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  • From Nouns to Verbs
  • So once we have all these objects, and begin to understand intent, we can do some magic
  • 9 billion to 25 billion in the next 8 years
  • Quality : Create unique, interesting and useful content.Trust: Work on getting trustworthy sites linking to your site. Be sure to manage the anchor text they use.Popularity: Being popular helps. While quality of your inbound links matters more, having a number of trustworthy links pointed at your content helps, too.Timeliness: Practice frequent updating of your sites or blogs. Visitors like to know your site is current.Simplicity: Make it easy to Like and Share content. Enable functionality which encourages visitors to share your content. Share: Include links in Tweets and Updates via your own social spaces. As we’ve seen, the perceived quality of your tweets and posts increases when you include links to relevant, useful content.Relationships: Seek ways to encourage trust-worthy people to share your links or tweets. Avoid spammy clumps or groups who randomly retweet or like things. Organic is best.Frequency: The number of people retweeting or Liking what you said/shared in the last minute, hour, day, week is easily seen by the engines. Work to increase your influence.Change: Be prepared to turn on a dime, and for the flash mob as new things go viral. Focus shifts quickly today, so be ready to take advantage of shifts as they occur.
  • Searchfest 2013 Keynote

    1. 1. what does duane do at bing Bing Webmaster Tools Speaks at shows, runs forums and blog, provides guidance on new WM tools Does he have a clue? 12+ years as an inhouse SEO; ran seo at MSN; has helped Disney, GAP, Walmart + @duaneforrester And this helps me how? Blogging since 2001; owns 150 domains; actively optimizes and monetizes data, always fully provided.
    2. 2. Search – were trying to solve…Your data, always fully provided. ComScore and Microsoft Internal Analysis
    3. 3. • Query is a single action • Session is a collection of related actions over time Query Session dog • Monday • Tuesday • dog beds • dog sweaters • dog accessories • dog collars • dog toys • dog leashes • vet near me • puppy training • dog friendly hotels • dog park • organic dog food • dog allergies • doggy day care • pictures of dogsYour data, always fully provided.
    4. 4. Moving Beyond Queries to SessionsIncreasing Use for More Complex Tasks Time Spent on Sessions by Length Queries Over Time 0-3 mins >30 mins 9% Exact Repeats 46% 19% Partial Repeats 3-10 mins 30% Almost 12% Almost 50% 50% of all time spent 10-15 mins 10% of queries are searching is on returning to sessions > 30 minutes previous tasks New Queries 15-30 mins 51% 23%Search Sessions are Long and Repetitive…Your data, always fully provided.
    5. 5. A hotel that’s near Bryant Park, sincethat’s near my meeting, has reliable airconditioning, good smelling shampooand a shower taller than me. A decentbar is nice to have. A coffee maker in theroom is critical. I don’t care if it’sStarwood. Needs to be under$200/night.
    6. 6. A Changing “Web of Objects” Real-Time Firehose People Services Devices Places/Things MultimediaYour data, always fully provided.
    7. 7. A Changing Web of Your Objects Mark up your can helpYour data, always fully provided.
    8. 8. To crawl a URL costs roughly a penny…a little less, in fact There are hundreds of billions of pages online, from ~ 650 million sites We need to crawl them all to see if they’re worth indexing REAL-TIME SOCIAL LOCAL & MOBILE COMMERCE DEVICES PLATFORMS SERVICESYour data, always fully provided. 9
    9. 9. Your data, always fully provided.
    10. 10. Reinventing Search Across 3 Dimensions Information Architecture Creation of new information via social graph and geospatial index Interaction Model Not just mouse and keyboard, but also voice, touch, gesture & vision Entry Points Not just browser, but devices, services and social networksYour data, always fully provided.
    11. 11. Search - EvolvedDeliver knowledge by computationally understanding user intent. “Linda” Query Intent Detection Task Derivation • Who • Purchase • Where • Install “home gym” • Others • Sell • Semantic • Set fire to • Research • Impress friends Content Services Media + UX Real TimeYour data, always fully provided.
    12. 12. MobileYour data, always fully provided.
    13. 13. The State of Mobile App chaos Agents Commerce Control Surfaces Challenges Batteries Interfaces Network capacity Service interopYour data, always fully provided.
    14. 14. Your data, always fully provided.
    15. 15. • Signal of topical authority • Real-time – engines want fresh content, fast • Integrated social signals influence click actions of searchers • Social signals remain only a few of thousands of signals for organic rankingHow users click on your results can impact rankings and when we show cues like yourFacebook friends with results, click rates can be impacted.Your data, always fully provided.
    16. 16. • Buy a camera • Search finds: • Expert results • Crowd-sourced opinions • Getting close, but want a friend’s opinion • Wait for lunch? • Social search helps me see their opinion faster • I skip from asking a question (including my friend) to impressing them with a choice they’d make (and getting their approval) Social search gets us closer to what we really want – even if we don’t state it clearlyYour data, always fully provided.
    17. 17. How Social Impacts SearchYour data, always fully provided.
    18. 18. Humanity is leaving its traces…Your data, always fully provided.
    19. 19. More than just traces, a collective convo… engineering/visualizing- friendships/469716398919Your data, always fully provided.
    20. 20. Twitter on NYE 2010Your data, always fully provided.
    21. 21. Social Graph and Patterns Social Graph Patterns Retweets/Likes Natural (by whom) Follows (Twitter) You: Who else Followers Posts/Shares Follows (reputation) Likes Replies Followers Unnatural (Twitter) Fans (Facebook) Focus Quality Trust Popularity TimelinessYour data, always fully provided.
    22. 22. Search – you’re trying to solve…When optimizing your site for search, you invest in these major areas QUALITY TRUST POPULARITY TIMELINESS Content Authority Traffic Current Links Usefulness Repeat Visits Fresh Appearance Resource Links RelevantYour data, always fully provided.
    23. 23. Man’s History of Marketing Billboards Radio Email Mercantile shops SEO Throwing rocks Smoke signals Trading goods Mail order catalogues Television PPCYour data, always fully provided. Image credit:
    24. 24. • Crawlability • Content – Xml sitemaps – Build based on keyword research – Navigational structure – Down-level experience enhances discoverability – Rich media cautions – Keep out of rich media and images – Graceful degradation – 250 words per page or more – URL structure – Produce new content frequently – Robots.txt – Make it unique – don’t reuse content from other• Site Structure sources – Links – Content management – using 301s to reclaim value from retiring content/pages – URL structure and keyword usage – <LINK> canonical to help engines understand which – Clean URLs – no extraneous parameters page should be indexed and have value attributed to it (sessions, tracking, etc.) – 404 error page management to help cleanse old pages – HTML & XML sitemaps from search engine indexes – Content hierarchy • Links – Global navigation – springs form hierarchy planning + – Plan for incoming & outgoing link generation style of nav (breadcrumb, link lists, etc.) – Rich media – don’t bury links in Javascript/flash – Internal & external link management /silverlight/AJAX – Content selection – planning where to link to• On-Page – Link promotion via social spaces – direct traffic & seo value – Head copy – Managing anchor text properly • Titles – unique, relevant, 60 characters or so long • Descriptions – unique, relevant, grammatically – URL structure can help insert keywords where they are correct, 160 or fewer characters (Google shows up to needed 160 characters) • Social – Body Copy – Build your community • H1, H2 and other H tag usage – Interact often • ALT tag importance & usage – Share useful content • Keyword usage within the content/text – see “Perfectly Optimized Page” image – Be consistent and useful • Anchor text – using target keywords to support other – Grow facebook, twitter, etc. internal pagesYour data, always fully provided.
    25. 25. Where does SEO fit in? Content Social User Experience Link Building SEOYour data, always fully provided.
    26. 26. • Every area of your site has a value - $, PV, Emails, etc. • Determine what the value is • Sort your site by value to see what really matters • Organize work around high- value areas firstYour data, always fully provided.
    27. 27. • The engines respond to unique, useful content • How do you define “content”? • Match content to your audience • Different mediums for different jobs (video, text, images, etc.) • Don’t take shortcuts – limit syndicated contentYour data, always fully provided. image credit:
    28. 28. • It will always begin here • Match data from external sources against your own data • Develop “Share of Voice” reporting to explain success • Back to sessions – create keyword campaigns around topicsYour data, always fully provided.
    29. 29. • So you want more shares for your content, do you? Try these ideas. • Create lists: people love to consume content in list-form. Its quick, easy and simple. • Use hooks: ego, humor, anger, contrarian – be careful with them, but when used well, they are highly effective. • Participate in communities: when you are valued member of a community, the community supports you. • Share others’ information: people love when what they share gets shared itself. Share from trusted sources. • Ask questions: your followers will love the interaction and it’ll grow your following as others engage. Your data, always fully provided.
    30. 30. Trusted RSS feeds AUTOMATED MANUAL AUTOMATED Copy & PasteYour data, always fully provided.
    31. 31. • SEO tactics • Social tactics • Paid search methodologies • Budget management • Negotiation • Executive pitching • Influence • Psychology • MarketingYour data, always fully provided.
    32. 32. • Take classes on your own • Take training offered by employers • Seek mentorship opportunities (someone to mentor you) • Run your own websites • Read more • Seriously – read this book >>>Your data, always fully provided.
    33. 33. • Different sources must be handled differently • Organic traffic is building trust • Paid traffic is ready to open their wallets • Email traffic is ready to buy…now • Ensure your conversion path is short and sweet • Off the shelf carts can usually be tweaked to gain improvements in conversions.Your data, always fully provided.
    34. 34. Your data, always fully provided.
    35. 35. Your data, always fully provided.