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All Things Mozilla
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All Things Mozilla


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All things Mozilla. Presentation by Meeraj Imran and Hema Bhanu

All things Mozilla. Presentation by Meeraj Imran and Hema Bhanu

Published in: Education
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  • 1. FOSS Awareness Program Meraj Imran, ReMo from Warangal
  • 2. Contents● Free Open Source Software (FOSS)● The mozilla Project
  • 3. Software1. Free Open Source Software (FOSS) ○ Viewed publicly ○ Edited ○ Shared ○ Re-Distributed ○ Re-usedEg: Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora, Firefox, Libre Office etc2. Proprietary softwareEg: Microsoft Products/Softwares
  • 4. What is OpensourceTerm largely used in collaborative software developmentwhere the code is r:● Viewed publicly● Edited● Shared● Re-Distributed● Re-used
  • 5. Who Build FOSSContributed mostly by:● Volunteer Community● Passionate Programmers all over the world.Where it all begun: ○ 40 years back IBM was making first generation of computers and was making software bundle required to make it work. ○ It was free to users and it could be redistributed. ○ In 1970 IBM Started to begin all the software code proprietary. then....
  • 6. Real Software movement ● Richard Stallman a programmer from MIT started GNU Project ● The aim of the project was to create a free operating system to share and edit. How does it affect you and me...● Most of the software today we use are proprietary (Games,Media Players,OS etc)● All the proprietary softwares are being paid!!● What about the people who cannot afford to purchase?? (Especiallythe countries where the basic eminity is a problem)
  • 7. Internet..........!!● Think of about the Internet which we use today was proprietary??● Things could be easy if it is for free software!! ● Open Source always puts people first. ● You can modify,edit or create your own software● The way you want,the way you want it to work
  • 8. Useswith more people there comes● more Collaboration● more Innovation● more CreativityAbove all its... totally free..!!
  • 9. Software piracyLoss for both:● Developer -- who loses his investment● User -- who exposes himself to the greater risks associated with it
  • 10. FOSS PromotingWe can contribute to development of● People● Society &● Mankind!!
  • 11. FOSS SoftwaresIn FOSSWe try to see the power of● Internet● Web and● Computingthrive for everyone and everywhere!! Thank You
  • 12. Queries??
  • 13. mozilla Awareness Program Hema Bhanu, ReMo for WOMOZ
  • 14. The mozilla project● "mozilla" an everyday name for free and open source software● While most people associate mozilla with only firefox, there is lot more.● Created in 1998, with release of Netscape browser suite source code.● With contributions from around the globe.
  • 15. Towards mozilla..The mozilla project :● By creating an open community, mozilla project had become more than one company.● Contributors started developing variety of browsers, development tools and many other projects● The Result: mozilla 1.0, the first major version released in 2002.
  • 16. The mozilla Foundation● Mozilla was originally the code name for defunct netscape navigator software project.● On July 15 2003, mozilla project created the mozilla Foundation.● A flurry of firefox beta versions release first with the name of Phoenix.Firebird and eventually Firefox.● Firefox 1.0 was released in November 2004, and became a big success.● In less than a year, it has got downloaded 100 million times.● In 2008, firefox reached 20%● worldwide market share
  • 17. The MascotWhy is the mozilla Mascot a lizard (dinosaur)● Its fairly simple. mozilla sounds like godzillaand hence, looks like it too.● The red version of the monster came upafter the source code of the netscape browser wasreleased.
  • 18. Versions of Firefox● Firefox 1.0 : November 09, 2004● Version 2.0 : October 24, 2006● Version 3.0 : June 17, 2008● Version 4.0 : March 22, 2011● Then followed the rapid release cycles, with new version of firefox every 6 weeks on Tuesdays● The current version is 18.01
  • 19. Firefox logoBut why Firefox?● It is not well known that firefox is an incredibly cute red panda.● But sadly, no Secret. It has the name firefox.● Firefox was simple a safe,unique,cool sounding option for firebird.● December 2010, mozilla adopted 2 red pandas at knoxville zoo and Tennessee to spread awareness about conversation
  • 20. Products from mozilla● Firefox browser for desktop● Firefox browser for Android● Firefox os● Thunderbird● Persona● Sea Monkey● Bugzilla... and much more
  • 21. AchievementsMozilla Labs:The guinness world record● Firefox 3.0 was downloaded 8 million times within first 24 hours.● More people than before are using the Internet and are experiencing in their own language.● The success of mozilla community has shown the great end user products as open source software.
  • 22. mozilliansWho are mozillians:● People who volunteer their time to advance mozilla mission● They work on promoting Openness,Innovation and Opportunity on the Web.● They form the core of mozilla community.Who can be a mozillian??● All of you here are welcomed to get Involved to help us make mozilla even better.
  • 23. Queries?? o u k Y nT ha