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  • 1. Stereotypes September 18, 2007 Day 8
  • 2. Plan for today
    • Define stereotypes and generalizations (11-11:15)
    • Changing stereotypes into generalizations (11:15-11:35)
    • Stereotypes about Americans (11:35-12:15)
  • 3. Stereotype vs. Generalization
  • 4. Stereotype vs. Generalization
    • The automatic application of information we have about a counry or culture group, both positive and negative, to every individual in it. (SA, p. 57)
    • Using initial ideas about a group to form hypotheses. (SA, p. 57)
  • 5. Stereotypes > Generalizations
    • Americans are very friendly.
    • Generalization:
    • Hypotheses:
  • 6. Stereotypes > Generalizations
    • The French are rude.
    • Spaniards are laid back.
    • Germans are orderly.
    • Germans drink only beer.
  • 7. Stereotypes about Americans
    • Americans are rich.
    • Americans are superficial.
    • Americans are materialistic.
    • Americans are wasteful.
  • 8. Americans are rich.
  • 9. Americans are superficial.
  • 10. Americans are materialistic.
  • 11. Americans are wasteful.
  • 12. Advice for traveling abroad
    • I remember feeling as though people judged me unfairly because of my nationality while traveling in eastern Europe b/c of my government’s military actions in Belgrade. The anger I felt toward them for judging me actually helped me. One must remember the gold rule of intercultural interaction: Don’t judge a person completely b/c of cultural stereotypes if you don’t want them to be equally critical of you. I now realize that no one is responsible for their government. We are all individuals and deserve to be evaluated on our own merits, not those of our elected officials.