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What's Blogging? Why Do It? 11 15 12
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What's Blogging? Why Do It? 11 15 12






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What's Blogging? Why Do It? 11 15 12 What's Blogging? Why Do It? 11 15 12 Presentation Transcript

  • Simple definition:By Rita Skarbek
  • Entries commonly displayed in reverse-chronological orderMaintained by an individual (generally)with regular entries of  Commentary  Descriptions of events  Other material such as graphics or video  By Rita Skarbek
  •  Most blogs are interactive  allowing visitors to leave comments and even message each other via widgets on the blogs  this interactivity distinguishes them from other static websites Blogging is a form of social networking  Because bloggers build social relations with their readers, with other bloggers, and other sitesBy Rita Skarbek
  •  Provide Commentary on a subject Function as personal online diaries Function as online brand advertising for companies or individuals Combine text, images, and links to other blogs, other web sites, social media Web Pages, and other media related to its topicBy Rita Skarbek
  •  Most are primarily textual but can focus on any subject matter and take a combination of forms: ▪ Art (art blog) ▪ Photographs (photo blog) ▪ Videos (video blogging or vlogging) ▪ Music (MP3 blog) ▪ Audio (podcasting) Microblogging is another type of blogging, featuring very short posts…like Twitter, FB, etc. Leaving comments in an interactive format is an important part of most blogsBy Rita Skarbek
  •  Traffic sources:  41% Search Engines  28% Social Media  20% Referring Sites Top 3 most popular sites for Social Networking (and sharing content):  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin WordPress is most popular site used to create blogs (43%) and 35% use Blogger  By Rita Skarbek
  •  Blogging started in the 1990′s as online journals where people shared their interests, hobbies and thoughts online Blogs are now considered an important part of a companies participation online no longer just for the private personal blogger
  • By Rita Skarbek
  •  31 million bloggers in US alone
  •  Personal: about your politics, music, family, travel, health, etc Business: professionals sharing their expertise and/or companies personally engage with their customers Politics: Members of any political party, government agencies, and activists to connect with their constituencies and the world  By Rita Skarbek
  •  Schools: teachers and students collaborate on classroom projects Sports: Teams, athletes, fans use blogs to share their passion for various sports Private: Closed group, usually password protected.  Some people make their blogs private to share photos and information with families, friends, groups, club members By Rita Skarbek
  •  Clubs/Special Interest Groups: use blogs to post upcoming and past events, discuss subject matter, post photos etc. in lieu of email How-to, tips and reviews: There are lots of blogs that share tips and reviews about cooking, games, music, books, movies, technology, etc By Rita Skarbek
  •  Non-profits: Foundations, charities, and human rights groups use blogs to raise awareness, money, volunteers for their causes Military: Used to report what they see happening in the world, to stay in touch with families, to recruit,etc.  By Rita Skarbek
  •  Determine your purpose, is it  To document your travels?  To share your passion?  To inform?  To entertain? By Rita Skarbek
  •  Travel? Food? Sports? Technology? Pop culture? Politics? Art? Sewing? Cooking? Cars? Button Collecting? Meditation? Specific Cause? Disease?  By Rita Skarbek
  •  Your perspective: Traveler? Mom? Chronicler of family history? Movie critic? Clothing Designer? Hobby Enthusiast? Observer of the world? Poet? Photographer? Your target audience… Family and Friends? Club or Social Group? World? Film buffs? Consumers? Political Groups? Restaurant goers? Topics are endless…. By Rita Skarbek
  •  Once you figure out your subject matter area, write up a mission statement to help guide your future posts. Unclear about your blog’s focus? Scribble down any idea that comes to mind for reasons why you’d like to have a blog.  By Rita Skarbek
  •  Getting creative juices flowing and learning something new …. Customizing—choosing themes, fonts, colors, photos, etc making it yours Learning to use the internet to be heard, seen; to share information, photos, video, etc To just do it… length does not matter…blogs can be whatever size, shape, content you want By Rita Skarbek 
  •  Consistency—blog regularly Personality—be real, don’t copy Add Multi-media—diversify with video, graphics, etc. to bring people to your blog Use social networking —provide links to your blog through FB, Twitter, Google+ etc. Have fun —being creative  By Rita Skarbek
  •  We will show you some great blogs of the various types we discussed today Here are 3 examples of blogs from club members: www.Grandgraphics.wordpress.com www.Ritamarywhatever.blogspot.com www.Groovypinkblog.com  By Rita Skarbek