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SchoolPlus is a complete End to End ERP system to automate the school environment and make the task completely computerised.
All this at a very affordable price.
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School plus

  1. 1. Whatever ...Be in flow SchoolPlus The Complete School Management System Key Differentiators Send SMS to one or many students from SchoolPlus easily. CCE (Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation) Method of CBSE Implemented in the Result Module. Generate results easily using this. Automated Library with excellent cata- loguing and circulation techniques. Intelligent Timetable with replacement options for absent teachers. Ledger and Finance Accounting with Pay- roll facility. A complete ERP System. Integrated with Biometric Attendance Reader. At the Lowest Cost Ever!!
  2. 2. DUCC Systems
  3. 3. DUCC Systems Table of Contents 1. SchoolPlus Introduction 4. 2. DUCC Profile 5. 3. Packages of SchoolPlus 6. 4. Some More Packages 7. 5. Some More Packages 8. 6. Some More Packages 9. 7. Snapshot showing the Add Student Form 10. 8. Snapshot showing the Search Student window 11. 9. Snapshot showing the Attendance Register 12. 10.Snapshot showing the Payments and Dues Details 13. 11.Snapshot of Payroll Manager and Salary Slip 14. 12.Thanks Giving by DUCC!!! 15. 13.Contacts 16.
  4. 4. DUCC Systems SchoolPlus Introduction SchoolPlus is a product of DUCC Systems. It is a comprehensive software and a technology which has been developed for the complete management of school of any type and of any level. SchoolPlus has the power to automate the whole organization of any school and drastically reduce the cumbersome logic involved in the day to day operational complexity of the school. It not only reduces the manpower of the school but also aids in providing a better ac- cess to the information of the various entities of the school in the most presentable format and in a secured environment. From the entry of a student to his passing out, Employee/Teacher management, SMS facility, Payroll Management, Fee Management, Admission and Registration Management, Library Management, Inventory Management and a plethora of func- tionalities, the SchoolPlus looks after the management of every bit of information available. SchoolPlus is a complete mapping of the manual administration of the or- ganization into a fully automated computerized environment. To Conclude in one line, SchoolPlus is a tool that makes your school management PAPERLESS and takes care of all the IT needs of the organization. SchoolPlus Uniqueness SchoolPlus has been developed after a series of detailed discussions with the prin- cipals, school administrators, computer operators, clerks etc. of some of the most re- puted schools like D.P.S. , D.A.V., St. Xavier of various cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Jammu, Dhanbad, Patna etc. SchoolPlus maps the complete IT requirements of any school. Moreover, SchoolPlus is always in a constant betterment and customizable mode. Hence, a better for the best is always there. The price offered for SchoolPlus is the lowest of market rates. This we have achieved because of our technologies based on Open Source like Java and MySql etc. More- over, our efficient software management system has helped bring down the cost drastically. Page 4
  5. 5. DUCC Systems DUCC Profile “Whatever...Be in flow”. This defines the optimism on which our company grows. Our business stands on the pillars of three basic principles: 1. Innovation 2. Synergy 3. Agility We are currently in the business of providing complete IT Services and Software Solutions to the educational sector (Schools/Colleges/ Universities) from last four successful years. We have out branched our services from five different offices namely Delhi, Banglore, Jammu, Ludhiana and Gurgaon in India. We believe in implementation of technical innovation with agility and synergy within this sector. It's not only doing business but building a relationship. Assurance of Innovation comes when working team comprises of young, enthusiastic and dynamic professionals who have the passion to reach new heights. Fortunately we are such a team. With Synergy we believe in growing with our clients' growth. It’s nothing about "Customer first “or "Employee first" but "Commitment first”...Commitment to ourselves and Commitment to you.. It specializes in the education sector with some of the most robust products as SchoolPlus for schools, CollegeSim for college management and CAMS Suite for the University Management System. The company maps all the IT needs at different levels be it school, college/ university. We believe what is internally disciplined is the best managed entity. DUCC Systems strongly believes in relationship. Neither the employees nor the customers, but it’s the relationship that comes first for DUCC. DUCC stands on the pillars of agility, innovation and dedication. Page 5
  6. 6. DUCC Systems SchoolPlus System Visualization Librarian Admin Inventory Management Security User Account Data Operator Account Student Profile Time Table Inventory Account Fee Counter Notice To Students Events School Account Staff Payroll Attendance SMS Sending Extra Curricular Activi- Page 4
  7. 7. DUCC Systems Database Access Visualization Page 5
  8. 8. DUCC Systems Fee Manager Financial details and the numeric data is always prone to errors when dealt with a manual approach, to help schools get rid of it, SchoolPlus offers a Fee Module which tracks the complete Fee Records of the students including the dues and the payments, it also keeps a defaulter’s list. It comes equipped with basic functions of generating Fee Slips and receipts with a unique bar code on it. Student Manager Student Manager keeps the personal records of all the students and provides an ease to manage their profiles, store information related to their candidature, their academic records etc. It is equipped with features that can help in the automatic generation and printing of students ID cards and also in releasing notices for any particular student or group of students. Set Up Manager This package helps you configure this complete SchoolPlus application according to the configuration of the school. The setup includes the class setup, section setup, user access setup, subject, religion category and many more setups. This fulfills all the prerequisites required to fully run the software. Security Setup The SchoolPlus provides a four tier security to the administration. An AES encryption technique at the database level, a login and password system at the database level, a login and password system for the SchoolPlus and the privileged access mode for users of different levels. For e.g. a librarian needs no access to the accounts, this is provided in SchoolPlus. Account Manager This package helps present the accounts of the school in the best possible way. It manages the complete business relation of the school with outside world. It also handles the money of the inventory. The visibility can be controlled by the administrator.
  9. 9. DUCC Systems SMS Manager (Implemented on Demand) It becomes a morale and obligatory requirement at the front of the school to intimate the students’ parents on various activities, events and functions being organized at the school level apart from updating them on their children performance areas. However, it becomes a tedious job for the schools to manually send intimations and notices to the parents of the students, which is a big job. SchoolPlus comes equipped with an SMS Manager that provides an interface to send bulk SMSs to a single or multiple parents with an ease to use, which reduces the manual work load to a great extent. Time Table Manager Time table manager is a rich GUI tool for the schedule management of the timings of classes. It has options of generating a descriptive time table report based on different combinations of the chosen criteria which can be class(s), teacher(s) or any other. It maintains details of sessions that can help the school management to make alternative arrangements well in hand incase of the unavailability of any teacher(s). In one word, it simplifies the cumbersome manual process of maintaining time table with the help of its automatic time table generation features. Payroll Manager Payroll Manager simplifies the salary disbursement process by automating the salary processing. It complies with the legalities and statutory norms of the salary processing and offers an exhaustive list of salary components. The Payroll Manager has been made keeping in mind the recent changes under the 6th pay commission for the central government organizations. It has reporting features too that can help in the generation of various reports based on the chosen criteria. Inventory/Stock Manager Inventory Manager maintains an exhaustive list of assets of an organization along with their description, which can be in the form of physical and logical assets. It keeps track of the inventory for different items like Books, Socks, Ties, Belts etc. and reminds of the current status of the inventory so that items on the verge of getting finished can be ordered,
  10. 10. DUCC Systems Teacher Manager This module keeps track of the complete records of teachers including their subjects, competence, and individual performances. It comes with features to automatically generate time table for different sessions for teachers. The data in the teachers’ module can further be used for the generation of various reports for the top management. Result and Examination Manager The Result Manager generates the report card of the students which helps in the analysis of the marks and grades, this analysis report can be viewed in different formats. It also generates the weekly test report cards. All these information can be easily uploaded on the school website for better visibility. Report Manager The Report Manager is a very useful tool as it generates various reports pertaining to the activities and the management of the school. These reports help organizations take important decision at the decision support level. The generated reports can be saved in different file formats for e.g. .pdf, .doc, .xls, .html etc. The generated reports can be directly printed or mailed to the recipients. Holiday Manager SchoolPlus comes integrated with a module to manage the holidays, events schedule and academic calendars. It provides the flexibility to send notices to parents on various school events and functions, it also provides alarm feature which can be used by the School authorities/ users of the SchoolPlus system to set reminders for various events, functions and activities. It also helps in the generation of academic calendar. ECA (Extra Curricular Activity) Manager Extra curricular activities are an inherent part of the education system in India and with the expected dynamism in students today, it has gained its value even more. SchoolPlus comes packed with a module to manage the extra curricular activities of every student and it uses its Business Intelligence to analyze and generate different reports specifying the overall performance of the students on such activities which can later be used by the school management as an instrument for mentoring at the individual student level.
  11. 11. DUCC Systems Back Up Manager This provides the complete backup of the database facility. The backup can be taken on any device like hard disk or a CD. This provides the security of the data. Future risks are averted using this manager. Backup of the database session wise helps in a proper search facility of the records in the future. Log Manager This package handles the security of the system. It keeps a record of all the users who logged in and gives a view of what they have done during that session. Hence any mishandling with the database can be easily tracked. Attendance Manager This package provides a complete mapping of the manual attendance of students and staff into an automated system. A descriptive view of the attendance with absentees list giving the reason of their absence. Note: The Result Manager has been designed according to the latest CBSE CCE patter of Examination. Extensive reporting such as Percen- tile reporting, Grade wise reporting, Class wise comparative report- ing are integrated with this Result Module, and all this at the easi- ness of clicking.
  12. 12. DUCC Systems Transport Manager Transport Manager package takes care of the transportation needs of the school. Driver details, stop details, route details buses details are managed by this package. Charity Manager This package manages the charity and grants offered by the society and government (if any) and tracks he flow of money for various departments. Awards, Honors and certificates This package improves the management of the school for the awards, honors certificates etc. by students and teachers at the school. Search options are available according to the postions, ranks etc. Ledger Section The division of School finance into ledgers and managing through ledgers is possible. Transfer of money within ledgers is possible and extensive reporting facility is provided. Courier Management All the couriers receive by the students and the staff are managed by this package. All future oriented searches and reporting is available for the effective tracing of couriers coming to school.
  13. 13. DUCC Systems Rollback Manager This package facilitates the user to return back to an earlier saved point. This is useful when some mistake happens in the working of the system. This mistake generally occurs by the operator during data entering and saving of data. Admission Enquiry This module tracks all the admission related enquiries coming to the school. These leads can be traced and competition from other schools can be easily defeated. Calculator A calculator package has been included to enhance the calculations during the time of working. All the basic operations are performed by the calculator with ease.
  14. 14. DUCC Systems Snapshot showing the Add Student Form. This form is generated to admit the student in the school. The fields of the form can be custom- ized as per the requirements of the particular school. The photo of the student can also be up- loaded and saved. From the form only the school can customize some fields like transport, ID card printing etc. From here You can also enter so many minute details of the student like last school attended, blood group, physical disability etc. Page 10
  15. 15. DUCC Systems Snapshot showing the search window of SchoolPlus. This window is for searching the students in the school. This search can be optimized using the options given. The search could be by Class, Section, Name, Roll No, Admission No, Category, Religion, Gender, DOB, DOA etc. in just one click. This search can be printed directly from here. Page 11
  16. 16. DUCC Systems SnapShot Showing the Attendance of the students of a class. This attendance register shows the date wise attendance of students of a particular class and a sec- tion. This also shows the days that are holidays and absentees are shown in red. The school can track the attendance of the students of any past date. The students are shown with their unique ID. Similarly, the staff also can be attended using the Attendance Manager. Page 12
  17. 17. DUCC Systems Snapshot Showing the Payment and Dues Details of students. The snapshot shows the Payment and Dues Details of students. This list can be generated using various combinations like Class wise, Section Wise, Roll no. etc. Dues can be seen separately. The total of payment and dues is calculated and the complete list can be printed as well. Page 13
  18. 18. DUCC Systems Snapshot of the Inventory Manager The Inventory Control System is the complete automation tool for the management of stocks and inventory of School. It handles the withdrawal and deposit, reminds of the danger level of any stock, provides zero stock facility and many more functionalities. The search for inventory is category wise, item wise, date of purchase wise, vendor wise etc. Page 14
  19. 19. DUCC Systems Our Respected School Clients Jammu & Kashmir St. Xavier’s Public School, Jammu DAV. Vidyapeeth Hr. Secondary School, Jammu DPS, Katra, Jammu Wazeer Jankinath Public School, Jammu R.S. Jagrtit Niketan, Kathua, Jammu Rainbow Public School, Jammu J.K. Montesorri Public School, Jammu Dr. Ambedkar Convent School, Jammu Little Angels Public School, Udhampur Bahadurgarh Triveni Memorial Sr. Sec School Oasis Public School Hardayal Public School New Delhi BVM Public School, Najafgarh, New Delhi Icon International School, Dwarka Joseph and Mary Public School, Delhi West Point Model Sr. Sec School, Uttam Nagar , Delhi Gurgaon Bharti International School, Sector 56 Kamla International School, Patel Nagar St. Crispin’s Sr. Sec. School Starex International, NH-8 Dhanbad St. Mary’s Day School St. Thomas High School and the list continues...
  20. 20. DUCC Systems
  21. 21. DUCC Systems DUCC Systems Contacts: CORPORATE OFFICE (HEAD OFFICE) DUCC Systems New Delhi, India Corporate Office 720, 7th Floor Jaina Tower-1 Janakpuri, New Delhi-58 011-25624491 +91-9953631179 +91-9711496932 Corporate Id: Online Chat Support I OFFICES OFFICES JAMMU ( North India Office ) BANGLORE (South India Office) Mr. Sourabh Kr. Mr. S. Kaushik Mobile :+91-9796038037 Mobile :+91-9538294190 SIRSA ( Haryana Office ) New Delhi(Corporate Office) Mr. Pawan Mr. Amit K. Chaturvedi Mobile:+91-9991093895 Email : Mobile : +91-9953631179 Page 16