Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative


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Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative

  1. 1. warmer neighborhood venue! MAGI December 2006
  2. 2. Where in the world is Mahtomedi? 15 miles NE of St. Paul east shore of White Bear Lake population 8,000 5 square miles
  3. 3. Mahtomedi 1880-1930 Courtesy of White Bear Lake Area Historical Society
  4. 4. Mahtomedi Historic District summer cottages turn of the century most now year-round homes
  5. 5. newer neighborhoods
  6. 6. SENSE OF PLACE geography - lake history school district loyalty churches city government - accessible, leadership CONNECTION TO WORLD
  7. 7. Trajectory of CO2 & other GHGs
  8. 8. Participation in the Kyoto Protocol Signed and ratified Signed, ratification pending Signed, ratification declined Non-signatory
  9. 9. Solutions Needed: International (Kyoto) National (?) State… Cities -- Local (in)action Citizens need to DO something!
  10. 10. CITIZENS = COMMUNITY RESOURCES/ASSETS MAGI COMMITTEE Mn PCA U of M Regents Professor Grocery Store Manager/School Board Member Mayor of Mahtomedi School District Buildings and Grounds Director Science Educator Health Club Manager/Sustainable Bldg Expert Mn Dept of Commerce, State Energy Office Science Writer Century College Dean of Academic Affairs 3M Operations Manager Reps from church green sanctuary/stewardship committees Challenge = VOLUNTEERS = have full-time jobs!
  11. 11. • measurably reduce our use of nonrenewable, carbon-emitting energy sources • pursue and acquire renewable energy sources, including wind and solar • encourage an enduring community commitment to sustainability
  12. 12. Role in community: Initiate action, collaborate, network, support, share successes CELEBRATE! already lots happening in lil’ ole Mahtomedi…
  13. 13. Will Steger speaks to crowd of 900 at St. Andrews Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi An Inconvenient Truth released in DVD shown in area churches tipping point?… Photo courtesy of Gustavus Adolphus College
  14. 14. SEE - Schools for Energy Efficiency --$325,000 in cost savings in four years --6 million pounds greenhouse gases not released EPA Energy Star Leader Award
  15. 15. Mahtomedi Mayor Signs U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement in October 2006
  16. 16. reduce Mahtomedi s GHG emissions by 7% compared to 1990 levels by 2012 But how?
  17. 17. Seattle, Mahtomedi pop. 595,000 pop. 8,000 total city staff total city staff = 14 staff for climate initiative
  18. 18. City of Mahtomedi Environmental Commission Citizen input and support for City initiatives.
  19. 19. measurably reduce our use of nonrenewable, carbon-emitting energy sources
  20. 20. TREAD LIGHTLY MAHTOMEDI MPCA Technical Assistance Grant municipal carbon footprint Cities for Climate Protection Campaign Environmental Commission - join ICLEI MAGI volunteers - write grant Mahtomedi - administrates Century College - coordinates intern White Bear Lake - collaborates
  21. 21. TREAD LIGHTLY MAHTOMEDI • Quantify municipal GHG footprint -- baseline • Set target for GHG reduction • Develop plan for specific actions city can take to reach target • Implement actions and calculate anticipated GHG savings • Monitor results -- feedback Communicate with citizens throughout
  22. 22. NEW! Mahtomedi Public Works Building Silver LEED Certification criteria
  23. 23. City of Mahtomedi •Natural Step Workshop •Partner with White Bear Lake & Century College •Green Talk •Mayor’s column •Webpage on environment •Green Model Home/Living Green •Water Ordinance
  24. 24. NEXT STEP - Community Community GHG baseline… …while increasing efficiencies and reducing use. Partner with Energy Neighborhoods project… Cooperative --buying bulk efficiency materials Energy --mapping --eco-nudges/incentives/competitions Futures?
  25. 25. pursue and acquire renewable energy sources, including wind and solar
  26. 26. Goals of Zephyr Wind • Clean wind energy • Educational opportunities for Mahtomedi & Century College students • Demonstrate community’s commitment to renewable energy -- many collaborators
  27. 27. encourage an enduring community commitment to sustainability
  28. 28. Focus Mahtomedi: Energy featuring polar explorer Will Steger Solving the Climate Change Crisis October 1, 2008
  29. 29. Mahtomedi Community Garden Mahtomedi Community Education City of Mahtomedi Mahtomedi Area Green Initiative
  30. 30. Edible Gardens! YUM!
  31. 31. RITE* of Spring! *Really Into The Earth Community Education Community Collaboration Community FUN!!! 650 people attended 18 tons e-waste recycled 100 letters to legislators written 60 rain barrels sold 100 bottles non-toxic cleaner made workshops/exhibits/activities
  32. 32. saves energy saves money --buys from local farms Minnesota Chamber of --sells/encourages reusable tote bags Commerce: --recycles plastic, light --Minnesota Waste Wise bulbs, aluminum, cardboard, paper --Minnesota Energy Smart --collects food waste for pig farm
  33. 33. White Bear UU Church in Mahtomedi Solar Photovoltaic System Permeable Pavement Parking Native Plantings Global Climate Speakers Series
  34. 34. American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment Green Job/Continuing Ed Courses National Teach-In/National Speakers MAGI/MPCA Grant Collaborator
  35. 35. ENERGY SYNERGY City of Mahtomedi Citizens Groups Community Education Businesses Churches Retirement Community Mahtomedi Schools Environmental Groups Century College City of White Bear Lake Citizens
  36. 36. Are we there yet?
  37. 37. I am only one But still I am one I cannot do everything But still I can do something And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. --Edward Everett Hale