Over the last 25 years what have I done with my life.


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This involves an amazing look at the number of employers my career has involved.

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Over the last 25 years what have I done with my life.

  1. 1. Allow me show you what Derrick Thornton Has done with his career over the last 25 years of his professional life in information systems, infrastructure technology, and manufacturing Lets begin with a list of companies Custom Business Solutions, Inc., a contract service provider of staffing resources Technical Software Corporation Inc., a contract service provider of staffing resources Primary Business Owner Operator of Home Installation Services for in-home consultant TekConnect a provider of deployment/installation of new systems to K12 institution A Dell Authorized contractor for School systems in Michigan
  2. 2. TAC WORLD WIDE Corporate Services Contractor ANALYST INTERNATIONAL Information Technology Contractor PEAK TECHNICAL Engineering Contractor International Visitors Council of Metropolitan Detroit Non-profit organization dealing with the reception of foreign dignitaries Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority Behavioral Health Services industry FISERV Galaxy 2000 / Galaxy Plus Financial Services industry OHIO BIODYNE, INC Mental Health maintenance organization COLUMBUS METROPOLITAN LIBRARY Library education industry JACKSON COMMUNITY COLLEGE Local community college LANSING COMMUNITY COLLEGE Local community college OSHTEMO HILL, INC Commercial door and lock specialist that existed in during the 1980’s within the construction industry. PEAK TECHNICAL, INC. 1. City of Warren, Michigan. • WASTE WATER TREATMENT PLANT. REMTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, Inc. 1. KMART RESOURCE CORPORATION VOLT INFORMATION SCIENCES. 1. WEYERHAEUSER • CONTAINER BOARD PACKAGING & RECYCLING SYSTEMS 2. ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS • GENERAL MOTORS ~ GMAC – Detroit, MI ALTERNATIVE RESOURCE CORPORATION. 1. FLINT INK CORPORATION. 2. ELECTRONIC DATA SYSTEMS ~ GMAC CDI INFORMATION SYSTEMS 1. UNISYS CORPORATION QUANTUM RESOURCES 1. MARATHON OIL CORPORATION. DRT SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL 1. OHIO DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES.
  3. 3. 2. BRITISH PETROLEUM. 3. ADVANCED ELASTOMER SYSTEMS. ROBERT HALF INTERNATIONAL 1. Wendy’s Corporation Dublin, Ohio 2. SAFELITE Glass Company 3. CHECK FREE CORPORATION Worthington, Ohio. ANALYST INTERNATIONAL 1. DELPHI AFTERMARKET GROUP. SEQUOIANET.COM 1. Network Operations Analyst 2. DELL TTI project for Michigan Schools. TAC World Wide 1. LAN Administrator – Systems Analyst P(1): Windows 2000 Desktop refresh P(2): Desktop Data Migration P(3): System Migration of User Profiles P(4): Asset Management Recovery and Tracking P(5): Back LAN Support for Downtown groups TekConnect Services, Inc., 1. Team Lead & Team Technician Push images down to Dell workstations types (GX-260/GX-270) Used Windows 2000 advanced Server Used Power Quest – Partition Magic to remove and setup hard drive Deployed K12 image setup by customer Deployed hardware, Setup, installed systems to their designated locations Produced and inventory in Microsoft Excel and gave this inventory to the customer Traveled to the next K12 institution every 4th or 3rd day according to schedule Custom Business Solutions, Inc., Farmington Hills, MI (10/2005 – 11/2005) Contract IT - Field Support Technician • Built Desktop images for deployment to new hires and refresh current client systems for Auburn Hills and Livonia • Deployed new IBM T40, T42, and S50 laptops and desktops once imaged to new hires and current clients • Performed support work of Lotus Notes 6.5 and other desktop applications ex., Lotus smart suit and Microsoft Office • Delivered and setup print HP and Lexmark stations for customers within the campuses of the Operating Centers. • Performed Computer asset management of older PC and Printers for salvage and recovery by offsite vendor • Managed tickets towards resolution and completion of requested work activity for the clients for all departments • Changed the printer cartridge in Lexmark and HP printers both networked and stand alone Technical Software Corporation Inc., Farmington Hills, MI (05/2005 – 10/2005) Contract IT- Help Desk Technician • Built Desktop images for deployment to new hires and refresh current client systems • Performed support work of Lotus Notes 6.5 and other desktop applications ex., Microsoft Office • Managed the asset recovery of older systems with replacement of new systems • Reported computer asset information into the capital asset management system of SAP • Wrote Purchase Orders and submitted them to full fill user request for new computer systems and other equipment
  4. 4. • Produced a Power Point presentation for training of general staff in use of “Biz Hub” 350-c printer copier station • Report the progress of all activities in weekly meetings to management. • Created a tracking system of new systems ordered with older systems to replaced in Excel • Changed the printer cartridge in Lexmark and HP printers then proceeded to order new supplies for printers • Performed Computer asset management of older PC and Printers for salvage and recovery by offsite vendor TEKCONNECT Deployment and Configuration of both the Novell 6 client & Windows 2000 Professional clients Initiated server deployment from Microsoft windows 2000 advanced server options through switch to desktop Supervised deployment technicians in staff in proper setup of desktop units in office labs classrooms Configured the desktop clients to utilized Zenworks Application Launcher and Microsoft Office XP Professional Configured network communication protocols, added the static IP to each client, and set security on the client  Used Windows XP Advanced Server for connection to the clients Novell 5.2 server to deploy image  Delivered client image from Windows XP Advance Server to GX-260/270 Small Form Factors, Towers, & Laptops  Configured Windows XP Advanced Server for Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and set the scope  Created a number of boot disk with PowerQuest Image client software and set imaged with post configuration to static IP  Removed and applied a new bootable partition keeping the Dell utility partition intact  Initiated the loading of the specialized image to either or the client GX-260 or GX-270 workstations.  Performed an inventory of both new and old systems then applied labels and asset tag to each  Performed post configuration of the customer’s desktop regarding the designation of the systems  Refreshed Compaq desktops and post configured printer settings and static ip addresses for each  Directed other technicians on the team regarding post configuration details and multitasking post configuration efforts. TAC WORLDWIDE Contract LAN Administrator onsite at DTE Energy Detroit Michigan: Peregrine was used as the ticketing response agent to on going projects and user request system for administrative support within the domain. Developed asset management reports in MS Access MS Word and MS Excel regarding inventory of new/old machines. Migrated user data from local platform to network platform and updated status of both projects and activity in peregrine. Administrated LAN in Windows 2000, Assisted with the migration efforts of user data and PDA databases. Worked with Dell & Palm, corporate support for repair replacement and ordering equipment within budget. Performed the installation Palm’s and PDA’s for use with Windows 2000 and Office 97~XP. Trained myself and applied DTE’ s asset management tool for the use of entering identified computer assets as well as other similar technical devices. This process of locating, documenting, and moving older technology equipment to a single collection point for shipment to offsite storage was then entered into a weekly utilization report. The utilization report was created with an Excel spreadsheet using pivot tables to track/manage hardware offsite deployments. Used a similar utilization report was created with an Excel spreadsheet using pivot tables to track/manage hardware onsite deployments. Performed the detail reporting and statistical analysis of asset management of older computer equipment so then recognized acknowledged by ITS Management group at DTE Energy. The Asset Management group regarded my accuracy in
  5. 5. reporting the true status of technical assets onsite to be replaced versus those removed offsite which gave DTE IT Asset Management a clear picture of total cost involved in the infrastructure upgrade.  Assembled and refitted both new and older hardware to better conform to software applications and operating system requirements of either Windows NT, or Windows 2000.  Performed break-fix repair on laptops, printers, and desktop systems.  Performed software upgrades virus definitions and service pack installs.  Performed low level maintenance on servers like card swaps and software modifications  Performed occasional backup of data and system files on network servers  Performed the installation of Palm PDA’ s for use with either Win 2000 Pro / Win XP Pro  Administrated client machines in the domain in the company domain for Windows 2000  Prepared itemized utilization reports for management on a weekly basis  Facilitated the asset management of workstations, node printers, and servers .  Used an Excel spreadsheet with pivot tables to track the management of company Assets. ANALYST INTERNATIONAL Assigned to mediate engineers and resource WAN provisioning parties + note updates into Vantive. Developed a business relationship with engineers of ATT & EDS to mediate & manage system intra-connectivity. Resolved issues that conflicted with established protocol between inter lateral divisions within ATT & EDS. Posted information into the Vantive system for the appropriate groups within AT&T Solutions Used Vital Net to look at T1, T3, and ISDN circuit utilization traffic to develop reports for engineers. Participated in Network Operation meetings for Voice systems to coordinate and enter information into Vantive. Participated in network operation meetings to obtain status updates and determine the state of completion WAN infrastructure projects. Set bridge appointment to resource staff & engineers to participate in joint conference of WAN Engineers. Coordinate and commit activities of engineers, designers, architects, and project resource specialist to meetings. Schedule meetings for project resource specialist to layout a plan of approach and resolve network project issues. Environment: Win 2000/Off 2000/NetView SEQUOIANET.COM Team Lead and resource engineer for Governor’s TTI program for Michigan schools. Team Leader: Supervised other contracted staff in the deployment & rollout of 2300 new Dell systems. Dell GX-150 Optiplex systems where often imaged and setup with physical security devices. Used Image Cast to deliver customer specified desktop configuration to each workstation. Loaded Aironet software, drivers, configured network protocols, and finally added in static IP addresses. Installed new and current driver sets for the operation of a wireless system using static class/C IP addressing. Worked on the Dell systems to resolve duplication of drivers and protocols after Plug-n-Play option stopped the setup process. Configured the HP Laser printers for static IP printing and configured the internal Direct Jet card with software. Maintained daily logs and emailed status weekly regarding project specifics for project manager/supervisor. Meet with project staff and management weekly to resolve any issue including resources related to the open projects. Environment Win98, Cisco /Dell/Office 2000 desktop systems/Ghostware versions 6/7/8 + Image Cast. PEAK TECHNICAL, INC. Contracted for System Development: Analyzed current system operations, recommended a certain path by which to migrate to Win2000 platform. Performed research on hardware and software compliance with the conversion from Office 97 to Office 2000 then documented the available resources on server and desktops to best define a time line to migrate the platform. Graphically detailed network devices within the plant currently connected to form the network as it stood.
  6. 6. Conducted frequent meetings with regular staff and contract technical staff to help push specifications and maintain the given timeline to achieve the deployment. Performed the research to properly setup and deploy Windows 2000 on to each of the 25 desktops then installing Windows Server2000. 1) Researched compatibility of present hardware/software & recommended additional upgrades prior to deployment. 2) Prepared deployed and tested Windows 2000 Professional for impact on a Compaq Desk Pro 6000. 3) Deployed Windows 2000 Professionals to 25 workstations with Office 2000 on the desktop. 4) Prepared the ground work to setup Active Directory for deployment on Windows 2000 server. 5) Rolled out and configured Windows 2000 Server to Compaq Proliant 1600R Server. Worked with regular staff and contracted staff to map then migrated profiles and settings to home directories on the backup servers within the distributed network. Imaged each workstation with Windows 2000 Professional and afterwards followed the plan to convert the server. Provided supervision and guidance for other staff and contractors in regards to the steps in migrating the system. Presented to the Director the detailed plan to rollout, deploy, and wrap up of Windows 2000 install. This projected involved me having to research extensively the components involved in the upgrade and installation of system migration regarding platform change from NT4.0 BackOffice server to Windows 2000 BackOffice Server. The requirements for deployment and rollout of Windows 2000 compliant software for the workstation and server. Presenting a time line to the Director as to how the process will flow from the beginning to the necessary point when it would conclude without the interruption of business. Supervision and direction of technical staff as to the components of this operation with regards to cost and estimated time to deploy, install, and upgrade systems. Again a written plan of presentation was needed with continual updates and project notes for the Director, staff, and other contractors. It was pleasure to have served and presented deliverables to have successfully started and mapped this project to completion. REMTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, Inc. Contracted for Access Development: Worked with Dell Pentium II desktop with in an NT 4.0 Lan Host. Operated Tivoli 3.5 and Starburst 5.0 to conduct software deployments to stores nationally throughout North America. I was brought on board to restore, and update the Access Database for report generation, develop a more accurate means of tracking scheduled and failed deployments, and continue development work to produce a more accountable means of conducting an automated measure of tracking deployments, setting rescheduled deployments, and report the identification and status of particular software deployments by their store names with software deployed groupings. Phase-I involved the maintenance and conversion of the access database for accurate report generation was completed. Programmed in Visual Basic Access to load tables with calculated values from the POSAllStoresList table. • Setup structured queries in MS Access to define totals reflecting deployment tracking. • Programmed Visual Basic buttons to query stored data to augmentation and status.
  7. 7. • finally setup the different report structures reflecting the tabled data for successful, failed, non attempts deployments, total # of deployments to targeted devices/store. Phase-II involved the automation of timed reporting weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and yearly was handed off to the following development team. Phase-III which will involve the automation of the tracking system and re-scheduling of failed deployments with email notification. Phase-II and Phase-III was handed off to the next team developers on site with complete system documentation regarding the process. The work was done for the Kmart Resource Corporation of Troy, Michigan. International Visitors Council of Metropolitan Detroit Contracted for periodic service: May 25th, 2000 worked to install Norton Anti-Virus 2000 on Compaq Presario Pentium workstations. The operating system environment is Window 95 and 98 running non- networked. Internet access through dialup 56K baud modems. Performed desktop support regarding system cleanup and disk space allocation. May 31st, 2000 worked to install Norton Anti-Virus on remaining workstations, successfully removed (ECO (b) virus ~ Resident-Memory virus ~ The BloodHound virus), and resolved both hardware and application issues on the desktop. Restored “ACT 2 Windows database” and the populated information back into the database. Community Mental Health Authority/Easter Seals Contract to hire: On board from November 8th, 1999 to May 3rd, 2000. During this period of time I was assigned many projects related to hardware reloads of NT-Workstation on Gateway’s GPC-350 GPC-450 and GPC-500 desktop systems, Solo 2500 Pentium and Solo 2550 Excelleron processors, and NEC Versa Lx pentium-II laptops. Configured on each laptop and desktop for DHCP and TCP/IP for network WAN and LAN communication. In the network the peripherals were Hewlett Packard and Epson printers, HP flat bed scanners and Desk Jet Color printers. Each desktop and laptop were setup for consist usage of MS Office 97, email, and internet communications. Each machine were configured according to the position number of the personnel who used that station. Specialty software was used in those cases such as: Fox Pro, MS Project, AllClear5.0, InfoMC, cCura, Computer Socio Medics(HSIS and CWS), and SPSS5.0. The software used for general configuration on each NEC Versa LX laptop: MS Windows NT Workstation Operating System Version 4.0 NEC VERSA LX Product recovery CD 1 and 2. NEC VERSA LX Applications and Drivers CD. NT service Pack 4. MS Office 97. MS Outlook 98. CSM/HSIS. The software used for general configuration on each Gateway Laptop Pentium and Excelleron: MS Windows NT Workstation Operating System Version 4.0 Gateway Portable System Restoration CD version 3.5. NT Service Pack 5. MS Office 97. MS Outlook 98. CSM/HSIS.
  8. 8. The Software used to Configure each Gateway Desktop GPC-(350, and 450): MS Windows NT Workstation Operating System Version 4.0 Gateway Portable System Restoration CD version 10.4 NT Service Pack 5. MS Office 97. MS Outlook 98. CSM/HSIS. The Software used to Configure each Gateway Desktop GPC-500: MS Windows NT Workstation Operating System Version 4.0 Gateway Portable System Restoration CD version 11.4 NT Service Pack 5. MS Office 97. MS Outlook 98. CSM/HSIS. Each system was setup and joined by NT Domain administrator for use in an NT4.0 Server environment. Primarily utilizing DHCP for inter-networking and TCP/IP for the WAN. VOLT INFORMATION SCIENCES. Contracted. Performed system migration work of Oracle’s Tivoli law and tax software files down loaded to Compaq 4000 desktops and laptops in both the Legal and Tax divisions of General Motors. Responsible for migrating more than a 500 users per site across an Novell 4X backbone. The contract duration is set starting from September 27, 1999 to October 6th, 1999. Each office location was serviced by an NT4.0 LAN server. The applications and tools used are as follows: N.O.S Tool: Tivoli: Used as a network migration tool to pull information from server to server. Applications: GM Online - General Motors application for the Acceptance Corporation and Security. Lotus Notes 4.6 - Email, Calendar appointment & meetings, daily scheduling. MS Office Suite - products included are Word, Excel, and Power Point. Rumba Gateway - Supports applications that are specific products of General Motors. GM Online 6 weeks Lotus Notes 6 weeks MS Office Suite 4.4years Rumba Gateway 6 weeks Tivoli 2 weeks VOLT INFORMATION SCIENCES.
  9. 9. Contracted for the next 6 months as a “Workstation Specialist.” Locatable to Weyerhaeuser in Warren Michigan as needed. I travel as part of a 3 man install team to various location in the North Central region to install but not limited to NT4.0 operating systems, HP Net Servers, configure Windows 95 desktops with Ghost imaging, and loading manufacture specific software for both office and shop floor. Please read through the following information. The word “populated” means to install with in a much larger piece of equipment to render it as working device. INSTALLED:  HP SYSTEM-E RACK. • Assisted in construction of this rack in order to mount 2 servers, 2 raid drives, 1 keyboard and mouse shelf, and 1 monitor shelf. ♦ 2 HP Net Servers LXR 8000 Systems. ♦ 2 Raid-5 drives. ♦ 1 Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor.  COMPAQ Desk Pro 4000. • Peripherals for each system: V75 monitor, Compaq keyboard, and mouse. • Hand held Wedge bar code scanners L3038S for shop floor systems. • HP Laser printers with and extra 4mg of ram. POPULATED:  HP Net Servers with the following components. • Removed both LXR-Pro 8000 memory boards from the Net Server. • Installed 64bit Dimm Chips on to the LXR-Pro 8000 memory boards as specified by HP. • Opened the top of the server and installed the following: • 2 NIC cards, 2 SCSI cards, 3 additional power supplies and processors. • Verified if the jumpers were set correctly for either 400mhz or 450mhz. • Verified if the power going across the strip was of appropriate voltage. • Installed 1 9.1Gb hard drive into each server.  Raid-5 Drives with the following devices. • Installed 12-9.1Gb hard drives into each Raid back server. CONFIGURED:  Windows95 and deployed custom database systems and virus protection: • Utilizing Ghost Software for custom imaging. • Norton Anti Virus shield, Oracle’s People Soft, KIWI and MAXIMO for both the floor and shop just-in-time production and schedule notifications, Office 97 full boat, and MS Outlook 97.  KIWI production software measured worker productivity and material tracking during production. Installed the database reporting which tied into the oracle database tracking the shop floor production and management decisions regarding productivity. • Installed Kiwi Client Version for NT Workstations. • Migrated system setups by RAS from the home office in Washington State. • Set the Icons, drive mapping, user privileges, system time and date. • Set system printer, hand scanner, and People-Soft crystal financial.  Oracle 7.0 was the applied Rbase system in the collection of both Maximo and Kiwi then outputted into Crystal Financial application for reporting purposes.
  10. 10.  Maximo Server client 3.0 software handles Material tracking of item used in production. Measured the both the finished product and the waste following production. It gave scaleable forecast of waste, time to produce in feet and inches regarding paper products, cost analysis of production, time to depletion of materials, and scheduled the order and period for replenishment of the used materials. • Installed the Maximo Client Version2.6 for NT Workstations. • Setup all Maximo Components to run Maximo. • Setup Maximo for single user. • Setup Maximo directories: • C: Maximo • C: Maxrtr • C: Maxsched • C: Quest • C: SQR3 • C: SPL • set the modification for the Autoexec.bat file • set a new program group • Added the Maximo(ODBC) driver to select the SQL Server non-32bit. • set the data source name which is the concatenate = Max + site name. • set the Maximo server name to concatenate state + city + Maximo. • set the options list with name of database, deselected other options. • added the Maximo data set name. • Added the MS ODBC setup for the SQL Server non-32bit • Installed the users profile, access level, and security rights. • Installed the report generator to for adhoc reporting. • Installed the MS-SQL Server Client of Maximo. • Change the default network to TCPIP sockets. • Exited Maximo and restarted workstation . • Tested Maximo to determine functionality for immediate implementation. ALTERNATIVE RESOURCE CORPORATION. Contract temporary staffing agency dedicated to placing technical resource personnel. Position: Junior LAN / Client Technician. My duties were to fulfill the requirements of the contract for a perspective employer. Skills set: NT4.0 server installer, system migration, desktop configuration, Cisco Router configuration, and Lotus Notes configuration.  EDS Electronic Data Systems Contracted to EDS Detroit for the North American Infrastructure Upgrade of all General Motor Acceptance Corporation sites. Traveled away on weekends to deploy Windows NT client workstations. Configured Lotus Notes 4.5 email and the laptops were configured for replication of lotus notes. Loaded Office 97 suite( MS Access, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint). Loaded OSW specifications for EDSNET networking and the gateway emulator loaded was Rumba 97. Loaded the proper print drivers for the HP Laser jet printers(4xsi, 5xsi) and then directed the print queue to each individual user workstation. Installed the following devices on site: Compaq Pentium 4000 1.3 months Compaq Pentium II 1.3 months
  11. 11. Compaq 486 1.3 months Cisco 5500 20 port switches 1.3 months Category 5 cabling 8 wire straight through 1.3 months 17inch V75 monitors 1.3 months Ergonomic Keyboard and mouse 1.3 months Dynamic Host Control Protocol 1.3 months Download from network server email rights to Lotus Notes 4.5 1.3 months FISERV GALAXY 2000 The position of Data Communications Technician involves the staffing of the help desk for credit union customers needing assistance with credit union devices that are malfunctioning or broken. Those responsibilities involve diagnosing the problem, trouble shooting the repair effort, and bring the equipment backup in working order in a timely fashion. WAN management for both in state and out of state customers. This company does electronic data transaction processing for credit unions, banks, and financial institutions around the country. The furthered responsibilities are to maintain connectivity for data transfer streams from institution to all FISERV facilities and their customers nation wide. Report any utility outages and manage the customer information pool on the status of when communication service will return. To analyze any piece of equipment or data carrier equipment that might be the source or the origination faults and ground outs on the system. Work with carriers like AT&T, AMERITECH, PACIFIC BELL, SOUTHERN BELL, NYNEX, WORLDCOM, GTE, SOUTHWESTERN BELL, and other foreign carriers. The IP addressing of Cisco routers, Lattis hubs, modems, 3com termserver boxes, and HP workstations. Maintaining service on T1 and Frame Relay circuits to various facilities through out the United States and troubleshooting the problem before scheduling repair by carrier. Operating systems consist of SCO UNIX as the system host. Operating system was Windows 95 and Novell 4X as the LAN system installed and operating at both the host end and at the client site. Email system is Groupwise 5.2 and the desktop is Microsoft Office 97. Support the sales staff in regards to custom and commercial software packages, hardware, cabling, and transport utilities for pre-installation. Once installation would take place then support all hardware and software installed onsite during the contracted period. Assume responsibility in assisting and educating users both onsite/staff and offsite/client. Example: Following the procedure in the loading, configuring, initializing of Smart Term Lan Emulator software. Assist the sales staff during a conference call with the client in selecting the correct emulator software within the package to create a 3270 sub-console session. Example: Support the sales staff in regards to a Lexmark printer by troubleshooting the cause of it not printing out information directed from the GALAXY host system to the client site. Conducted an orderly and thorough research in determining that the cause was the result of the control functions and features were different from a previous version of Lexmark printer and by
  12. 12. engineering the new changes it allowed the GALAXY host system to print information to the new brand of Lexmark printer. Basically, a support function was rendered in regards to assisting the sales staff to complete the sale and support the contract onsite. Category 5 straight through patch cabling along with db25 & db9 connectors serving as the connection to the device at one end and the host connect at the other. Generally db25 connector pin 2 is transmit, pin 3 is receive, and pin 7 is used as signal ground. Some industries use pin 1 as frame ground when connected to large mainframes. This connector goes to the host device end (Codex multiplexor or IAC board). The device-end is best defined as: [CRTs, Printers, or PC - Workstations] and other devices normally used in the business industry. Technical knowledge involved with cable design for device communication: The company made use of pre-constructed Category-5 shield straight-through(SST) cabling and constructed the Db25 & Db9 connectors on site prior to installation. 1. Generally db25 connector pin 2 is transmit, pin 3 is receive, and pin 7 is used as signal ground. 2. Some industries use pin 1 as frame ground when connected to large mainframes. 3. This connector goes to the host device end (Codex multiplexor or IAC board). 4. The device-end is best defined as: [CRTs, Printers, or PC - Workstations] and other devices normally used in the business industry. 5. Familiar with a various range of diagnostic and construction tools to make connectors as well as build and maintain special wiring schemes. Products Used: Cisco Routers 2.0 years + Motorola modems 1.5 years + US ROBOTIC 33.6 both internal and external modems 2.0 years + Motorola multiplexers 1.5 years + T1, T3, DSX cards, Station packages to reset for normal operation. 2.0 years + Novell Groupwise 5.2 1.0 years + HP OPEN VIEW 2.0 years + Protocols: IPX configuration 1.5 years + SPX 1.5 years + TCP/IP configuration 1.5 years + Telnet 1.5 years + Operating Systems: SCO-UNIX utilization programs and protocols 2.5 years + Windows 95 configuration and customer support 1.5 years + Network Operating System: N.O.S. Tools: Novell NetWare 4.0 1.5 years HP Open View 2.0 years GroupWise 5.2 Email 1.5 years Telnet Ip/config 2.0 years Telecommunication Systems: Analog and Digital signaling 4800bd, 9600bd, 33.6K, 56K T1 and Frame-relay…2years. Asynchronous Transmission Method 2years Hardware: Cisco Routers 2500, 2501, 2504, 2509, 2515, 4000, 4500, 7500 2 years Codex csu/dsu analog and digital modems 2 years HP Vectra Pentium II 2 years AS400 .5 year SCO-UNIX 2 years
  13. 13. Motorola 8, 16, 24, & 32 channel Multiplexers 2 years Communication Tools: PerSoft Smart Term v5.0, v6.0, v7.0 2.years ProComm V2.01, V3.0 1.5years The use of Cisco Routers 25x, 40x, and 75x involved telnetting from the company switch to the customer location through class-D Ip addresses. When the physical routing through the switch was not possible then I would access the customer location via dial-up modem into the customer’s location and utilizing IPX telnet into the customer location to boot, modify, or re-route the data stream for either the Lexmark or HP Laser printer talk. Same would be done for any device communicating across the Lan or Wan. The devices in the environment were check signature devices, workstations, servers, and dial-up modems. CDI INFORMATION SYSTEMS Contracted period from 5/18/96 to 8/28/96 as a TEAM LEADER. Incharge of instructing Unisys contract labor and other phone technicians on the location and proper desktop setup of workstations and printers. Also the repair effort if needed of the circuit and equipment on live day. My further duties: where to install Unisys Window NT4.0 servers, Cisco 2500 series routers, modems, Lattis Synoptic hubs, and verify circuit has been installed by local phone carrier. Verify that the LM Host file was set up correctly or my intervention to program the file in- order for the Dynamic Host Control Protocol to communicate with the distributed Hewlett Packard Vectra workstations and Lexmark laser printers in the facility. This system was installed and routed along a frame-relay circuit through out the state of Michigan. The Family Independence Agency in North Western and North Eastern Michigan were the recipient of this system. Worked with both the office staff and local county directors to train on how to support and administrate security rights to individual users. This position required 95% to 98% travel away from home weekly. Help desk support was rendered to the user at the various Family Independent Agencies. Network Operating System: NT 3.5 3 months NT 4.0 3 months Desktop Operating System: Windows 95 1.25 years Protocols used: DHCP 3 months Hardware: Unisys Pentium I Servers 3 months Unisys Pentium II Servers 3 months Cisco Router 2500, 2501, 2504, 2509, 2514, 4000 3 months Lattis Synoptic Hubs 3 months ALTERNATIVE RESOURCE CORPORATION. Contract temporary staffing agency dedicated to placing technical resource personnel. Position: Lead technical analyst. My duties were to fulfill the requirements of the contract for a perspective employer. Skills set: NT4.0 server installer, IBM server installer, and programmer analyst.  FLINT INK CORPORATION.
  14. 14. From October 1996 to November 21, 1996 worked as a technician installing graphical images on IBM server desktops at Flint Ink in Detroit Michigan. Done user support of the new system installation. Support other user functions from the use of a Lotus Notes Query database constructed and maintained by the system administrator at the company. The Operating system was Windows 95 and the desktop application was a mix of Microsoft Office 95 and Lotus Office Suite 96. IBM Servers: 486…………………….……………………………………………….1.5 months Pentium 75 Hz…………………………………………………………1.5 months Pentium 133 Hz………………………………………………………..1.5 months Desktop Applications: Lotus 4.5……………………………………………………………….1.5 months Oracle 5.0………………………………………………………………1.5 months Operating Systems: Windows 95……………………………………………………………15 months QUANTUM RESOURCES. Contract temporary staffing agency dedicated to placing technical resource personnel. Position: Novell Groupwise 4.0 administrator. My duties were to fulfill the requirements of the contract for a perspective employer. Skills set: Novell system 3.12 administrator, Window NT4.0 network & desktop installation, IBM desktop installation, and programmer analyst..  MARATHON OIL CORPORATION. From October 18, 1995 to December 20, 1995 worked as a certified Novell Groupwise4.0 local area network administrator, remote Groupwise installer, and help desk support. Used the Lotus Mail Soft Switch though the CC-mail gateway to convert system host e-mail files from RPG over to Novell 4X Groupwise4.0 platform. QUANTUM RESOURCES <Continued> Certified Novell Groupwise 4.1 administrator New Horizons Livonia Novell LAN administrator 2 months LMS-Soft Switch 2 months Group Wise Remote Client 2 months Window 3.x 2 months Help Desk administrative support 2 months DRT SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL. DRT Systems International is a consulting firm managed by the Deloit accounting firm is located in Toronto Canada, Ross is the technical house located in France, Tomatsu is the accounting firm located in Japan. The main office is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and the branch was located in Columbus, Ohio. Position: Programmer Analyst. My first position was located at the Ohio Department of Human Services in Columbus, Ohio. Joined the company on February 15, 1994 through October 12, 1995.  OHIO DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES. The assignment was located 40 East Broad Street Columbus, Ohio on floors 10 through 40. Stationed on the 40 floor in the Bureau of Management Information Systems. Data base analyst utilizing Ashton & Tate Db4.0v5 software to create user friendly hardware and resource update inventory tracking system. Other projects are listed 1 through 6: 1) Performed Hardware trouble shooting:
  15. 15. Micro Hardware:  inspected for loose fitting and damaged circuitry on the motherboard.  inspected hard drive and floppy drives for loose mounts  inspected cooling fan, power supply, and I/O cards for proper operation.  Inspected and cleaned CHICONI keyboards, both bus and serial mouse.  inspected and cleaned any selection color and monochrome 14” PC monitor. Micro Software:  Performed hardware diagnostics with Micro Soft Diagnostics MSD.  Scandisk, Defrag, and Check Disk{CHKDSK).  Corrected memory problems with Memmaker and CHKDSK/F.  Lap Link 3.5 software to transfer personal user data files.  Micro Soft Office Suite.  Lotus Office Suite.  Word Perfect 6.0 Suite. 2) Maintained host and user communication connectivity:  Installed IRMALAN client.  Configured the IRMALAN FTP/3270 emulator for mainframe functionality.  Setup user access to 3 or more system host environment environments. Example: Cobol, CICS, DB2, JCL, MVS, OS/2, Roscoe, RPG, Telon, TSO.  Installed RS232 wiring with BNC connectors, 64 port hubs, and cat-5 cabling..  Installed Memorex Telex routers, terminal all running sych data to the host.  Done punch down wiring of 3270 Memorex Telex terminals and equipment.  Done test and tone for proper communication and setup.  Installed Allen/Bradley 128 port concentrators  Interfaced all equipment to network through State of Ohio Private Phone Co. OHIO DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN SERVICES <Continued> 3) Installed new DOS6.2 and Windows configuration on IBM compatible workstations. 4) Installed and developed solutions to accessing various database through out the Bureau of Information Systems. This databases all were configured in lotus spreadsheet format then converted into Dbase 4.0. Then utilizing the software written for each department to update their current inventory and to track the results of their daily labor. Programmed special search criteria to make the necessary change to their inventory. Once this portion of the project was complete. Microsoft access GUI was added as a front-end to make it more user friendly and appealing. 5) Installed Memorex Telex terminals at various county sites across the state of Ohio. These sites would include Food Stamp distribution centers, Welfare agency, and child support Enforcement Agency. 6) Finally, my last task was to catalog the old equipment for salvage and pickup. SNMP gateway installation & configuration 1 year IPX gateway installation & configuration 1 year FTP/IP client 1 year Memorex Telex hubs and routers 1 year Allen Bradley Concentrators 1 year IBM Micro Compatibles 1 year DbaseIV version 4.0 DOS programming SQL 1 year DbaseIV version 5.0 windows & SQL 1 year DbaseIV administrator 1 year Dbase IV analyst 1 year Lotus Converter 1 year  Imported spreadsheets into DbaseIV format.database
  16. 16.  BRITISH PETROLEUM. During my first month at British petroleum I worked as a Tech Support level-1. This task entailed my responding to the help desk to receive the next distressed user in need to be instructed on how to use windows and the applications contained within problems printing to designated printer, problems with hardware components such as a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or bad power cords. During my second month at British Petroleum my position was rotated to a remote refinery in South East Cleveland, Ohio. The position was to assume the role as additional help desk support and Novell 3X System Administrator. Mixed desktop environment concentrated in X-windows, Windows for groups, and Windows 95 operating environment. Their host was SCO-UNIX platform for multiple programming environments. Microsoft platform environment on desktop and Lotus cc:mail gateway routing internet mail. IPX was used as the internal addressing scheme per user community. During the last 2 months I was a computer operator. Releasing and running nightly processes according to the scheduled logs. Responding to calls from remote users at various BP facilities across the globe. Trouble shooting window desktop system faults, and assisting the user on how to resolve the problems as they arise. The environment was mainly SCO-UNIX as the host system with IBM system 38, TANDEM system processors, RISC 6000 processor, and Novell 3X system. The repair of various desktops, several different types of printers, keyboards, and other peripherals required. Operation Systems: IBM System 38 2.2 years Risc6000 2 months SCO-UNIX 2 months TANDEM 2.2 years Network Operating System: Novell 3.12 4 months Protocols: IPX 2 months  ADVANCED ELASTOMER SYSTEMS. My job was the maintain all new hardware components (3com cards 8meg ram chips, PCMCIA cards) and peripherals item by item within MS-Excel spreadsheet. And produce reports indicated install numbers per laptop or desktop. Transport the final product to site and install the equipment to user’s work location at company site. Utilizing a Window NT 3.5 server configured each laptop and PC workstation with the required desktop configuration. SMS client was installed on this platform as the gateway. Installed the SNMP gateway protocols to cross talk with the Pathworks software environment. 1) Inventory procurement of new / old computers and components 2) Installed components for new Compaq computers [Product Delivery].
  17. 17. Laptops (486): installed US ROBOTIC PCMCIA cards 3.5months Installed 8meg RAM chips 3.5months Installed Windows for Workgroups 0.5months Installed SMS CLIENT software 3.5months Installed Lotus 1-2-3, Notes, and Lotus Organizer 3.5months Installed WordPerfect 6.1 3.5months Workstations(pentium): Installed 3com network interface cards 3.5 months Installed 16Meg Ram chips 3.5months Installed Windows for Workgroups 3.5 months Installed Lotus 1-2-3, Amipro, Notes, and Organizer 3.5months Migrated system application and resources from NT3.51 server on a BUS network topology onto 6 workstation and laptops at one time. ROBERT HALF INTERNATIONAL • CHECK FREE CORPORATION. Contracted to CHECK FREE Corporation in Worthington Ohio as a Computer Programmer & Technical Support. My job during the 3 weeks onsite were to format 3.5 floppy disk in SCO-UNIX O/S for Servers. Worked on the help desk answering calls about the Racquetball Club Membership procedure on electronic fund transfers (EFT) and other payment methods. Trained in writing the code that drove the majority of systems for the company in anticipation of coming on board as a full time employee. The position ended due to Robert Half International did not desire to release me from the contract unless Check Free Corporation was willing to pay the set contracted amount. Trained in how to code UNIX II 0.6 months Trained in how to read the UNIX JCL dump 0.6 months Trained in how to write a read and release a record 0.6 months OHIO BIODYNE, INC Health maintenance organization My position was as a System Coordinator for 1 year and 3 months. Joined this company on 06/19/1992 – 09/13/1993. Before this position was eliminated through staff down sizing my duties in general were to maintain the functionality of reports and databases for the doctors on staff and other psychologist at remote facilities. These remote facilities would include but not limited to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, and South Eastern Michigan. Additional experience is as follows: 1) Pick Access programmer.  Programmed in Pick Terminal Control Access language.  Operating system was Pick Access 6.2.  Hewlett Packard Monolith 9000 as the server.  X.25 dial up communication system was in place with T1 bank for regional connectivity. Central operator, installer, and repair technician on site . 2) Conducted educational workshops on the use of Microsoft windows 3x technology. The introduction of WordPerfect for windows, Lotus 1-2-3, and data file recovery. 3) Maintained the office local area network and the wide area network run X.25 through both local dial up networking and T1 security access. Their system was access by dial out to an MCI 800 number which came back through a switch bank (PBX) back into the office for local connectivity. Wide area networking was achieved through a T1 channel bank which routed user from New York, Florida, California, Illinois, and Hawaii.
  18. 18. 4) Ohio Biodyne was just a node off of California Biodyne/Mirk Incorporated. Desktop Applications: Operating Systems Telecommunications: Top Priority 27months DosV6.0 27months X.25 27months Harvard Graphics 27months Up Board 92B 27 months T1 27months Lotus 1-2-3 27months Windows 3.0 27months Pick 92b V6.0 27months : COLUMBUS METROPOLITAN LIBRARY Library industry Attained the position of Computer Operator on July 27, 1990 through June 13, 1992 The responsibilities of this position are as follows: 1) Performed scheduled system back up and report generation on periodic basis. 2) Provided user support to the library staff and patrons dialing in the research and reservation of materials in the system. Troubleshoot the various communication platforms and hardware problems that would arise. This would include but not limited to hard drives, communication ports, programming new communication macros, and verifying baud rates. 3) Repair technician for keyboards, motherboards, monitors, light pens, and the replacement of these devices when needed. 4) Install new equipment at remote locations around Franklin county in Ohio. The equipment that I gained the most experience with during my employment are as follows:  Tandem CLX 2 years.  IBM System 36 2 years.  WYSE terminal 2 years.  Novell 3.11 bindery backup 1 years.  IBM desktop compatibles 2 years. JACKSON COMMUNITY COLLEGE Local community college My position here was as an Instructor for Jackson Community College in Jackson, Michigan. Hired in on August 15, 1987 through December 28, 1989 for the position of instructor. Introduction to Computers was taught for the Prison Program located at the educational facilities of Jackson State Prison. My role as instructor was to educate the inmate population that were interested in desktop applications. Class sizes ranged from 21 students to 35 students at the most. The applications, course curriculum, and grading were left to up me to create. The educational periods would last for a period of either 7 weeks or 15 weeks semesters. This position lasted for 1 year and 9 months. Security clearance was required for this position. The applications that were used for instruction were Apple works, Supercalc 3, and VP-Planner Spreadsheet. The hardware used was Apple IIC, Apple Macintosh, and Zenith desktop computing. Constructed and established course projects based on every aspect of the core curriculum which were exhibited utilizing the word processing function, spread sheet function, and the business math function of the apple product. Instructor 21 months Apple Compatibles 21 months Created a course syllabus 21 months Used a grading system based on 4.0 as the highest grade attainable 21 months LANSING COMMUNITY COLLEGE Local community college
  19. 19. My position here was as a Robotics Lab Technician start date August 15, 1985 through December 20, 1985. My responsibilities were to assist the instructors and students with project work. The setup pneumatic and hydraulic pick and place assembly and welding robots. Assist students in writing code for static pallet operation. Language used was termed a Pascal based machine language. IBM’s name for it was Basic Machine Language. The hardware used was as follows: Hardware: IBM 286 workstations 9 months Phanic pneumatic robots 1year Pick-n-Place robot 9 months Welding robot 3 months Software: IBM -A Machine Language 1 year Applications: Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) used IBM-AML (A Machine Language) together with vision- assisted integration for mapping pathway logic systems for application to a mobile security system, and logic detailing for process control and parts manufacturing 1 year. OSHTEMO HILL, INC. Door and lock specialist within the commercial construction industry. The position hired for was Computer Operator from the point of hire June 16, 1984 through July 17, 1985. My duties were to service the customer in writing up contracts and fulfilling those contracts with the inventory on- hand at the warehouse. Assuring that the parts requested and new items were loaded into the company’s database. Once collected the detailed information was used to create a hardware schedule of items on-hand versus those needed to be ordered from vending organizations. Once received, the components would be assembled in house then contact the purchaser for a schedule pickup and final payment with general contractors. Utilize a client management and billing system on via remote access from the parent office in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The system was access through a dedicated leased line to the main system in Oshtemo Hill, Michigan in which the main system was running on an IBM 34 platform. The experience gained covered a 14 month period. Computer Operator 14 months Operating System IBM system 36 14 months System Software RPG 14 months IBM console 14 months Cannon Wide carriage printer 4500 14 months This position was eliminated due to the branch office closed in Lansing, Michigan on December 1986. Derrick Thornton Attention: Perspective Employer:
  20. 20. Thank you for review my information that I have supplied you with today. The time span of my professional career covers a period from June of 1984 to the last employed date of December 2002. For further details, feel free to reach me through my linked-In, address, which is http://www.linked/in/derr1ckthornton. After your review of this information, it is my interest to in scheduling time to meet with you and your staff regarding an open position within your company and I do appreciate your time and effort in review of this information then look forward to meeting with you soon. Thank you. Derrick Thornton