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Presentation by yazdani

  1. 1. • In 2001, after the 9/11 attacks and US’sinvasion in various countries to eradicatemilitancy, Pakistan became one of the mostimportant strategic allies for United States.• President Pervez Musharraf confessed thatthe country had no option but to supportUnited States as it had threatened Pakistan of“bombing it into stone age” if it did not jointhe fight against al Qaeda.Pak-US Relations
  2. 2. • 2003, United States officially forgave $1 billionloan it had granted to Pakistan in a goodwillgesture and appreciation for Pakistan’scooperation• 2004, President George Bush officiallydeclared Pakistan as a non-Nato ally grantingit the authority to purchase strategic andadvanced military equipmentsPak-US Relations after 9/11
  3. 3. • US army launched drone strikes on the north-western side of the country. Large civiliandeaths and caused much opposition fromPakistanis.• 13. • 2007, A report was issued in whichPakistan was accused of using aid moneyprovided by US to Pakistan for its cooperationon war on terror, for strengthening its defenseagainst India.Pak-US Relations after 9/11
  4. 4. • In the June of 2008, an air strike by the USArmy killed 11 paramilitary soldiers of PakistanArmy Frontier Corps, along with eight Taliban.• The strike and deaths instigated a fiercereaction from Pakistani command calling theact to have shaken the foundations of mutualtrust and cooperation.Pak-US Relations after 9/11
  5. 5. • In the beginning of 2011, Raymond Davis, a CIAagent in Pakistan killed two Pakistani men inLahore, claiming that they came to rob him.• In the May of 2011, Osama bin Laden was killedin an operation conducted by US Navy Seals inAbbottabad.• Pakistani government ordered US army toevacuate Salala air base which was being usedto launch offensive on Taliban and militants andalso halted NATO supplies for United Sates.Pak-US Relations after 9/11
  6. 6. • On May 18, US lawmakers block up to $650million in proposed payments to Pakistan unlessIslamabad lets coalition forces resume shipmentof war supplies across its territory.• President Zardari arrived in Washington on May19 to attend the NATO summit in Chicago.However, both the countries were unable tostrike a conclusive deal on the restoration ofNATO supplies as the summit ended.Pak-US Relations after 9/11
  7. 7. US economic assistance to Pakistan peaked in 1962, atover $2.3bn.In 2010, military assistance to Pakistan totaled $2.5bn -including $1.2bn in coalition support funds.US assistance to Pakistan reached its lowest level in the1990s, after President George H.W. Bush suspended aidflows over Pakistans emerging nuclear program.
  8. 8. US military assistance droppeddramatically during and immediately afterthe Indo-Pakistani wars of 1965 and 1971.Since 1948, the US has sent more than£30bn in direct aid to the country.
  9. 9. • “P a k i s t a n i s l i k e ab l a c k h o l e f o rA me r i c a n a i d ,”• “Wes h o u l d c u t P a k i s t a no f f o f e v e r y c e n tb e c a u s e i t h a s b e e nu s e d f o r e v i lp u r p o s e s , i n c l u d i n gk i l l i n g A me r i c a nt r o o p s ”G a r y A c k e r ma n .• “T h e U n i t e d S t a t e s h a s
  10. 10. • “The time has comefor the United Statesto fully review itsrelations withPakistan. We mustassess the natureand levels of oursupport.”
  11. 11. • The US-AID has increased the inflation ratesin the country.• Main inflation drivers includefood and utility prices, the Pakistani rupee’sdepreciation versus the U.S. dollar, andhigher international commodity prices.• Low levels of spending in the social servicesand high population growth have contributedto persistent poverty and unequal incomedistribution.
  12. 12. • Relationship depends on theconvergence of the national interestof both countries.• The greater the convergence, thestronger with this relationship be.• US has been using Pakistan as anexit and an entry to Afghanistan.
  13. 13. • US has always looked for its national interestand its about time that Pakistan does thesame.• The aid relationship between the unitedstates and Pakistan has been complicated,and even dangerous, especially sinceSeptember 11, 2001.