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RhiZone Energy Solutions
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RhiZone Energy Solutions


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. RhiZone Energy Solutions
  • 2. Customers & Partners Every state and every  province… Fortune 50 and “Fortune 1,000,000” Every type of commercial and industrial facility Thousands of wireless Monitors
  • 3. Solutions 1. Energy Expert 2. Metering & Sub-Metering 3. Enterprise 4. Demand Response 5. Custom Software & Wireless Development
  • 4. Architecture
  • 5. Energy Expert It’s like having an expert  watching your building 24/7  and telling you when you’re  saving money—or wasting it!
  • 6. Background Award Winning Technology that: • Tracks daily energy costs/savings (vs. baseline) • Is accessible from any computer • Monitors single buildings or multi-site portfolios • Uses data fusion engine developed by U.S. DOE • Cost effective solution to meet EPAct 2005 monitoring requirements
  • 7. ScoreCard The ScoreCard tab provides a daily record of your energy performance. Select a day and view: •High/Low Temps •Peak Demand •Cost Savings •Actual vs. Expected kWh •Load Profile •Five-day Forecast
  • 8. Calendar & Troubleshooting
  • 9. CUSUM (Energy)
  • 10. CUSUM (Carbon) Default Emissions Rates by State/Provence. Can be individually overridden by location.
  • 11. Reports The Daily Reports option provides: •Weather data •Financial data/history •Electric Demand history •Electric Consumption history •ESM status
  • 12. Metering & Sub‐Metering Key • Real‐Time Features • Leading Edge Wireless – low cost,  quick installation • Web Portal – low cost, easy set‐up • Port data into company’s existing  energy program • Also Monitor ‐ temperature, on/off,  flow, pressure, level
  • 13. Applications • Understand daily and weekly energy  usage/deviations – drill down • Retrofits (Supervalu) • Benchmark (Sysco saved 20% in 18  months) • Sub‐Meter – compressors, HVAC,  lights • Temporary Deployment – monitor  for a day, week or month
  • 14. Metering & Sub‐Metering Real - Time Monitoring
  • 15. Enterprise Solutions
  • 16. WorkSite Architecture Community Contractors Electrical Contractor Supplier Company Reports Locations Department Of Documents Energy Head Office Energy Metering Projects Star Office Building Lighting Energy Building Contractor Expert Building Engineer Property Manager Managers
  • 17. Utility Bill Entry &  Archival
  • 18. Utility Bill Analysis
  • 19. Document Management
  • 20. Projects & Tasks Check if Task is Sustainability Measure Check if Task is Energy Savings Measure Enter Cost/Impact Estimates Enter Cost/Savings Estimates Estimated Annual Carbon Reduction Estimated Annual Energy Savings 1,500,000 Lbs CO2 2000 $ Estimated Annual Consumption Savings Requirement LEED-EB Project 27500 Yes 0 Credit kWh Therms No Prereq. Estimated Demand Savings Yes Credit 52.5 kW Points LEED-EB Credit Persistence of Measure 3.1 6 24 Months 3.2 1 3.3 2 Degradation of Measure 3.1 3 Cliff 4 Linear 5 Cliff 6 7 8 9 10
  • 21. Portfolio Benchmarking Enterprise Worksite Only
  • 22. Enterprise Reporting Enterprise Worksite Only
  • 23. Demand Response
  • 24. Define Demand Response  Our “game changing” technology enables owners with portfolios of   small‐ to mid‐sized buildings to realize the financial benefits of  participating in load curtailment programs at a local, regional, and  national level. Our Demand  Response technology  Key Features  leverages a platform  Wireless 2‐way communications • that is already  • Long Distance: GPRS Cellular to NOC providing services to  • Local: Robust Wireless 915 MHz FHSS (Mesh, Star, and Tree  thousands of  Topology) organizations across  North America! Load Management for Lighting, HVAC, Motors, etc. • Load Monitoring for Verification/Compliance • Broadcast Notifications (Text Messages/email) to Stakeholders •
  • 25. Architecture TP HT Continuous Wireless  Connectivity Via Efficient UDP/IP  Communications  Protocol
  • 26. MapPoint View (Aerial Mode) Enterprise visualization shows locations currently in curtailment …