Cold war notes
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  • 1. The Cold War 1. What was the Cold War? The Cold War : period of intense rivalry between the world’s two “superpowers”, the US and the Soviet Union 2. When did the Cold War Occur? started immediately after WW2 -- lasted for over 40 years.
  • 2. 3. What made the Cold War cold ? Because of nuclear arms, neither side wanted to risk a “hot” war of direct confrontation that no one could win 4. Weren’t the US and Soviet Union allies in WW2? Yes, but the Soviets failed to withdraw their troops from eastern Europe -- they installed “puppet” communist gov’ts
  • 3. 6. What was the Truman Doctrine? Truman was determined to stop the spread of communism anywhere it occurred. His policy was known as “containment” 5. What was “The Iron Curtain”? Name given to the Soviet Union and its eastern European satellite states -- contact with them was minimal
  • 4. 7. What was the “Domino” Theory? US believed that if one nation fell to communism, its neighbor would also be at risk 8. What was the Marshall Plan? Huge US economic aid package meant to help rebuild war-torn western Europe (we feared communism might get a foot hold there)
  • 5. 9. What was NATO? Military alliance established by the US to stop Soviet aggression in western Europe. The Soviets formed the Warsaw Pact. 10. What was the Berlin Airlift? US flew millions of tons of supplies to supply Berlin because the Soviets had blocked all the roads
  • 6. 11. What was the Berlin Wall? Soviets built a wall that divided Hitler’s capital, Berlin – intended to keep western powers out and Berliners in. 12. What was the Arms Race? Soviets learned how to build the atomic bomb -- both sides stockpiled thousands of weapons