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Spurring Community Energy Projects: A guide to applying for CERT Seed Grant funding
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Spurring Community Energy Projects: A guide to applying for CERT Seed Grant funding


A guide to applying for Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) seed grants. Learn more and apply at http://rfp.mncerts.org.

A guide to applying for Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) seed grants. Learn more and apply at http://rfp.mncerts.org.

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  • 1. Spurring CommunityEnergy Projects:A guide to applying forCERT Seed Grant Funding
  • 2. Overview1. Funding Overview2. Application Materials3. CERTs Funding Application4. Application Submission5. Review Criteria6. Timeline www.CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org
  • 3. Funding OverviewWhat is CERTs looking for in a proposal?• Relates to clean energy or energy efficiency• Includes an outreach component, such as education or community involvement• Fosters new network relationships• Cost-effective and well-planned use of resourcesEach Regional CERT has $10,000 in funding to allocate. www.CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org
  • 4. Application MaterialsVisit http://rfp.mncerts.com to find:• Funding Application Form*• RFP Details, Evaluation Criteria*, and Submission Information• Project Impact Worksheets and Resources• Previously-funded Projects*Be sure to use the correct application form for the CERT Region in which you are applying. Also see Region-specific evaluation criteria. www.CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org
  • 5. CERTs Funding Application1. General Info – Summary – Organizational History2. Project Narrative & Work Plan – Connection to Community3. Collaboration and Project Support – Team members – Project Partners www.CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org
  • 6. CERTs Funding Application4. Project Focus and Impact – Energy Focus – Activities and Impacts: What are you doing around energy? Associated Impacts? E.g. Implementation & Education and Outreach – Project Impact Worksheets5. Project Funding – Other Funding Support & Project Budget – Match Requirements (SW and NE CERTs) www.CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org
  • 7. Review CriteriaStatewide Criteria:1. Projects that advance community energy efficiency and/or renewable energy2. Ideally, projects that provide measurable savings/offsets3. Projects that have high potential to provide replicable models4. Projects that engage and involved a variety of community partners …more In the “RFP Details” document at http://rfp.mncerts.org.Regional Criteria:1. Match requirements for SW and NE CERTs2. Selection committees are regional, so check for their priorities! …more In the “RFP Details” document at http://rfp.mncerts.org. www.CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org
  • 8. Application SubmissionApplications due to RFP@CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org by 5:00pm on Tuesday, November 15th. Be sure to include: • Application in MS Word or PDF • Documentation of energy impacts • Letters of support for secured fundingPlease include your project name and CERT Region in the subject line. We will confirm receipt within 1-2 days. www.CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org
  • 9. Timeline• November 15, 2011: Proposals Due• January 2, 2012: Selections made by Regional CERTs• January 6, 2012: Awards announced• May 1, 2012: Project Interim Report & Invoice Due• June 1, 2012: $ revoked if project not initiated• December 1, 2012: Project Final Report & Invoices Due Invoices must be dated December 1, 2012 or earlier to receive payment. www.CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org
  • 10. For More Information Visit http://rfp.mncerts.org or email RFP@ CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org. www.CleanEnergyResourceTeams.org