Don Stanley's LSC 432 s14 Intro to G+ and comment Posses

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  • What to start doing to set up Google PlusGood quality image, should be popularCreate hover cardGet a quality background imageFind communitiesGet started by engaging (sound familiar?).  Take a step back and think about what platform/s work best for you


  • 1. Comment Posses G+ Activity. Don Stanley #uwLSC432 @3rhinomedia
  • 2. Today’s Targets 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Q&A Share your successes Class blogs Comment Posse Group Meeting Google Plus Don Stanley #uwLSC432 @3rhinomedia
  • 3. Comment Posse Meeting in groups to discuss (tentative groups) GROUP 1: Mark Z, Robbie H, Ashley M, Connor, Amanda H GROUP 2: Alex R, Matt B, Morgan P, Frank P. GROUP 3. Erin A, David B, Jessica G, Casidy W, Jill P GROUP 4: Shelby, Aisha, Emily, Ashley R, Adam, Ashley H GROUP 5: Xai X, Scott E, Chelsea, Dexter Don Stanley #uwLSC432 @3rhinomedia
  • 4. G+ Beginners Guide Reviewing the first videos What were some key takeaways? Getting Started with Google Plus
  • 5. 1. Create an account Don Stanley #uwLSC432 @3rhinomedia
  • 6. 1. Create an account Add an image
  • 7. 2. Add people (circles) Video 2 and How Circles Work
  • 8. 3. Navigating the Stream
  • 9. 4. Sharing a Post
  • 10. 4. Sharing a Post Elements of a Great Google Plus Post Share strategically in Google Plus 1. 2. 3. 4. Nice simple bold headline (tips on how to) 2-3 sentences describing the article (tips on how to) include a link to the article, include a call to action. Ask the people to do something 5. Hashtag every update #
  • 11. 5. Communities
  • 12. Homework • Watch Videos 4-8. Tweet key takeaways • Read these two articles (blog post titles and meta descriptions). Tweet key takeaways from the articles • Write short update paper on your current progress. How are you progressing with making industry connections on Twitter and commenting on blogs? When you “google” yourself, are you getting better results? What are you struggling with? Where are you succeeding? • Blog Post #5