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  1. 1. Royalton High School Tech and Y.E.S. Club Projects
  2. 2. A Little About Y.E.S. Youth Energy Summit Royalton has been involved for all 3 years Our goal is to make our community and world a better and greener place Most of the group on a winter workshop at St. John’s. We were in front of the solar farm located there. Just a few of us giving the check of the proceeds of our Smoothie Bar to the Senior Center.
  3. 3. Community Service In December, we decided to do a Smoothie Bar to raise money for our Senior Citizens in Royalton.
  4. 4. Oil Drop Site ● Has been ongoing for a couple years ● Provides a place to safely get rid of oil ● Can be reused
  5. 5. Milk Cartons A reduced environmental impact At a school of 500 students, a year’s worth of carton-recycling efforts will conserve: ● 170,561 sheets of paper ● 14 mature trees ● 5,970 gallons of water ● 417 full trash bags of waste-storage
  6. 6. Hydration Stations ● We proposed the idea to the school board and got the okay. ● They will be installed this coming school year.
  7. 7. SuperMileage Competition ● The renewable energy car has been an ongoing project ● The cars are judged on design, speed, endurance and overall efficiency ● The Royalton team brought home the 2014 trophy Wyatt Anderson, Brooke Tschida, Brandi Kloss, Ali Tresco, Sawyer Anderson. 2014 Competition Wyatt Anderson, Tony Plemel, Caleb Jasmer, Austin Schmitt, Brianne Carlson, Deserae Hellickson 2013 Competition
  8. 8. Solar Power Trailer ● Transports ● Interior ● Graphics ● Solar Power
  9. 9. Solar Boat Competition
  10. 10. Recycling ● Our recycling has been ongoing since the beginning ● We assist our Speech Team ● Initiated by Nicole Kunkel
  11. 11. Outdoor Classroom An outdoor classroom was planned to be built in honor of a former teacher, Nicole Kunkel. Our team was asked to be part of the building. We helped dig holes, build benches and install them.
  12. 12. Fluid Power In the 2012-2013 challenge we brought home 3 of the 5 trophies including: The Teamwork, The Challenge, and Overall Champion Awards Back Row: Mr. Bratsch, Austin, Nathan, Brandi, Lanae, Ali, Molly Front Row: Randale, David, Brittny, Janeille and Alli
  13. 13. Little Red Wagon Award The Red Wagon Awards recognizes those young people who have demonstrated any or all of the following: ● Increased academic achievement ● Civic engagement and service ● Exemplary leadership
  14. 14. Y.E.S. Awards ● We have been deemed the Y.E.S. Champions for three consecutive years. ● Each time receiving a $1,000 check.
  15. 15. Future Ideas ● Compost Recycling ● Green House ● Community Garden ● Solar Panels for School ● Wind Turbine