Sxsw 2012 enabling gaming as a profession


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Presentation by Mr. Chae, Kevin Lin, Anna Prosser and David Ting on enabling gaming as a profession at SXSW

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  • Nice presentation. Here's hoping IPL grows to be bigger than NFL.
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Sxsw 2012 enabling gaming as a profession

  1. 1. eSports – Enabling Gaming as a ProfessionJanuary 2012
  2. 2. Should Parents Approve?
  3. 3. Imagine One Day Equals Promo Reel
  4. 4. Gaming Increasing In Popularity Gaming Population 135 million Tweens, 45-60 year olds 30 Somethings 20 Somethings Children Generation Boomers Gen X Millennial Gen Z % who play video games 15% 30% 50% 97% Youth play more video games than sports 4Source: IGN «Are you Game?» Study, 2010
  5. 5. New Medium Opens Road To New Stars Husky YT Views: 273,396,617 YT Subscriber: 611,657 Day 9 YT Views: 40,692,855 YT Subscriber: 254,982 HD YT Views: 160,101,881 YT Subscriber: 386,190
  6. 6. #1 Sport in KoreaMore popular than soccer20k+ live attendance700k viewersMainstream media buzz
  7. 7. E-Sports Global Phenomenon Europe: 18k live attendance 200k viewers
  8. 8. E-Sports Global Phenomenon USA •Blizzcon (Anaheim, CA)USA: •25k attended Starcraft 2 finals25k live attendance •300K concurrent viewers300k viewers
  9. 9. IPL 3
  10. 10. SXSW - Yesterday
  11. 11. Catching Up to Traditional SportsSince inception in April 2011, IGN Pro League has grown rapidly in popularity150,000 Millions of Households Viewing100,000 College football -- 3.8 NBA -- 1.6 50,000 MLB -- 1.6 0 MLS Season -- 0.5 NHL -- 0.4 IPL 1 (Apr) IPL 2 (Jul) IPL 3 (Oct) MLS Playoff -- 0.2 Concurrent Viewers Unique Visitors (x100)
  12. 12. Sample Content Game Play Pro Tips Venue Game Hype Promos Top 5 Plays Reality Show Player Interview eSports News Celebrity Profile
  13. 13. League Economics• Sponsorship• Ticket sales• Publisher support• Merchandising• Content licensing
  14. 14. Player Economics• Winnings• Sponsorship• Team salary• Streaming
  15. 15. How this works for the players
  16. 16. How TwitchTV changed the ecosystemPartner Program – A revenue stream for everyone in the eSports ecosystem,from players to teams to event organizers and leagues. • Video Advertising - eSports content is increasingly monetizable because more of the content is premium, video ads are growing as part of advertiser spend, and the audience has grown to critical mass • Alternative revenue models: • PPV - large events can charge a premium for their content, just as you see on traditional television • Subscription – viewers can subscribe to their favorite channels on a monthly basis to get access to ad-free viewing and other featuresTechnology • HD, globally distributed live video – for FREE
  17. 17. Why streaming is compelling• It’s easy to do• It’s interactive• It’s interesting• It’s turning work into…work!
  18. 18. Community Snapshot “An eSports Personality? Howdja’ get that job?”
  19. 19. Community SnapshoteSports Offers:• Compelling and varied personalities• Fast paced career with diverse opportunities• A chance to be part of “the beginning”• A place in a very powerful and unique community
  20. 20. Q&A