Webre Citizen Attacks


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Political corruption? Where else? Louisiana?

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Webre Citizen Attacks

  1. 1. LOUISIANA WEBREGATE A short history of a very corrupt sheriff in a very corrupt state
  2. 2. It likely will not surprise you that this disturbing story of political corruption, of police civil rights abuses, of high-level cover ups originates from within the State of Louisiana.
  3. 3. NEWSWEEK recently speculated on who will win the century's title as the most corrupt state in the union, Louisiana or Illinois.
  4. 4. “Corruption in Illinois is mainly pedestrian and shameful. “In Louisiana, it's flambuoyant and shameless.” Jacob Weisberg, NEWSWEEK, publ. 12/13/08, 12/22/08
  5. 5. This presentation reports on but one incident of the “bayou” state's corruption. But it is an important story.
  6. 6. For it shows not just the crimes of a prominent Louisiana law enforcement official against his own people; it shows the savage and brutal means to which he would resort to hide those crimes and punish those citizens who report them.
  7. 7. Mr. Weisberg: “ Louisiana wins the corruption super bowl hands down.”
  8. 8. This corruption originates from the Southeast corner of Louisiana, about sixty from New Orleans.
  9. 9. from LAFOURCHE PARISH * In Louisiana our “counties” are called “parishes”.
  10. 10. Political corruption is rampant in south Louisiana. Nowhere more so than in the infamous Lafourche Parish.
  11. 11. Our last three Lafourche Parish sheriffs went to federal prison.
  12. 12. But the current law enforcement regime in Lafourche has taken political corruption and brutal cover up tactics far beyond that of the administrations of the past.
  13. 13. The current administration has taken corruption to a radically new level of citizen abuse,of intimidation and of threatened violence, to intolerable campaigns of repression and fear which far surpasses anything that we experienced in the past.
  14. 14. This is CRAIG WEBRE
  15. 15. Webre is the Sheriff of Lafourche Parish. Webre has been the sheriff for 18 years.
  16. 16. Craig Webre is an exceedingly wealthy sheriff.
  17. 17. Craig Webre owns Advanced Electronic Monitoring Systems Inc.; Smart Start of Louisiana; and a host of other private Louisiana corporations
  18. 18. Craig Webre owns Advanced Electronic Monitoring Systems Inc.; Smart Start of Louisiana; and a host of other private corporations
  19. 19. A.E.M.S. Inc. Click throughout for Internet links
  20. 20. Smart Start of Louisiana
  21. 21. Both companies market law enforcement-related services and devices.
  22. 22. The problem and legal issue is that Webre's companies market these expensive law enforcement services and devices
  23. 23. to parish citizens and courts over whom he maintains jurisdiction and control through the sheriff's office..
  24. 24. Seven years ago the State of Louisiana told Webre that it was not lawful for him to market these products to his own parishioners and courts.
  25. 25. The State told Webre that his making of a personal profit from Lafourche Parish law enforcement and judicial matters would constitute a gross conflict of interest between his office as sheriff and his personal business ventures.
  26. 26. 2002; Webre Ethics Ruling Louisiana Board of Ethics, 5/15/2002 Ethics Advisory Opinion, Docket No. 2002-265
  27. 27. Webre ignored the State's ethics ruling.
  28. 28. This was south Louisiana, folks. Even if he was caught in violation of the state's ruling, Webre believed that he could extricate himself through legal technicalities and through those good ole boys down at the courthouse. .
  29. 29. As Webre indicated to many in the parish, even if he was caught in violation of the state's ruling, he could extricate himself through legal technicalities and those “boys” down at the court. .
  30. 30. But the Louisiana Ethics Administration eventually grew tired of Webre's infamous arrogant defiance of the law.
  31. 31. The Ethics Administration finally brought charges against Webre two months ago for the commission of his multiple conflicts of interest and other mass ethics violations.
  32. 32. Baton Rouge Daily Advocate Marsha Shuler, Baton Rouge Advocate Capitol News Bureau 4/11/2009
  33. 33. But the ethics administration's pending charges against Webre have not even yet touched the full extent of his corruption.
  34. 34. Especially during his last four year tenure as sheriff, Webre took his profit seeking far beyond in illegality what the state of Louisiana could have ever envisioned.
  35. 35. Webre brazenly wrote lucrative business contracts which called for his AEMS and Smart Start services and products to be marketed and sold by
  36. 36. BAIL BONDSMEN who were operating out of his own Lafourche Parish jail.
  37. 37. Worse yet: the bondsmen were marketing Webre company servicesand products in conjunction with their own bail bond-related writing business in the jail.
  38. 38. Linked to this site is one such contract. The contract was between Webre's AEMS corporation and the largest bail bonding company which was operating out of the Lafourche Parish jail.
  39. 39. Bonvillian Contract.PDF
  40. 40. The bondsmen would tell prospective bail bond clients, ie. Webre's own PRISONERS
  41. 41. that their bail bond underwriters would post their bond ONLY if the client simultaneously purchased a “bond securing “ electronic home detention device, which was not ordered by the arraigning court,
  42. 42. from Craig Webre's Smart Start company.
  43. 43. Then there's the egregious conflicts of interest which arose from Webre's business tie-in to the Colorado corporation, BI.COM.
  44. 44. BI.COM sells a hardware/software system by which law enforcement agencies run their misdemeanor, drug court, juvenile house arrest and other incarceration-alternative programs
  45. 45. BI.COM BI Incorporated, 6400 Lookout Road, Boulder, CO
  46. 46. BI.COM was an active government contractor with the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's office and judidical progams.
  48. 48. Craig Webre's AEMS corporation is the designated legal “reseller” for BI.COM's products in Louisiana.
  49. 49. The conflicts of interest between Webre's duties as Sheriff and his lucrative private business ventures have been evident to Lafourche Parish citizens for a long time.
  50. 50. So were the obvious adverse repercussions to their jobs, families and lives were they to voice public comments about it.
  51. 51. Inevitably the ever-expanding network of Webre's conflicts of interest mushroomed into huge political as well as legal problems for the sheriff.
  52. 52. In 2007 Webre was up for re-election in Lafourche Parish.
  53. 53. Webre also had just assumed the Presidency of the prestigious NATIONAL SHERIFFS' ASSOCIATION in Alexandria, Virginia
  54. 54. Over $3 million of the NSA's yearly budget is derived through grants from the United States Justice Department.
  55. 55. Webre's alleged massive wrongdoing back on the bayous of Louisiana potentially represented serious adverse exposure and public scrutiny to the NSA if it were exposed in the national media.
  56. 56. Webre knew that most of the whistle blowing and the public outcry over his conflicts of interest and malfeasance in office Were originating from south Louisiana.
  57. 57. Webre began to unleash a ruthless campaign to retaliate against and to silence any Lafourche Parish citizen who dared even publicly mention his apparent misuse of his elected office forpersonal gain and profit.
  58. 58. To Webre and his advisors, Lafourche Parish citizens had become their “enemy combatants”. Lafourche Parish started to resemble A secret police state in the old Soviet Union.
  59. 59. Webre and his Internal Affairs Chief initiated surveillance of Internet forums and blogs within and outside of the parish.
  60. 60. In their increasingly desperate minds Webre and his attorney created their own version of “reasonable legal cause” under which to monitor the cell phone and Internet communications of citizens.
  61. 61. Reasonable cause was any discussion by or among citizens that even alluded to Webre's misuse of his office for personal financial reward.
  62. 62. Computer IP addresses, emails, cell phone directories and other electronic-identifying info on parish citizens was steered into the hands of Webre's reelection “task forces”.
  63. 63. Webre's private investigators were sent on reconnaissance missions to local parish libraries In order to determine who may be using public computers to post adverse comments about his administration.
  64. 64. Lafourche is a rural parish. Many residents do not have home PC's. Many still use parish library facilities for Net access and to engage in political dialogue and commentary.
  65. 65. Webre and his people tried to totally chill that open public dialogue in the parish.
  66. 66. Webre's staff began issuing public Internet announcements to “warn” citizens: citizens were told that “using parish computers” to post negative comments about the sheriff was against the law.
  67. 67. Letters were sent to individual Internet forum participants, whose Internet addresses Webre's staff had hacked into, instilling more and more fear of the adversity which could come to them from any anti-Webre posts.
  68. 68. Rougaroo.DOC HOW MANY GOT THOSE LETTERS AGAIN? ● ROUGAROO.PDF, ● Thibodaux Daily Comet, April 15, 2009
  69. 69. To Webre, the Constitution, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press became immaterial.
  70. 70. Donald Harang was the attorney for the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office. Harang began circulating his theory derived from the trendy book, The Art of War; whoever insinuated Webre's illegal business activity was in effect
  71. 71. “conspiring to undermine law and order in the parish.”
  72. 72. Parish businessmen could deal with no more of the repression: Sheriff Craig Webre had to go
  73. 73. Instead of backing off from his repressive attacks and the backlash which they were triggering, Webre accelerated his retaliation and reprisals against area citizens and businessmen.
  74. 74. When his critics and opponents attempted to air television reports of his corruption, Webre had the reports taken off the air.
  75. 75. Webre's attorneys went to a local judge who was a Webre political backer; the judge issued an injunction prohibiting such public TV disclosures. Parish citizen groups had to go to a Louisiana appellate court to get the censorship ban lifted.
  76. 76. RADIO FREE LAFOURCHE Appellate court overrules Webre censorship: Houma Courier, October 16, 2007
  77. 77. Webre's surveillance tactics became more maniacal.
  78. 78. As is the case in most sheriff's offices, selected staff members possess federal password authorizations which are used to access Justice Department, FBI, and other federal computer data on citizens.
  79. 79. In Webre's case, he had used his connections with the National Sheriff's Association and Homeland Security to obtain access to even more Restricted citizen data base files which are maintained by the federal government.
  80. 80. The records are are to be accessed ONLY FOR legitimate law enforcement purposes pursuant to an actual criminal investigation.
  81. 81. 28 C.F.R. Part 20 United States Code of Federal Fegulations Title 28 Judicial Administration; Part 20 Criminal Justice information Systems
  82. 82. 28 C.F.R. Part 23 United States Code of Federal Fegulations Title 28 Judicial Administration; Part 23 Criminal Justice information Systems
  83. 83. Webre tossed these stringent Justice Department computer access regulations to the wind.
  84. 84. Webre's staff repeatedly breached the regulations, mining into FBI, NCIC, Homeland Security and other federal data bases for his own political ends.
  85. 85. Webre personnel then began hacking Into the private employment and confidential banking records of his critics.
  86. 86. Constitutional privacy safeguards virtually disappeared.
  87. 87. Webre's goal: to collect confidential computer data on Lafourche Parish citizens and businesses who were exposing his apparent corruption and malfeasance in office;
  88. 88. and to then distort it and to publicly release within the official parish newspaper forums; to discredit and intimidate all whistle blowers and critics.
  89. 89. Webre even allowed outside campaign workers, who are expressly forbidden from accessing ANY government data files, to delve into the confidential federal/private computer records.
  90. 90. Every informant, every whistle blower who was reporting the sheriff's alleged misuse of his office to federal and state agencies became a repeat target for the Illicit computer searches .
  91. 91. Eg. offshore oil supplier Gordon Rice: Rice early on became a target of Webre's unlawful searches and data dissemination of Justice Department files; Rice had tried to publicly reveal Webre's corrupt misuse of his office for profit in the local news media.
  92. 92. Eg. Nicholls State University Police Chief Craig Jacuzzo: Mr. Jacuzzo vehemently opposed Webre's secrecy in his settlement of brutality suits which were repeatedly brought against the parish; Jacuzzo became another prime target of the Webre federal computer hacking force.
  93. 93. Scores of other businessmen and everyday citizens fell victim to the invasion of Justice Department and Homeland Security citizen files.
  94. 94. At one point Webre's private investigative force is said to have been actually reading the computer notes of FBI agents who were investigating his alleged malfeasance!
  95. 95. Time after time the extracted computer data would be altered and distorted; falsified claims would be made as to its content; the citizens who were run would be accused of illicit activity;
  96. 96. the falsified reports would then be published within the on line forums of the parish's official news journal.
  97. 97. Respected citizens, ordinary businessmen who were speaking out against Webre found themselves
  98. 98. publicly accused of perjury, of fraud, of psychotic episodes, of sex crimes, of involvement in drug dealing.
  99. 99. But . . . Craig Webre messed up.
  100. 100. In the summer of 2007, Webre and his team of computer hackers got “caught in the act”.
  101. 101. Webre's personnel were conducting the illegal federal data searches through a data access software package which is marketed under the name THINKSTREAM©.
  102. 102. THINKSTREAM software enables law enforcement agencies, on a fee basis, to link into its huge Baton Rouge computer servers;
  103. 103. the servers in turn link into into the federal government's Justice Department/ Homeland Security computer banks.
  104. 104. THINKSTREAM maintains a stringent user agreement with the FBI in order to maintain these to the restricted federal computer data.
  105. 105. As part of the user agreement, THINKSTREAM is required to provide 24/7 monitoring of all federal computer searches which are initiated through its servers.
  106. 106. All unauthorized or suspect computer searches must be immediately reported to the FBI and Louisiana officials; the incidents must be subsequently documented within the biennial and annual audits which the company must submit on federal data accessions through its facility.
  107. 107. In 2007 THINKSTREAM President Barry Bellue and Vice President Paul San Soucie made a startling discovery.
  108. 108. Bellue and San Soucie confided to their legal counsels, employees and confidantes: Webre was in major legal trouble.
  109. 109. THINKSTREAM possessed hard-copy disk evidence: Webre and his personnel had been running unauthorized, warrant-less searches through the Justice Department/ Homeland Security computers for reasons having nothing to do with law enforcement activities.
  110. 110. Webre was running the searches to assemble additional information on critics, whistle blowers and other citizens which he would use in his censorship/intimidation campaign against them.
  111. 111. THINKSTREAM's information on Webre's criminal misuse of the federal computer files leaked out. Lafourche Parish was in shock.
  112. 112. Businessmen issued a public demand to the United States Attorney's Office in New Orleans:
  113. 113. immediately take action to arrest Webre for authorizing the illegal federal computer searches on Louisiana citizens; immediately halt his alteration and dissemination of falsified federal data through the Internet and media.
  114. 114. Prominent Louisiana attorney Brett Burley led the demands for action. The U.S. Attorney's Office was Provided with documentation and testimony of the illegal searches.
  115. 115. A civil law suit simultaneously was commenced in federal court in New Orleans by many of the citizens and businessmen who were victims of the illegal Webre computer searches.
  117. 117. But Webre did not relent from his citizen attacks; his defiance worsened.
  118. 118. Within two weeks Webre's attorney was on the telephone to Bellue at THINKSTREAM, urging that a deal be cut for THINKSTREAM to conceal and suppress its incriminating evidence.
  119. 119. Webre' revenge continued to soar out of control. Read now the account of another of Craig Webre's specially-targeted victims, Daniel Morris.
  120. 120. Up until the time that he was forced to move out of Lafourche Parish in fear for his life, Morris lived in Thibodaux, the seat of the Lafourche Parish government and the headquarters of Webre's administrative offices.
  121. 121. “ I was one of the citizens who first reported Sheriff Craig Webre's alleged misconduct to federal and state law enforcement and judicial officials.
  122. 122. Webre knew that I had reported him. His attorney Donald Harang admitted it to me several times.
  123. 123. In fact, Harang harassed me for months to give him the names of everyone else whom I knew who had reported Webre's alleged malfeasance to state or federal authorities.
  124. 124. In revenge for my reporting him, Webre and several of his attorneys assembled what was to become known within Lafourche Parish as his Internet retaliation possé.
  125. 125. The Webre possé was a group of Internet writers who posted in his behalf in the on-line news forums of the Thibodaux Daily Comet newspaper.
  126. 126. The possé included Webre's attorneys, his private investigators ex sheriff's office employees, rogue deputies and task force members, along with several of campaign supporters.
  127. 127. The initial mission of the “possé” was to publish attacks on my and other citizens' credibility on the on- line Internet forums of the Daily Comet.
  128. 128. The Internet retaliation and intimidation started in late August, 2007.
  129. 129. 'Hell in a hand basket for Mr. Morris', a Webre attorney notified me through his forum communications. 'I'd duck if I were you but it won't help'.
  130. 130. 'I am the New Son of Sam, Daniel,' exclaimed another possé member who adopted the name of the notorious Brooklyn serial killer.
  131. 131. My concern worsened. So did most other middle-aged readers. We understood the reference. This in not something with which to target another forum reader.
  132. 132. The Son of Sam
  133. 133. Son of Sam David Berkowitz
  134. 134. Psycho Son
  135. 135. 'You will never lose me', New Son of Sam then notified every forum poster whom he believed to be me. He was the predator. I was his prey. He was flagrant in stating his intent; he was as he stated my “stalker”.
  136. 136. My medical records were illegally accessed by this New Son of Sam. Medical diagnoses were twisted, mocked, and published on the Internet.
  137. 137. Cyber harassment was one thing. What this character Sam was doing was beyond harassment. It was but a prelude.
  140. 140. Webre's e-possé realized that their Internet harassment had failed to stop me from communicating with government investigators who were examining his alleged misconduct as sheriff.
  141. 141. They turned up the heat. Webre knew through his attorneys of the deteriorating attack. He did nothing.
  142. 142. I had become Mr. Webre's example for other Lafourche Parish citizens: 'this is what will happen to you too if you so dare as suggest that your sheriff is implicated in illicit activity.'
  143. 143. No one in the parish (pop. ~ 90,000+) was prepared for the ensuing insanity of the Webre instigated Internet campaign.
  144. 144. The possé's Internet tactics took their turn for the worse in early late spring of 2008. Their linked forum posts became totally bizarre, threatening physical violence.
  145. 145. Internet posts began in Latin, under the screen name of one of a deceased colleague, Dr. R.N. Sabatini of Loyola and Nicholls State University .
  146. 146. “rattle, rattle , cough , cough, “ a reference to Sabatini's death from lung cancer became the constant refrain which would start the messages.
  147. 147. 'You will soon find yourself in a small dark interrogation room and it will not be comfortable,' I was notified.
  148. 148. More mental derangement A hyperlink to an audio file from Jack Nicholson's horror movie, The Shining, was inserted into another Webre posse Internet post which targeted me. PLAYWITHUS.MP3
  149. 149. THE SHINING
  150. 150. THE SHINING
  151. 151. The threats and warnings grew.
  152. 152. 'And Daniel, pauvre bete, is in serious trouble', proclaimed another member of the Webre Internet team in a March 2008 post. 'He started it, now who's going to finish it.'
  154. 154. When a forum reader commented on the cyber stalking and intimidation, Webre's possé was right there to expand its threats: “Now who's going to help GAdams?”.
  155. 155. I and several friends screen- captured dozens of these never ending, bizarre Internet posts which were being directed at me.
  156. 156. In April and May of 2008, the Internet posts degenerated into the ultimate violent scenario: the physical threat on my life.
  157. 157. The danger of physical violence from these men, either at their hand or at their instigation, became a very real, 24/7 issue.
  158. 158. Please remember, this maniacal insanity against me was being foisted with Webre's full knowledge. I had no law enforcement protection from these threats.
  159. 159. The concerted Internet attacks no longer were confined to harass- ment or psychological intimi- dation.
  160. 160. Beginning on April 29, 2008 I received the first of a series of three coordinated Daily Comet posts which warned of lethal violence.
  161. 161. I was told to “behold my fate.”
  162. 162. then, three days later,
  163. 163. “D.T.M., I will toast God three times with the blood of your murder.”
  164. 164. Another Internet possé member immediately reinforced the threat. “ I see dead people,” he posted.
  165. 165. These threats had a deep impact; I truly felt that I likely was looking at the loss of my life, if not at that specific moment then in the very immediate future.
  166. 166. Friend after friend began to call, 'Daniel, you have to get out of here. There seem to be heavy-duty mental problems with several of these Internet posters who have been targeting you.'.
  167. 167. 'A normal person would never publish threats this deranged, imbued with blood and gore; you have no police protection; Webre knows this Internet violence is going on; he and Harang are facilitating it by refusing to act to stop it. THEY STARTED IT'
  168. 168. Trust me, this was a horribly situation.And, it continued to intensify.
  169. 169. Three months after their April- May “drink your blood” threats, these same Webre Internet stalkers tracked me down on a trip I had made to the Pacific Northwest, 2700 miles from the Louisiana bayous.
  170. 170. A communication was posted to me on the Comet forums. My exact location, Seattle, was published. I truly had become the “hunted”.
  171. 171. I became so alarmed I notified TSA at the Sea Tac Airport before I would consider getting on my flight back to Louisiana.
  172. 172. “You will never lose me,'” the New Son of Sam had warned me 11 months earlier through the Daily Comet's Internet forums.
  173. 173. Craig Webre has achieved the vengeance against me that he so wanted. He has for all intent and purpose destroyed all peace of mind and sense of safety and security.
  174. 174. The stalking and death threats which these men have imposed on me remain, I presume, to this day. The state ethics board's decision to prosecute Webre probably makes the execution of those threats more likely than ever.
  175. 175. You are talking about a huge amount of money which Craig Webre is making from his corrupt misuse of his office. I really do not believe that he will let go of his riches and his near-psychopathic desire for retaliation on his own.
  176. 176. Only if the state intervenes to incarcerate Mr. Webre and his rogue possé will this threat ever be gone from my life.
  177. 177. Webre is a brutal and vindicative sheriff. I am convinced that he and those who take orders from him are just as physically dangerous to the other citizens who spoke out against his corruption as they are to me. “ Daniel T. Morris
  178. 178. Returning from Mr. Morris's testimony, we clearly see on fact: Craig Webre ran the gamut of some of the most extreme political corruption and police brutality in the history of even this corrupt State of Louisiana.
  179. 179. Craig Webre continues to roam the bayous of south Louisiana , like the legendary loup garou, with his Badge in one hand and his business card in the other.
  180. 180. Craig Webre continues to prey On south Louisiana's citizens.
  181. 181. As Mr. Morris says, Craig Webre and his intimidation team still appear until this day to pose a real danger:
  182. 182. a danger to the civil rights and physical safety of anyone who dared to question, or still would have the courage, to publicly question his misuse of his elected office.
  183. 183. Louisiana Governor and Republican Presidential hopeful Bobby Jindal continues to do nothing which would bring his political buddy Craig Webre to justice.
  185. 185. U.S. Attorney Jim Letten's office maintains federal jurisdiction over Lafourche Parish.
  186. 186. Letten, like Jindal, continues to take no action against Craig Webre. Indeed, Letten has done everything in his power to protect Craig Webre From being prosecuted.
  187. 187. In January of this year, just after Mr. Obama entered office, the Justice Department commenced a major inquiry into Webre's alleged crimes.
  188. 188. The probe was headed by veteran Justice Department criminal investigator MICHAEL FLETCHER.
  189. 189. Jim Letten found out.
  190. 190. The Fletcher investigation was stopped in its tracks, less then a week before Fletcher was scheduled to fly to Louisiana to take additional sworn statements which were needed for a Webre indictment.
  191. 191. Only Mr. Obama and the Congress now seem in a position to stop Webre: to stop his illegal federal computer searches; to stop his civil rights abuses; to stop his citizen intimidation, reprisals and police brutality.