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The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader
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The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader


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  • 1. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-ReaderAmazon Kindle PaperwhiteKindle PaperwhiteOther interesting Kindle models are the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with a Wi-Fi connection andthe slightly more expensive Paperwhite 3G which supports free 3G + Wi-Fi (especially useful forpeople who do not have a Wi-Fi modem and for those who want to be connected anywhere byusing the 3G telephone network).The Kindle Fire is more than an e-reader and allows you also to browse the web, downloadapps , check your emails and view movies. However if you want just the best e-readerexperience I suggest you to consider the Kindle Paperwhite.The original Kindle was no good for reading books in the dark. Finally with the KindlePaperwhite, Amazon has joined rivals such as Kobo and Nook by adding illumination. Now, youacn read before you go to sleep without any to worry about waking your partner up with thebedside lamp. A soothing, adjustable glow allows your new Kindle to provide a good readingexperience. Even in bright sunlight, Paperwhite delivers clear, crisp text and images with noglareAll of this makes the Kindle a perfect e-reader – its screen is the best Amazon has yetproduced, with better contrast and faster page turns, while the button-free front is elegant andfunctional. The single power button on the bottom is all that’s needed.You can also use the touchscreen display to type short notes that you want to add to your 1/3
  • 2. e-bookOther features mentioned by Amazon are the following: 8-week battery life, even with the light on Holds up to 1,100 books – take your library wherever you go Built-in Wi-Fi lets you download books in under 60 seconds. It Supports public and private Wi-Fi networks or hotspots that use the 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n standard with support for WEP, WPA and WPA2 security using password authentication or Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) New Time to Read feature uses your reading speed to let you know when you’ll finish your chapter Massive book selection, and low prices. Over 650,000 titles for £3.99 or less Adjustable text size Built-in Dictionary with instant Look-up Global language support and instant translationsYou can read an interesting user review published by Amazon UK with the following URL:==> The perfect Kindle (almost!),A Video on the Kindle PaperwhiteYou can watch below an interesting video on the Kindle Paperwhite:ConclusionsThe Kindle Paperwhite is a very good and unexpensive e-reader and you can easily purchase itonline.Click here for the Kindle Paperwhite offer at Amazon UKClick here for the Kindle Paperwhite offer at Amazon USClick here for the Kindle Paperwhite offer at Amazon ITReferencesThe Telegraph Kindle Paperwhite ReviewThe C.G.P Grey Kindle Paperwhite Review 2/3
  • 3. 3/3Powered by TCPDF (