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ATC News Asset Agency [2010_07_20]

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  • 1. An End-to-End Multimedia Cross-channel Solution for an evolving News Agency NEWS as an ASSET Make Information grow Presented by: Evi Varsou Director, Media & CMS e.varsou@atc.gr 1
  • 2. ATC at a glance ATC a private IT solutions and services provider based in Athens, Greece; A company with Expertise in Media Sector, Content Mgmt Solutions, Mobile Technology, e-Learning, Enterprise Apps Client list spans among several countries in EU, Eastern Europe and CIS countries A Strategic Research & Development Partner of the EU Commission, participating in R&D Policy formulation in EU-27 A Microsoft, ORACLE, Google, FAST, Adobe, Quark, VODAFONE, SABA, EPICOR technology Partner A Company with expertise in working with and for large international entities 2
  • 3. ATC Business Units Business Solutions Media & Content Solutions Manufacturing News Management Banking Document Management Budgeting/Planning Publishing IT Service Management Service Enterprises Web solutions CMMS Digital Signage Ticketing Corporate portals Hospitality Shipping Mobile Solutions Mobile Native applications Human Capital Management Mobile Web Mobile Workforce Collaboration Human Capital Management (SABA) Mobile social networking Online learning, virtual classroom Mobile enablement of enterprise applications (CENTRA) Custom mobile solutions Content Development R&D and Project Mgmt EU and National R&D programs Business Process Management Project Management 3
  • 4. Selected Customers 4
  • 5. Solutions for Media • NEWS ASSET • i-box CMS • Mobile Solutions • Media CRM • Omnivex • Fast 5
  • 6. NEWSASSET Solutions 6 Agency Edition Publishing Edition
  • 7. NEWSASSET V3.0 Strong Points Modular, configurable, easy to deploy & personalize, all-in-one solution for Agencies Covers and enhances all Agency operations Advanced Editorial Planning and tracking, receiving enhanced workflow, multimedia newsroom and seamless cross-channel distribution & archiving of news Resulting to improved distribution efficiency, increased revenues, significant cost reduction, enhanced production quality 7
  • 8. NEWSASSET V3.0 Technology Employing state-of-the-Art technology Based on an open & multi-tier architecture Fully compliant with media industry standards (such as, IPTC, ANPA, NewsML, EventsML etc) Modular, configurable and easily personalized High Availability & scalability Advanced Security Features Exploiting Web 2.0 and smart search technologies Enhanced API for integration with other/ existing systems 8
  • 9. NEWSASSET – Editorial Planning Event Management & Editorial Planning An Event driven engine enabling fully interactive co-ordination of all Agency activities: managing upcoming events planning news coverage allocating resources – assigning events to human resources notifications for new or updated assignments Calendar Monthly, Weekly or Daily views permit efficient Work plan monitoring Editorial planning, embedded into the workflow, allows linkage of Events and Editorial content: Planned News can be created by Events Events can be defined by processing Unplanned News Upcoming News Coverage and Events can be published for the Agency’s customers. Efficient Information exchange via industry standards (i.e. EventsML) between customers and providers. 9
  • 10. NA - Content Creation & Aggregation (1/2) Integrated Multimedia Newsroom Covering all editorial steps: planning gathering & selecting creating, editing & producing publishing/ distributing & archiving An All – in One system covering via a friendly, industry-standard interface: all sources of assets (internal, user generated, web accrued, wired) all types of multimedia assets (text, image, graphic, video, sound, multimedia stories) all types of workflow (configurable) and news asset management activities. Channel independent content & support for a wide range of formats. Embedded Chat Server for messaging & Notification Server for enhanced Alert- based Notifications Based on Industry Standards (such as, IPTC, ANPA, NewsML, EventsML etc) Working together with widely used tools, i.e. MS Word, Open office, Photoshop 10
  • 11. NA - Content Creation & Aggregation (2/2) Archiving & Searching Advanced functionality for: storing, searching management of multimedia news assets Flexible & smart query builder - User friendly interface Search filters easily composed and applied. Filter- specific Notifications can be defined by each user. Multiple Receiving Services Enhanced automated reception of news assets from multiple media, sources and wires Configurable engine for ingesting news assets (files) from any source, delivery channel and format. Integrated serial port capability. Supporting all standard industry data formats (ANPA, IPTC, NewsML etc) 11
  • 12. NA – Adaptation for Multiple Channels (1/2) Web Content Management and Delivery Covering the widely differentiated needs of media audiences : Web publishing, User feedback and participation Supporting Web 2.0 features. Dedicated engine serves the purpose Flexible & configurable subscription and payment models. Real Time Monitoring Real-time production monitoring: who is working on what, monitor status of each one of the News items preview content as it is getting updated Editorial Planning and Work Plan can be also monitored: Departmental Leaders can have an overview of all the Assignments (tasks) of their department Top users may track all the currently open Assignments in the Agency 12
  • 13. NA – Adaptation for Multiple Channels (2/2) Subscribers & Services Management Simplifies the process of creating and managing News Services/ Products, for all supported delivery channels in various modes: fully automatic, user controlled semi-automatic manually Providing flexible Services to customers by exploring: metadata content Extensive Service/ Product configuration & personalization Pricing structure development Advanced Subscription management Advertisement and notifications’ management, Fees calculation and integration with back office systems 13
  • 14. News & Media eReaders iPhone / iPad Mobile Web
  • 15. News & Media eReaders Mobile Web: ● Provided by ATC’s i-Box CMS (mi-Box module) Native Applications for: ● iPhone and iPad ● Windows Mobile ● Blackberry ● J2ME (Nokia, Sony-Ericsson etc) ● Android
  • 16. News & Media eReaders Content can be provided by: ● ATC’s NewsAsset ● ATC’s i-box CMS ● RSS feeds ● ATC’ eReader CMS retrieving information from other customer’s systems: Open API Push / Pull model
  • 17. News & Media eReaders: Functionality Front Page Front Page Category Based News Local News Bookmarks Categories
  • 18. News & Media eReaders: Functionality Story Articles support text, images & multimedia Audio & Video playing options
  • 19. News & Media eReaders: Functionality Search Search Social Media: ● Email ● Facebook ● Twitter Google Analytics (Mobile)
  • 20. ATC a private IT solutions and services provider based in Athens, Greece; NewsAsset in Arabic 20
  • 21. NewsAsset in Arabic List of News 21
  • 22. NewsAsset in Arabic Editing Text 22
  • 23. NewsAsset in Arabic Photo Mosaic 23
  • 24. NewsAsset in Arabic Multimedia Stories 24
  • 25. NewsAsset in Arabic Event Mgmt & Editorial Planning 25
  • 26. NewsAsset in Arabic Archive & Searching 26
  • 27. NewsAsset in Arabic Chat 27
  • 28. ATC a private IT solutions and services provider based in Athens, Greece; Customers 28
  • 29. A few words from NEWSASSET users “News Asset Agency Edition is today one fundamental tool at Lusa: its implementation really improved the efficiency of the production and distribution workflow. The system proved to be very simple but simultaneously robust and integrated. It also enabled Lusa to proceed faster in the multimedia path, a key success factor in the media industry” said Mr Paulo Nogueira dos Santos, Technical Director, LUSA, Portuguese News Agency “The new system, implemented just before the Olympic Games, allowed the Agency to support unprecedented demand for covering and delivering vast amounts of multimedia news; five years down the road, continuous system upgrades maintain its freshness and usability” said Mr Andreas Christodoulides, Consultant to the President – General Director of ANA-MPA, Athens News Agency 29
  • 30. A few words from NEWSASSET users “Being a leader in multimedia requires streamlining all content production and distribution functions. We see NEWSASSET at the core of such integration” said Mr Maxim Filimonov, Editor in Chief, Head of Integrated Newsroom, RIA NOVOSTI, Russian News Agency “The Polish Press Agency is very satisfied with the customer-oriented attitude of ATC in our everyday cooperation. The News Asset editorial IT system allows PAP’s journalists, editors and sales staff not only to make full use of IPTC metadata, but also to develop our internal workflow with all of its traditions, habits and new ideas. ATC is always ready and eager to help us in creating new functionalities and new possibilities. When we look for new solutions - we can be sure ATC will understand our needs perfectly .” said Mr Ryszard Niżewski, Head of the Operational Committee for the Tryton (NEWSASSET) Editorial System, PAP, Polish Press Agency 30
  • 31. NEWSASSET – Selected Customers (1/3) NEWSASSET Agency Edition ANA Athens News Agency PAP - Polish News Agency LUSA - Portuguese News Agency RIA NOVOSTI (Russia) - News Agency NEWSASSET Broadcast Edition Antenna TV / RADIO 31
  • 32. NEWSASSET – Selected Customers (2/3) NEWSASSET Press Edition (1/2) TA NEA Daily Newspaper TO BHMA Daily Newspaper EXEDRA Sports Daily Newspaper Labrakis Press the largest publishing group in Greece (more than 30 titles) NAFTEMPORIKI – Financial Business Daily Newspaper KERDOS Financial Daily Newspaper Lyberis Publications ATHENS NEWS Weekly Newspaper Boussias Communications ESPRESSO – Tabloid Newspaper MACEDONIA - Daily Newspaper 32
  • 33. NEWSASSET – Selected Customers (3/3) NEWSASSET Press Edition (2/2) NEA KRITI – Newspaper Crete RETHIMNIOTIKA NEA – Newspaper Crete AGRENDA - Weekly Newspaper ENIMEROSI – Newspaper Corfu EMPROS – Newspaper Lesvos POLITIS – Newspaper Chios PROINOS TYPOS – Newspaper Karditsa MAKEDONIKI – Newspaper Veria DIAS Publishing House - Cyprus FILELEFTHEROS Newspaper Daily Newspapers Journalists Assoc. Of Macedonia – Thrace Technical University of Patras – Department of 33 Information Technology & Media
  • 34. Thank you for your attention 34