Solar Skies solar thermal hot water collectors


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Basic presentation by Solar Skies Manufacturing LLC about their solar thermal hot water collectors and other products, with lots of photos and case studies of specific applications.

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Solar Skies solar thermal hot water collectors

  1. 1. Solar Works in St. Cloud meeting
  2. 2. Company HistoryLocated in Alexandria, MN, Solar Skies Mfg., LLC was established in 2006 tomanufacture solar thermal collectors for commercial and residential use.Solar Skies actually began in 2003, when local entrepreneur and CEO ofSolar Skies, Randy Hagen, developed, manufactured, and sold a solarpowered device for ventilating aircraft. With his growing interest in solar andthe demand for cost-effective renewable energy products on the rise, Randywas convinced that more people would realize the economic advantagesof solar power systems.Over the last two years we have expanded our offerings to include tanks,pumps, controllers and complete balance of system components.Aiding in our sales efforts, Solar Skies has partnered with a growing networkof dealers and distributors throughout the U.S. and now into Canada.Together, we have expanded the solar business, education, and theawareness for the need of alternative energy resources.
  3. 3. • Solar Skies MFG is the Midwest’s Leading manufacturer of Solar Thermal Collectors• Solar Skies is located in Alexandria Minnesota• Solar Skies is entering its 6th year of manufacturing• Solar Skies sells product throughout the US• Solar Skies’ collectors have recently been approved in Canada• Solar Skies manufactures high quality, SRCC Rated Collectors
  4. 4. Solar Skies’ Flat Plate Collector The Solar Thermal Collector is Solar Skies’ Main Product
  5. 5. We have continued toenhance our mainproduct line and nowsupport our collectorswith a complete lineupof our own tanks andfull systems
  6. 6. The principalfunction of ourcollectors andtanks are to takethe energy fromthe sun andconvert them intouseable BTUs
  7. 7. Residential: A family of four requires two 4’ x 8’ collectors and one 80 gallon solar tank.Commercial: Acommercialapplication is similarto a residentialapplication, justutilizing morecollectors and largertanks.
  8. 8. Solar thermal is a proven technology US solar hot water patent 1891-Clarence Kemp
  9. 9. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!About 20 Billion dollars leave the state every year in the form ofpayment for energy. That’s money that could be spent inMinnesota to create new jobs and improve wages for current jobs.There isn’t one big 20 billion dollar check written. This happensthrough small everyday expenditures by people just like you andme.Every time you spend a dollar locally, that dollar, on average, willchange hands seven times.Installing a renewable energy system makes sense.•In Minnesota, it will continue to create jobs and improve theeconomy by keeping money in the state•The ROI is usually better that can be obtained elsewhere•It will improve the environment
  10. 10. ederal30% Tax Rebate (residential) or cash grant (commercial) on Entire Installed CostNo Cap For Residential for domestic or space heatingNo Cap For Commercial100% Depreciation in 2011, then 50% 2012 with the balance depreciated on a MACRS basisPool Heating Currently ExcludedTax Credit Program Extended to December 31st 2016U.S.D.A. - R.E.A.P. Program.S.D.A Loans also availablenergy Star – Solar thermal now qualifies
  11. 11. Solar Thermal Opportunities• Applications Housing Solar Thermal can cost effectively be Lodging utilized where ever there is a hot water Dorms/Barracks or heating load. The Hospitals following pages are job stories utilizing Dining Facilities solar thermal Laundries collectors Fitness Centers Agricultural
  12. 12. Install by FLS Energy
  13. 13. Install by FLS Energy
  14. 14. Install by FLS Energy
  15. 15. Wigwam Mills, Sheboygan WISystem type: DrainbackCollector space: 1,080 sq. ftAnnual fuel savings: 2,132 thermsInstallation cost: $115,000Avoided CO2 emissions: 12.5 tons/yearSolar contribution to hot water load:47%Preheated water volume: 1,300 gallonsIncoming water temperature: @45ºState Incentive (Focus): $17,059Federal Tax credit: 30%Cost per sq. ft: $106Estimated payback: 9 yearsInstallation date: February 2008Lead contractor: Craig Tarr, Energy Concepts, HudsonSystem installer: Paul Steiner, Steiner Plumbing and Electric, River FallsDistributor: Hot Water Products, Milwaukee
  16. 16. Macalester College – St. Paul, MN Ground Mount – Wisconsin ResidenceIPS Solar Cardinal Heating
  17. 17. Kalihari Resort – Wisconsin Dells, WI 104 CollectorsTerry Town Plumbing & Heating, Hot Water Products
  18. 18. The Wellstone – Minnesota Carleton College – MinnesotaEnergy Concepts IPS Solar – LKPB Engineering
  19. 19. Project Installation: Conservation Technologies Bayfield County Jail Job Story 4804 Oneota Street Duluth, MN 55807Solar Skies Solar Thermal Products Used 218-722-9003(16) SS-40 4’ x 10’ Solar Skies’ Flat Plate CollectorsResultsCurrently, Bayfield County Jail is enjoying the benefits of an annual fuel savings of 1,260 therms, the solar system is generating 45% of their hot water needs. Not only is Bayfield County Jail saving money but they are displacing 7.5 tons of CO2 emissions annually. The cost of the project was $93,000, factoring in a 30% federal tax credit and accelerated depreciation, it is calculated that Bayfield Counties investment will be recovered in 10 years. If the natural gas prices continue their rapid rise, the payback will be considerably shorter.
  20. 20. Dakota County Lebanon Hills Regional Park CampgroundSolar Skies Product Used(4) 4’ x 10’ Solar Skies Solar Thermal Collectors(1) 120 gallon Stainless Steel Solar Tank(1) 20 gallon Drain Back TankResultThe 4-collector hot water system produces about 400 Therms of natural gas per year. By utilizing the solar thermal collectors, the Lebanon Hills Campground achieved a LEED rating on this site. The 8 strategies selected by Dakota County to meet the 2015 goal will provide a cost savings to the County of $40,000annually. Dakota County is working at making their energy use sustainable, it meets currents needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs, is a continuous effort that integrates environmental, social, and economic goals, and requires public leadership and collective action by government agencies, private and non-profit sectors. US Mayors have signed the US Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, which says they will reduce their carbon footprint in their own communities and urges federal and state governments to reduce emissions as well. Project Installation: Innovative Power Systems 1413 Hunting Valley Road St. Paul, MN 55108
  21. 21. Veterans Affairs Outpatient ClinicSolar Skies Product Used(24) SS-26 4’ x 6.5’ Solar Skies Collectors ResultThe Solar Skies collectors are currently providing a minimum of 80% of the clinic’s domestic hot water.The boilers are not in use during the warm summer months of May – September and the clinic’s annualspace heating costs have been reduced by a minimum of 40%.Project Installation:Thelen Heating &Roofing Inc. 1717 ThirteenthSt. SE Brainerd, MN56401 218-829-1491
  22. 22. Glenrook South High SchoolObjectiveThe Glenbrook South High School is located in Glenview, IL. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and their dependence on fossil fuels.ProjectAssist in heating two pools. Estimated cost of the project is $460,000 but $245,000 in grant money was made available through the Clean Energy Act to helpoffset the cost of the project.Solar Skies Mfg. Products Used(70) Solar Skies SS-40 4’ x 10’ Solar CollectorsResultsEnergy savings of $20,000 per year. Project Installation: Solar Service Inc. 7312 North Milwaukee Ave. Niles, IL 60714 847-677-0950
  23. 23. Maricopa County Corrections FacilitySolar Skies Mfg., Products Used(316) Solar Skies SS-40 4’ x 10’ EZ Array Solar CollectorsIn order to meet the two hour timeframe for unloading and crane service, the solar collectors were packaged and arranged by array and managed and shipped on a just- in-time basis making going from factory to rooftop one seamless operation.ResultsBoth jails now have a solar thermal system the promotes the efficient integration of solar with existing water heaters and did not require any loss of service to thejails, at no time were users aware that any work was going on with the hot water system.The system provides a substantial amount of the daily heat required, reducing CO2 emissions by approximately ½ million pounds per annum.The estimated annual cost savings in fossil fuel for both sites is over $55,000. The reduction in burning equates to taking37 vehicles off the road. This project was also been named ENR’s Best Specialty Contracting Project 2011.
  24. 24. MassMutual Job StorySOLAR SKIES SOLAR THERMAL PRODUCTS USED(96) SS-40 4’ x 10’ Solar Skies CollectorsThe 96 collectors were shipped with the EZ-Array option offered by Solar Skies. This optional collector and mounting system includes unions, sensor wells, mounting hardware and precut and drilled strut. Additionally, the collectors were crated,labeled and loaded in the order of set up to eliminate guesswork. This system provided labor reduction of approximately 30% during installation.RESULTSMassMutual’s estimated energy cost savings is $100,000 annually. The solar thermal collectors are generating 50% of the campus hot water needswhile the photovoltaic system provides 111 Kilowatts (kW) of electricity. The collectors will also cut MassMutual’s carbon emissions by 1,830 metrictons of CO2 over the life of the system. Design & Installation: Harry Grodsky & Co. 33 Shaws Lane Springfield, MA 01101 413-785-1947
  25. 25. Minnesota Valley National Wildlife RefugeSolar Skies Products Used(24) 4’ x 10’ Solar Skies Solar Thermal CollectorsResultsThis state-of –the-art retrofit will reduce the facility’s energy usage and subsequent costs by at least 40%.The solar collectors heat 700 gallons of hot water for solar storage. Project Installation: Innovative Power Systems 1413 Hunting Valley Rd St. Paul, MN 55108 651-789-5305
  26. 26. Mdewakanton Emergency ServicesSolar Skies’ Products Used(6) SS-40 4’ x 10’ Solar Skies’ Flat Plat CollectorsResultsThe annual energy savings is 540 therms as well as displacing 3.2 tons of CO2 emissions. According to the Mdewakanton Emergency Services officials,the solar collectors are providing substantial energy savings for their facility. Engineered & Designed by Energy Concepts 2349 Willis Miller Drive Hudson, WI 54016 715-381-9977
  27. 27. University of Minnesota, Morris CampusSolar Skies Mfg. Products Used(32) Solar Skies NSC-40 4’ x 10’ North Star EZ Array Series Solar CollectorsResultsThe project directly addresses the climate change mitigation goals at UMM. This system will offset the consumption of natural gas,typically used to heat the pool. This system will lower their carbon footprint by 15 tons carbon dioxide each year, provide 270MMBtu of heating and a $2,700 natural gas cost savings each year. The project involved the entire community and it also involved students in the grant writing process. Project Design: Craig Tarr, PE Energy Concepts 2349 Wills Miller Drive Hudson, WI 54016 715-381-9977
  28. 28. THANK YOU