2.terminology used in dermatology rp


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2.terminology used in dermatology rp

  1. 1. Terminology used in Dermatology Dr Robert Paver Dermatologist Medical DirectorSkin and Cancer Foundation Westmead
  2. 2. Clinical TerminologyColour: Erythema, pigmentation, purpuraShape: discoid (round), annular (peripheral rim with normal centre), serpiginous, (snake like)Macule: Flat circumscribed area of discolourationPapule: Small lump <5mmNodule: Larger lump >5mm
  3. 3. Clinical TerminologyPlaque - Circumscribed area of elevated skinErosion - Area of loss of epidermisExcoriation - Ulceration due to scratching
  4. 4. Clinical TerminologyFissure - Crack though epidermis into dermisUlcer - Loss of epidermis, some dermis and possibly fat
  5. 5. Clinical TerminologySurface changesCrust – accumulated dried exudateScale – visible flakes of shedding keratin (dead epidermal cells)Lichenification - thickened skin secondary to scratching
  6. 6. Clinical TerminologyFluid filled lesionsVesicle – small collection of fluid (<5mm)Bulla – Larger collection of fluid (>5mm)Pustule – visible accumulation of pus
  7. 7. Clinical Terminology Miscellaneous termsTelangiectasia – small blood vessels visible on skin surfaceAlopecia - area of hair lossBlood in the skinPetechiae (small dots) Larger patches(Purpura)
  8. 8. Treatment of Skin Disease - Topical Bases for topical products Creams - usually white, need a preservative, used for subacute conditions Ointments - emollients, occlusive, chronic conditions
  9. 9. Treatment of Skin Disease - Topical Paints and lotions Drying effect, best for weeping (acute)rashes and hair bearing areas Gels clear, greaseless, dry when applied, good for face
  10. 10. Treatment of Skin Disease - Topical Powders have a drying effect and often used for rashes in intertriginous areas (eg groin, between toes, under breasts) Pastes are a combination of an ointment and a powder and are less greasy then ointments and tend to stick on longer.
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