Flytouch 7 Superpad Android Tablet Review


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Flytouch 7 Superpad Android Tablet Review

  1. 1. Flytouch 7 Superpad Android Tablet ReviewFlytouch 7 Superpad Android Tablet I noticed the Flytouch Superpad 7 Android Tabletin the Amazon bestsellers list and I found that it has a very competitive and good specificationssuch as: Latest CPU Cortex A8 Allwinner 1.2GHZ (runs up to 1.5 GHZ) Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich OS Massive 20GB Built-in Memory 1GB DDR3 RAM + Supports external SD cards up to 32GB 10.1 inch Screen Outputs 2160P via Mini HDMI Flash 11.1 Pre-installed 10.2 Resitive Two point touch display screen 1.3 MP Forward facing Camera for much better Pics and Skype 5000 mAh Litium-Ion Battery 100,000+ Aplications Availible GPS Navigation Support Android 4.0 Operating System fully compatible with 95% of Android applicationsThe Flytouch 7 Superpad VII is powered by the Allwinner A10 ARM Cortex-A8 1.2GHzprocessor (maximum 1.5GHz) and is equipped with Mali-400 Graphics Engine, which is a highperformance 3D GPU (running at up to 400MHz).Flytouch 7 supports the latest Flash11 online video playback, with HDMI output and GPSnavigation, and is really a high quality android 4.0 tablet. One of the best features of thisfantastic product is the built-in GPS, it makes it so much easier when combine the use of the 1/3
  2. 2. Google Map together with the GPS. There are GPS status and test apps preinstalled. You justneed to attach the GPS antenna then turn on GPS and it will work..The 10.2 inch scren with a resolution of 1024*600 is suitable to watching movies or browse webpages, I have seen many resistive type screens that only work well with a stylus but this onework equally well using your finger.Flytouch 7 is ideal for surfing the Web, playing games, watching videos stored on the device oron the Web via Youtube etc), listening to music, reading ebooks, emailing etc. The tabletsupports MS Office (through an app such as Documents To Go). This gives you read/write forWord, Excel & Powerpoint plus read for PDF. Adobe PDF reader is also supported. We installDocuments to Go on each Tablet.The device has a built in 806.11 B/G Wi-Fi which allows you to surf the Net at ultra-fast speedswhenever you are near a Wi-Fi access point. You can wasily configure the settings, just twoclicks and you are already on the Internet. You can chat, and access the Android Market,download movies, applications and documents in the blink of an eye. There is also a built inEthernet portFlytouch 7 has built-in camera, which can support video chat online. So it will be convenient foryou to contact your friends and family. Besides, you also can take photos easily anywhere, anytime. .Video Review of the Flytouch 7 Superpad Android TabletYou can watch below an interesting video presentation of the Flytouch 7 TabletOnline PuchasesThe tablet can be easily bought online and there are offers at Amazon.Click here for the Flytouch 7 Superpad Android Tablet offers at Amazon UKClick here for the Flytouch 7 Superpad Android Tablet offers at Amazon USClick here for the Flytouch 7 Superpad Android Tablet offers at Amazon ITReferences 2/3
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