Usable Gamification


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Do and Don’t Do in Gamification

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Usable Gamification

  1. 1. Usable Gamification Do and Don’t Do in Gamification December 2011
  2. 2. About MeFounder of Jivy Group, PlayfulShark & LudusAdvisor & Mentor for startupsTeacher: Beit Berl, HITPhD student: STS @ Bar IlanBlog: www.dudipeles.comMail:
  3. 3. The next 40 minutes What makesThings Good or Good and Bad Bad Gamification Gamification Questions
  4. 4. What makes a game good or bad?
  5. 5. What makes a game good or bad? A good game is Fun
  6. 6. In good games Just from the look of it You know what to do A Fun game is usually Usable
  7. 7. What makes an OS good or bad?
  8. 8. A good OS works Some would say it must be UsableI would argue it must be Fun as well
  9. 9. What makes apps good or bad?
  10. 10. Same goes for web sites and apps
  11. 11. First make it workThen make it UsableOnly then make it Fun
  12. 12. GamificationThe concept that you can apply the basic elements that make games fun and engaging to things that typically arent considered fun
  13. 13. Why do we need to make things fun?• Emotional connection with site / product• Fun allows learning• Fun creates a positive attitude• Just because its fun
  14. 14. If you know how, you can turn anything in to funFun and theme are not correlated (Game based marketing - Gabe Zichermann)
  15. 15. Good and Bad Gamification Important: the analysis presented here is only my opinion, feel free to agree or disagree
  16. 16. Foursquare 10M users, last round evaluation $600M
  17. 17. The Good a nd The Bad• Super relevant • Very easy to cheatproblem to gamify –Added motivation tocheck-in.• Mayor concept• Great Badges System• Great Point System
  18. 18. Waze
  19. 19. The Good a nd The Bad• Super relevant • Gamification feelsproblem to gamify – like “nice to have”Added motivation to • Point System unclearuse, and report • No “social game”• Baby concept (groups isnt fun)• Progression • No clear goals
  20. 20. The Good a nd The Bad• Great Graphics • Over Gamified• Full RPG Progression • Relevant manly for• Collection gamers• Goals management • Even easier to cheat • No “social game”
  21. 21. Google News Badges
  22. 22. The Good a nd The Bad• Great badges system • No relevant problem• Nice Video to gamify
  23. 23. Ribbon Hero 2
  24. 24. The Good a nd The Bad• Facing one of the • Can be perceived asbiggest problem of all: a educational game,Teaching users to use and not a gamificationa program application• great approach• great integrationwith product• Nice Video
  25. 25. Conclusion• Sometimes Microsoft does it good and Google doesn’t• Gamification is good for certain types of problems• Creativity and new concepts makes good games and good gamification experiences• Fun is not only game mechanics it’s the whole approach• Too gamified can be bad
  26. 26. Interesting… What now?• Learn more about game design and Gamifiaction (links at the end of the presentation)• Use professional game designers to help you design user experience – There are tens of private game design studios in Israel – Each year 30 game designers finish training, hire one
  27. 27. More about Gamification
  28. 28. Books
  29. 29. Videos
  30. 30. Thank you For more detail see: www.jivygroup.comOr just send a mail