they will be on the passive Hot-list, list. • Passive Confidential are those Job Seekers that do not want anyone to know who they are. Job Seekers can cho to be confidential and chose they will show up in the passive list as a confidential candidate. candidateNegotiation Skills :IntroductionNegotiation is something that we do all the time and is not only used forbusiness purposes. For example, we use it in our social lives perhaps for socialdeciding a time to meet, or where to go on a rainy day.Negotiation is usually considered as a compromise to settle an argument orissue to benefit ourselves as much as possible.Communication is always the link that will be used to negotiate theissue/argument whether it is face face-to-face, on the telephone or in writing. face,Remember, negotiation is not always between two people: it can involveseveral members from two parties.There are many reasons why you may want to negotiate and ther are thereseveral ways to approach it. The following is a few things that you may wantto consider.
  8. 8. Why Negotiate?If your reason for negotiation is seen as beating the opposition, it is knownas Distributive negotiation. This way, you must be prepared to usepersuasive tactics and you may not end up with maximum benefit. This isbecause your agreement is not being directed to a certain compromise andboth parties are looking for a different outcome.Should you feel your negotiation is much more friendly with both parties friendlyaiming to reach agreement, it is known as Integrative negotiation. This wayusually brings an outcome where you will both benefit highly.Negotiation, in a business context, can be used for selling, purchasing, staff(e.g. contracts), borrowing (e.g. loans) and transactions, along with ,anything else that you feel are applicable for your business.Planning and How to Negotiate Negotiate:Pre-NegotiationBefore you decide to negotiate, it is a good idea to prepare. What is itexactly that you want to negotiate? Set out your objectives (e.g. I wantmore time to pay off the loan). You have to take into account how it willbenefit the other party by offering some sort of reward or incentive(explained later).What is involved (money, sales, time, conditions, discounts, terms, etc)? ney,Know your extremes: how much extra can you afford to give to settle anagreement? Although you are not aiming to give out the maximum, it isworth knowing so that you will not go out of your limits.Know what your opposition is trying to achieve by their negotiation. This is owuseful information that could be used to your benefit and may well be usedto reach a final agreement.Consider what is valuable to your business, not the costs. You may end up
  9. 9. losing something in the negotiation that is more valuable to your business ingthan money. It could be a reliable client or your company reputation.Negotiating:It is important that you approach the other party directly to make anappointment to negotiate should it be in person, writing or by phone (notthrough a phone operator, receptionist, assistant etc) as this will allow youto set the agenda in advance, and improve the prospects of the other partypreparing sufficiently enough to make a decision on the day. Try to be fairlyopen about your reason for contact or they may lose interest instantly andnot follow up on the appointment. Save all your comments for the actualappointment- dont give away anything that will give them a chance toprepare too thoroughly: its not war, but it is business! y:So, its time to negotiate and youve prepared well. What else must youhave? Two things: confidence and power. Your power will come from yourability to influence. For example, you may be the buyer (but not always astrong position), or have something that the other party wants, or you may trongbe able to give an intention to penalize if the other party fails to meet theagreement (as is the way with construction). As briefly mentioned above,you may be able to give a reward or an incentive. For example, you may be rewardselling kitchen knives and as part of the package you are giving a knifesharpener and a storage unit away free as an incentive.It is always important that you keep the negotiation in your control: this canmean within your price range, your delivery time or your profit margin. Ifyou fail to do so, you will end up on the wrong side of the agreement, andwith nothing more out of the deal other than maintaining tradingrelationships.When negotiating, aim as high as you feel necessary in order to gain thebest deal for yourself. The other party may bring this down but it is a goodtactic, as it is always easier to play down than to gain.Make sure that you remain flexible throughout the negotiation in case theopposition decides to change the direction of the agreement (they may want positiondifferent incentives or even change their objectives). This is where yourpreparation comes to good use: knowing your limits and the other partys
  10. 10. needs. If youre a quick thinker then youve got an advantage. Youll need to thenturn it around quickly if things start to go against you without putting yourobjectives at risk.Confidence comes from knowing your business, your product, what itsworth, and being able to communicate this well to the other party: thesepeople are almost impossible to get the better of, as some of you will knowonly too well.Agreement in Negotiation Negotiation:Once you have come to a final agreement, it is important that you have itdown in writing along with both parties signature: this is not always possible partiesor practical. Before it is signed, or formally ordered, it is wise not to sayanything about the terms agreed because your next sentence could breakthe agreement: the best sales sales-people never over sell - well, not until theyhave to!If it is a sale/purchase that you are making, then officially, it isnt a sale untilyou/they have actually ordered the product/service. Usually, this will be anOrder Form (we have one in our free business software). In most othernegotiations, one party sending a letter and fax to the other in which theagreement is outlined (to a sufficient degree) will form a legal basis.If the other party then amends the conditions in the agreement in writing toyou, those amended terms then become part of the agreement, UNLESS youdisagree in writing, and so on…SummaryWe use negotiation in everything we do but you have to be sure that it isdone in the best way possible to achieve maximum benefit. The mostimportant part is planning: preparing well will give you an advantage when preparingnegotiating.
  11. 11. Only use the knowledge and experience you need to achieve your objective:having the business owner negotiating the supply of pencils is over over-kill, andleaves you little room to power power-bargain with the same supply company when heyou want them to supply you with, say, colour photo photo-copiers.Have confidence and be sure that you can keep control at all times. Aimhighly, but dont underestimate the opposition. They too may have just readthe same advice. If youre selling something, be persuasive and offer some fincentive to keep the customer interested.Dont close an agreement until you are happy. This could be difficult if youhave been put in a corner but this would perhaps be an effect of poorpreparation.Strings to Search Resumes (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) -intitle:directory openview intitle:directory(intitle:"resume for" | intitle:"resume of") seibel -inanchor:apply - inanchor:applyinanchor:submit -inanchor:sample -intitle:how -intitle:write inanchor:sampleNormal search: (intitle:"resume for" | intitle:"resume of") seibel - ntitle:"resumeinanchor:apply -inanchor:submit -inanchor:sample -intitle:how -intitle:write inanchor:submit intitle:howBoolean Search : (resume | cv | vitae | homepage) openview -jobs -apply - jobssubmit -required -wanted -template -wizard -free -write -sample wanted sampleFile Search : ~resume (filetype:pdf | filetype:doc | filetype:rtf | filetype:htm| filetype:html) openview -jobs -apply -submit -required -wanted -write – wantedsampleTitle Url - CV Logic : (intitle:"curriculum vitae" | inurl:vitae | intitle:vitae)openview -about -jobs -inanchor:apply -inanchor:submit inanchor:apply
  12. 12. Portal Logic : (inurl:in OR inurl:pub) -intitle:directory openviewPortal Logic : inurl:res openviewloadrunner expert filetype:doc i resume inJ8JME6XHTMJKSample Format of Requirement:HiGreetingsPlease let me know if you are available for the below requirement. Job Title: Oracle Developer Primary Oracle Developer Skills: Secondary Skills:
  13. 13. Rate: Open Duration: 6 months Location: Colorado Springs, CO Oracle Developer Location: Colorado Springs, CO Length: 6 months Interview: Phone Position Responsibilities: Application development and support for internally developed financial system. Documentation/System Analyst for new development projects to meet business requirement changes. Position may require extended hours during peak processing periods. Required Skills & Experience:Description: Oracle 10 and above Data Warehousing/star schema 5 years experience Warehousing/star Oracle database development & performance tuning (8 yrs) PL SQL development & performance tuning (8 yrs) Oracle ELT methodology experience UNIX shell scripting experience (5 yrs) Communications skills; ability to convert business problem into a technical solution Desired Skills & Experience Financial systems background Reporting experience, Hyperion preferred Process documentationSample Rate Conformation Mail Format:
  14. 14. Hi John,It was nice talking to you.As per our discussion the rate has to be finalized for your consultant(Consultant Name here) for SQL Server DBA position located at EastHanover, NJ is $90/hr On Corp Corp Basis (All inclusive). Please send me Corp-Corpa confirmation mail to confirm the rate.Interview Questions for a Recruiter:Q. What is Recruiting, Explain Briefly the Recruitment Life Cycle?Q. What are the various Tax Terms in Us recruiting? Could youexplain them?Q. Who is a client?Q. Who is a vendor?Q. What is Work Authorization; define Various Visa Statusesavailable in USQ. What are the most important points that a recruiter should keepin mind:Q. How important is knowing various Technologies in IT, and how isit going to help in Recruiting?Q. How can the recruitment be done without the help of a vendor? Ifthe vendor is involved than what are the risks associated?Q. Why most of the reputed companies do not consider or avoid C2C companiespeople while marketing recruitment?Q. What are the important points that you follow to judge the qualityof a candidate?Q. What is a Background check and why it is done?
  15. 15. Q. What are the steps that you take to source a candidate if you sourcedon’t find in the Job Portals?Q. List various Job portals you are familiar with?Q. Explain the Resume Screening Process on any of the Job Portalyou wish?Q. What is required to become a good recruiter? What made you toopt for Technical Recruiting?USA with their respective Time Zones:There are four Time Zones are there in USA 1. Pacific Timezone (PST Pacific Standard Time) 2. Mountain Timezone (MST Mountain Standard Time) 3. Central Timezone (CST Central Standard Time) 4. Eastern Timezone (EST Eastern Standard Time)
  16. 16. US States Abbreviations & Short forms :State/possession AbbreviationALABAMA AL
  19. 19. UTAH UTVERMONT VTVIRGIN ISLANDS VIVIRGINIA VAWASHINGTON WAWEST VIRGINIA WVWISCONSIN WIWYOMING WY Military "State" AbbreviationArmed Forces Africa AEArmed Forces Americas AA (except Canada)Armed Forces Canada AEArmed Forces Europe AEArmed Forces Middle East AEArmed Forces Pacific AP